595 Brown Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Brown is far and away the most popular color for incorporation into kitchen design, with 41.28% of our survey responders wanting to use it in their kitchen—or perhaps already using it by chance.

Despite its common use, making brown look good in your kitchen design can be a bit tough because “brown” constitutes a wide variety of colors and saturations, many of which are easier to implement than others.

Work With The Brown You’ve Got

When people mention brown as a kitchen idea, they’re not just talking about the woody colors. Lighter browns toe the line with beige, whereas darker browns can be reminiscent of wood. In general, it’s cabinets and floors that will be brown by default, being made of wood.

Perking Up Battered Browns

Browns can tend to look out of place if they aren’t accompanied by the right companion colors. If you’re thinking about a brown kitchen design idea that utilizes a lot of dark woods, remember that brown doesn’t reflect natural light gracefully.

Artificial light can make browns look warm and inviting if they strike a cabinet or cupboard at the right angle—but be wary. Lighter browns tend to look cheaper when under artificial light, in contrast with darker browns which tend to look more expensive and higher quality.

Remember, for many homes; a brown kitchen design is a default because of the way the cabinets and cupboards were built. You don’t have to follow those same patterns when you design your brown themed kitchen—if anything, you should reject them.

Often, a splash of brown brought in via a few wooden centerpiece objects is all the brown that your kitchen can get away with while still being nice to look at.

Making An Antique Look—Or Avoiding One

The biggest challenge of a brown kitchen design is deciding whether to embrace the antique look that certain brown objects and surfaces can have by complementing them with other antique aesthetic forming items like faded turquoises or similar.

If you embrace the antique perspective, you’ll have to design the entire kitchen around it. The lesson here is that it’s very hard to use a lot of browns that doesn’t come from wood and still have a modern looking kitchen.

Brown clothes, tiles, towels, and ceramics all have their proper place, but that proper place is nowhere near a kitchen that’s trying to maintain an industrial aesthetic. If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of custom kitchen design ideas.

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