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SPV29 designed by ALL In STUDIO LTD.

“There’s nothing absolutely new, but there is an endless amount of connections and relations between forms, materials, and technologies that are not yet made. Innovation means discovering them.” This is how we developed the project about Villa #29.

As a house of a young couple with their two kids (5 and 7), located in a residential complex of a closed-type, it defines a particular lifestyle and a set of requirements. The modern cosmopolitan mind and its vision for a city retreat – bringing comfort, high-tech and sophisticated, yet close to nature.

“This is a 100% smart-house. Absolutely everything is controlled with a cell phone. It was fun even while we photoshoot it, as someone had set the curtains on the first floor to be controlled by the switches in the primary bedroom.”

The space definition and architectural decor, on one hand, typify the style of ALL in Studio. On the other hand, they carry the scent of strict individuality, caused by the house specificities and the character of its inhabitants. “Each concept begins with the house specificities that we have. If the ceiling is 3.2m, it is 3.2, even if we wish for a 4.5. In this case, the ceilings on the second floor were following the complexities of the roofs, which are asymmetrically pitched.

This opens up multiple possibilities to play with stereometry and use shapes to define the space. Afterward, we had to select the right combination of materials. And so on and so on. The dots just connected by themselves or the way we put it. This project took cues from the desire of the young couple to have “modern, soft materials, wood and stone”. We decipher these needs through our prism, offering a new view of the composition. For instance, instead of offering a hardwood floor, the parquet goes up on the kitchen doors and the staircase railing.


Architect’s Firm: ALL in STUDIO LTD.

Contact e-mail:

Project location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project Duration: 2017-2018

Built Area: 316m2

Lead Architect:  Pavel Yanev

Photo credits: Dian Stanchev