20 Asian Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Simple island in wood within white kitchen.
Beautiful asian style kitchen with plenty of wood throughout.

Beautiful asian style kitchen with plenty of wood throughout. Stove on large island with stainless steel hood. Recessed lighting peppers the white ceiling.



Designed by: Ben Amzaleg


Designed by: Marmol Radziner

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One of the more unusual, but still elegant, kitchen designs is Asian kitchens. If you’re looking for a unique style, then you will definitely find it with Asian kitchen design ideas because they only account for about 0.21% of 1.78 million kitchens surveyed. However, if the style interests you, here are some Asian kitchen design tips to consider.

Asian Aesthetics

A kitchen with an Asian flair includes clean horizontal lines, geometric shapes, natural materials, and using these elements to make the kitchen a focal point of a house. Any size kitchen works well with Asian designs. Asians are known for their efficient use of space because apartments are often small in large cities like Tokyo.

Even in large kitchens, you can use the space efficiently by installing a center island with a sink to double as a food preparation area near the refrigerator. The center island with an overlapping counter can also double as a casual dining space for your family when you add seating. Center islands in larger kitchens are a popular addition, with 75% of the 616,379 homes surveyed having one.

Wood Tones

The undertones of the wood in the kitchen can also reflect an Asian aesthetic. Wood is usually the most common material in Asian kitchens since it is a natural material. Darker wood tones like cherry, mahogany, and dark sienna may be some of the more common finishes found in Asian designs.

Bamboo is probably the most common wood found in Asian kitchen designs. It can be used to panel the kitchen to help make the room a focal point of your house. Since bamboo is also a durable, sustainable wood, it may also cover the floors or be used for countertops.

Cabinetry Styles

Since Asian kitchens feature horizontal lines, the cabinets often have clean lines, so many of them have a flat-panel design. However, some designs also include cabinets with glass fronts with glass that is frosted to imitate rice paper, which is often found in many traditional Asian homes.

Since they are not a popular kitchen style, an Asian kitchen design will attract the guests in your house. With its clean lines, efficient designs, and rich wood tones, Asian kitchens look luxurious as well as unique. With these tips, you can insert an Asian influence in your home.

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