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550 Entryway Ideas for 2019

Our main entry hall photo gallery includes 100's of foyer and mudroom photos. You can filter your search by style, color, floor, lighting and more.

Large front entry foyer in luxury home

Welcome to our entry hall photo gallery where we feature hundreds of residential home entries, including both foyers and mudrooms.

This is our Entry Hall design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options on the right.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Entryway Photos


“Open Sesame!” I wonder what the entryway would look like inside this fictitious mountain cavern filled with treasure. Would it be a grand foyer gilded in gold and jewel furnishings or a simple mudroom for those thieves to clean up in before storing their loot? I guess we can only imagine. What I do know is: any house would totally benefit from having one or both of these entryways to their abode.

Here is a compact but definitive guide to entryways:

  • Foyer – The room you see after you enter the front door of a home. For large establishments like a hotel or an office building, this room would be the lobby.

Foyer to celebrity Lauren Conrad's mansion house.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the Foyer Area would be the preview of the house. Traditionally, it is the first room you find yourself in after you enter the front door. What your guests see in the foyer would mostly reflect the theme of the house, so it is very essential that the foyer looks great. In some cases, the foyer is the best-looking place in the house! Whether you design it to impress, or to make a guest feel welcome, the foyer is a must-have. Even in homes where spaces seem tight, it is always a good decision to opt for an entry hall where visitors can rest from their journey, compose themselves and anticipate being welcomed into the more private parts of your sanctuary.

The word FOYER has French origins, literally referring to the “green room”, a resting and “thinking room” for theater actors when they are not on stage.   It was also used to describe the room where patrons of the arts gather before entering the main theater. In modern times, Foyer is now used for that space after you enter the front door and before you enter the living room or one of them.

Foyers do not have strict specifications to be recognized as such. There are narrow halls, pentagon-shaped rooms, round ones, square ones, or even combinations of different shapes like an L- shaped one or a half oval. It could have multiple purposes apart from being an entryway. It could be a coat room, a spill-over living or dining room for when you have gatherings, a place to house your bills, correspondence or even a mini library to house your myriad of books. Whatever purpose it serves in your house, the Foyer area should definitely standout and be teeming with personality and charm – reflecting the rest of the house and giving visitors a first impression of the owner’s aesthetics.

So what are the basics of a good foyer? Though design and function vary from house to house, culture to culture and degree of opulence, every foyer should at least have these basic features:

It could be textured, painted or made to pop with a big riveting artwork or well- placed framed images like black and white prints or family photos, watercolor paintings or even your own artwork. It’s very important to tie them together into a cohesive theme. Otherwise, it would just be clutter on the wall.Medium-sized Contemporary foyer with green walls and glass front doors.


Depending on the size of the foyer area, a table can anchor a room and make it more inviting and warm. It could be a round center table where visitors can congregate, or a console table placed against the statement wall to hold art pieces and maybe a lamp for mood lighting. Its drawers could act as storage for letters and bills, stationery and other correspondence essentials. Beneath the table, baskets can be placed for more storage space. Other pieces can also act as tables: benches, armoires, glass tables, low cabinets, over-sized vintage pieces of luggage. You can be as creative as you can as long as it ties up with the rest of the room.Foyer to celebrity Kylie Jenner's Beverly Hills mansion.


Placing a big mirror above the wall table will automatically make the room bigger and much more inviting. It will provide the eyes a solid focal point to rest on. Make it stand out by choosing one with ornate gilded frames, classic wood frames, metallic frames or art deco styles. The cut of the mirror will also provide architectural detail to the room. Oval, round, square or a wavy “S” cut will spell the difference between a good room and a splendid room.An art portrait and a gilded mirror accessorizes this small foyer.


A well-placed sofa, a bench or even just one interesting chair would add warmth to a room, making it more inviting. Having a chair to sit on while waiting to be invited to the inner parts of the house, is a must for the comfort of your guests.

Again, choose well-designed seating furniture to add interest to the room.

Pink foyer with flushmount lighting and panorama windows.


Beautiful polished hardwood floors, statement patterned tiles, marble entryways or even ceramic tiles could spell spectacular when doing entryways. Carpets would spell disaster since it’s boring and not conducive to wear and tear. Choose a design that would make a statement. Creating a visual feast from the ground up.

Craftsman foyer with chandelier and beige ceramic flooring.


There’s nothing more spectacular than the beauty of natural light filtering in at daytime and at night, mood lighting to provide a bit of drama and tons of warmth to your foyer area. A stark, fluorescent light just wouldn’t do. Instead, lights of varying sizes and illumination would be just right. Backlighted panels, pin lights, lamps and a myriad of other lighting fixtures could definitely set the tone for the evening. Since first impressions last, make bold statements on this one.

Apart from the basics, you can go the extra mile in making your foyer a great place: A statement ceiling, an interactive wall or if you have a really big space, a guest toilet or powder room. Remember to pull everything together, do not overcrowd or over decorate. Make it as welcoming as possible. It is the first thing you see when you come home, and the last one when you lock up. Make it spectacular in your own way.

Large foyer with chandelier.

  • Mudroom – The second entry room in the house, very functional but more private than the foyer area.

Mid-sized coastal mudroom with white walls and rug over light wood floor .

If the foyer is the preview of the main house, the mudroom is the clean-up room prior to entering the main house. It’s the secondary entryway, where you take off your shoes, your coats, scarves, bags, among other stuff and place them on hooks, cabinets, shoe racks and even oversized baskets for neat storage.

This room, however big or tiny is essential in not bringing the dirt from the outside to the inner sanctuary of your home. This room could be accessed from the foyer area so that guests could also use it to store their outer clothes and shoes, should there be a “no shoe inside” house rule.

Essentials for a mudroom:


For organized storage, hooks and coat racks or even wardrobe cabinets would be one of the basic furnishings of a mudroom. The more the merrier.

Traditional mudroom with hooks and coat racks.


Benches, Sofas, chairs, all of these are essential must-haves for the mudroom. A place to sit on to easily take off your shoes, or even to catch your breath.

Mudroom with built-in shelving and built-in seating.


Plenty of storage is always a plus to any room and especially so for a mudroom. A place for shoes, clothes, bags, gym equipment, sports stuff, umbrellas, raincoats is just some of the things that would need a good place to be put in.

Traditional mudroom with plenty of storage closets.


This is a MUST! You want to be able to easily clean up muddy, wet, dirty floors and tiles are the flooring of choice. You don’t want to be scratching a beautiful hardwood floor, so tiles it should be. Opt for textured floor tiles instead of the smooth ones to avoid accidents.

Traditional mud room with tile flooring, crown molding and pendant lights.

Beyond the basics, other things are now becoming essential for the mudroom:

  • Laundry machines – it makes sense to place these in the mudroom so that you could immediately throw in your dirty clothes. In case of pouring rain, this would really come in handy.
  • Wardrobe for extra clothes, beddings, bathroom essentials for in-house guests.
  • Sink or washing area – for quick cleanups of muddy feet, dirty hands or face.

Cottage style mudroom with wall panels and a sink.

Though more utilitarian than the impressive foyer, the mudroom is a great asset to any house for its multi-functionality and versatility in making sure homeowners and guests alike look presentable before entering the main hub.

Whether you only have enough space for just one or if you have plenty of space for both, it is good foresight to include these entryways to act as gateways to your inner world. A welcoming space for visitors to compose themselves and prepare to be welcomed to your sanctuary, or it could act as a barrier for those who need not see your private spaces. Entryways also act as a starting point for inspiration to designing the other rooms in your home. Especially for foyers, it would give a lasting impression to those who’ve seen it.

With the advent of social media, the whole world can visit your foyer or mudroom. It is also a great platform for finding inspiration for your spaces. DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects have become a way of life for those of us who cannot afford expensive designers. And designers themselves, even celebrities, use social media to find ideas to emulate.

No space for an entryway? There are tons of ideas to create one where there is none. All you need is an inspiration and the willingness to do it. It is always exciting how creative people can be. And don’t forget to share the work that you’ve done. Somebody out there is looking for an idea and yours just might be it!

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