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4 Creative Bedroom Door Alternatives

A collage of bedroom door alternatives.

When dealing with small bedrooms, the common hinge door can take up more space than necessary. It’s also become too ubiquitous to the point where we take it for granted that we actually have other options for bedroom doors. As long as it allows for the right amount of privacy that you require, you can be as creative with the bedroom doors as your imagination will take you.

If you need some inspiration to start with, then scroll down below for some fun and creative alternatives to bedroom doors.

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1. Hanging Beads

Decorative hanging beads.

You have probably seen bead-style doors in the past at some point. The trend of hanging beads in doorways is something that came into being during the ’60s and ’70s.

It is something that sort of fell out of fashion for a long time, but more people are starting to return to the idea. It’s something that is appealing to more and more young people in modern times.

You can buy beads for your doorway that look really pretty. Beads are able to look very different depending on the type that you buy.

You can purchase solid colored beads, or you can buy hanging beads that have some type of elaborate pattern or form a picture. This makes hanging beads a pretty versatile option from a visual perspective.

If you want to replace your traditional bedroom door with something a little more unique, then going with the hanging beads option may be perfect. You can buy hanging beads without having to spend too much money at all.

Installing the hanging beads is about as simple as something could possibly be. You won’t have a tough time and will likely be thrilled with the overall look.

The problem with this method showcases itself when you start thinking about privacy. The beads can actually block people from seeing into the room fairly well. It doesn’t do quite as good of a job at blocking out sounds. You may wind up hearing conversations from the other room or having people pick up on your conversations.

If you happen to live alone or if you live with your significant other, then this likely won’t be an issue.


You won’t have to spend much money at all to buy hanging beads for your door. There are several different styles that you will be able to choose from.

It should be easy for you to find hanging beads that match up well with your personality and interests. Installing the beads is really easy, too, so it really is a simple method for replacing a bedroom door.


The lack of sound dampening from the beads will drive some people crazy. This option may not be all that practical for people who live in a house with several other people.

It might not provide the proper amount of privacy that you have grown accustomed to. Some people like having things more open like this, but others will be completely turned off by the thought.

2. Curtains

Blue-striped curtains used as bedroom door alternative.

Curtains may seem like an odd choice to replace a bedroom door to some people, but many people make the decision to go this route. It is going to be very simple for you to hang up a nice pair of curtains in the doorway.

These curtains can look very nice in that spot, depending on what you have picked out. This method is going to be very easy to accomplish, and you can avoid having to worry about hanging a new door.

The biggest concern with this method is going to be privacy. Obviously, curtains are not going to provide you with quite as much privacy as a traditional bedroom door would.

This isn’t going to be an issue for everyone, though. Some people live alone and don’t have a need for privacy.

Even those who do live with others sometimes choose to hang curtains instead of putting up doors. There are people out there who feel that doors are somewhat off-putting.

Sometimes people associate closed doors with being closed off from the world. This isn’t something that concerns most people, but everyone has their own feelings about things.

Curtains are a very open way to divide rooms into sections. Putting up a curtain can provide someone with enough privacy to change and sleep alone.

It may not be an ideal solution for many people, but it will work out swimmingly for some. This idea will either really appeal to you or seem silly depending on your personality type.


Curtains won’t cost you too much money at all. You should be able to purchase curtains at a very reasonable price and will then be able to hang them with ease.

The curtains can look really beautiful, and they won’t close off the room. It will always be easy to part the curtains so that you can feel connected to the rest of the house.


Curtains are not able to provide a person with that much privacy. This can be an issue when you live with other people.

For couples, this may not be a big deal at all. It really depends on how much privacy you need and what your living arrangement is like.

3. Pocket Door

White bedroom with four-poster bed and a pocket door.

Pocket doors are a very interesting option that you will want to keep in mind. If you install a pocket door as a bedroom door alternative, it can wind up making certain things easier. These pocket doors will, essentially, slide into a recess that you will create in the wall. This can give you more space when you need to move things in and out of the room.

People have started installing pocket doors in their homes more readily in recent years. It is a trend that is starting to become more popular due to how convenient these doors are and how nice they look.

You can install a pocket door that will match up very well with the aesthetics of your home. Once it is all installed, you will be able to hide the door in the wall when you need to do so.

Doors like this come in various visual styles too. You’ll have plenty of options to think about when you are looking for the perfect door. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the right door that will match your personal sense of style.

If you are looking for a versatile door option, then a pocket door is going to fit the bill.

Installing one of these pocket doors is going to involve a little bit of work, but it shouldn’t be too arduous. If you have the right skills for the job, then this is definitely something to think about doing.

If you want to avoid installing another boring traditional bedroom door, then you can install a pocket door instead. It just might work out perfectly, and you will be happy that you went with this idea.


Pockets doors look really nice and people like to make use of them in their homes. If you want a door that you can tuck away when you need to, then this is going to work out perfectly.

It shouldn’t be too expensive to get everything that you need for your pocket door either. Simply purchase the door itself and the framing kit in order to get things started.


This option is going to take a bit of work in order for things to turn out nicely. If you don’t have the proper skills to complete this little project, then you may want to avoid this option.

You could always call in someone to do it for you, but this could add to the overall costs. It isn’t so difficult that you couldn’t figure it out, but it may come down to whether you have the time and the patience for it.

4. No Door at All

Interior of an elegant home with doorless bedroom that leads straight to the living room.

You could also choose to simply not have a door at all in your bedroom. This will definitely seem odd to some people, but there are those who simply do not like doors. It is more common to see people who don’t have bedroom doors that are living alone.

When a person doesn’t need privacy due to being the only person living in a house, it will sometimes be more practical to avoid having doors.

Doors are meant to keep others out, so when there is no one else, it no longer becomes a necessity. Some people who live alone still don’t feel right without having doors up.

It really depends on the personality and the preferences of the individual. It is simply up to you to decide whether or not you need a bedroom door.

Most people are going to want to have a bedroom door. There is no denying that it is normal to want to have a bit of privacy. It is simply an option for someone to choose to not have a bedroom door.

If this is a practical solution that works for your situation, then you can avoid having to spend anything at all. This wind up being convenient from a financial perspective, as you simply won’t have to replace the bedroom door with anything.


You won’t have to spend any money to get rid of a bedroom door. All you will need to do is take it down and store it somewhere or throw it out.

If your old door is already damaged, then you will want to throw it away. Your environment will feel more opened up to the rest of the house, and you might find out that you like it.


No door on your bedroom means that you will not have any privacy in your bedroom. This can wind up being very impractical if you live with others.

You wouldn’t be able to change in your bedroom as comfortably, and spending time with your romantic partner may be more difficult, too. This solution only works for very specific people who live in very specific situations.