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Mel B Lists Her Amazing 4-Story Hollywood Hills Condo for $8.995 Million

Mel B’s Hollywood Hills home is a mansion of a condo. 6,000 sq. ft. I guess you could call it a mondo condo, or just mondo for short (mansion + condo).

Getting serious, this is one gorgeous home, inside and out. In 2016 it was fully renovated, and it’s spectacular.

This 4-storey house was recently listed for sale for $8.99 million.

A picture surely is worth a thousand words when you check out the gallery below.

Even though it’s a condo, it has many of the benefits of a detached home. It’s large, has private pool and patio, 4 bedrooms and pretty all the space you’d ever need including gym, retractable ceiling and amazing backyard pool/patio.

What I like about this home:

  • The pool area:  It’s a good-sized pool and includes large patio area. It’s resort-like and very up-to-date.
  • Contemporary design throughout:  The renovation design is in a taste I really like… very contemporary yet warm and casual with light wood, sleek angles, large open spaces and a touch of glass and metal (i.e. staircase).
  • Gym vs. Home theater:  I’m not a big home theater guy, preferring watching TV in a family room; however, I’m a gym rat and really like the outfitted gym in this home.

Check it out:

Source: Trulia

Source: Trulia

About Mel Brown

We all loved her as scary spice in spice girls. She had that uniqueness in her when it comes to her singing abilities, needless to mention the way she dances (phew!).

Mel B. started her career as a singer and dancer, it was not an easy path but it led to her success with the spice girls. In total, the Spice Girls have sold over 85 million albums worldwide, which is astonishing since they didn’t remain a group for all that long. Sadly after 6 years of being scary spice the group decided to go on their separate ways. She started her solo career and released two albums in the past decade.

In 2013 Mel B joined as one of four judges on America’s Got Talent.

Fun clip of AGT

Interestingly I was not a big Spice Girls (although I knew of her because their fame was so widespread), but I’m a huge fan of hers as a judge of America’s Got Talent. It’s a great show and she’s a natural TV personality. I appreciate her comments, insight, kindness and light-hearted approach as a judge. I think she’ll have a long and prosperous career as a TV personality.

Net Worth reports her net worth at $33 million. I suspect that’s a bit low, given her ongoing involvement as a judge on America’s Got Talent. That said, although the Spice girls sold so many albums, all that revenue had to split 5 ways plus all the other revenue sharing participants… so those big earnings got watered down pretty fast.

Map of Hollywood Hills