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14 High-End Luxury Townhomes from Around the World

Cool white living room with curved modern sofa and fireplace by DÉCOR AID

Townhomes have been around for a long time. Historically, they were built in urban centers. These days, they’re in most towns and cities as property prices continue to rise. I know in my neck of the woods (Vancouver), townhouses are the norm in many area because they are a great solution to escalating real estate costs yet provide more space than apartments.

More and more families are living in townhomes, even in more suburban areas. As a result, they are being built large enough for families. While you can buy them at all price points, some are truly beautiful homes built for the luxury market, especially in dense urban centers such as NYC, Boston, London and other large cities. Even in Vancouver where I live, townhomes cost millions of dollars.

In cities like NYC, Boston and London, many townhomes are in old structures, so it’s common to gut and totally renovate them. You’ll see several high-end townhouse renovations below as well as new-builds.

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Boston Commons Townhouse by Hacin + Associates

Magnificent townhouse staircase designed by Hacin + Associates

We kick off our collection with a truly stunning townhouse that is both beautiful and huge. This large home goes on and on – it doesn’t seem like a townhouse at all.

See this incredible high-end townhome here.

Jing’an Prime Land by Mason Studio

Wine lounge in luxury townhome designed by Mason Studio

This particular home was built for several generations with a focus and design. It’s both appealing to the eye, comfortable and functional. I love this design – it exudes warmth and comfort.

Incredible Townhouse Renovation by LLI Design

Beautiful living room in townhouse renovated by LLI Design

LLI Design does some incredible renovation work in London. This is one example where they gutted an old townhouse and made it beautiful for a family.

See the before and after of this incredible townhouse here.

Jane Fonda’s Gorgeous LA Townhome

The gorgeous living room in Jane Fonda's luxury town home

Even A-list, wealthy celebrities downsize, although this 5,000 sq. ft. luxury townhouse is hardly downsizing. It’s large and beautiful throughout. Check out Jane Fonda’s home.

See the entire house here.

Contemporary New High-End Townhouse

New kitchen with huge island in townouse

Here’s a newly built contemporary townouse in Boston, MA. As you can see it contemporary design throughout. It’s also fairly large and falls on the high-end of the market.

See the rest of this home here.

Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s Luxury Chicago Townhouse

The luxury living room in a Chicago Townhouse

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have terrific taste in homes. Their interiors are always stunning and their townhome is no exception. Check it out:

See this incredible townhouse here.

Sunny Luxury Townhome in Historic District of Boston

Sunny living room in luxury townhome in Boston

Here’s a renovated Boston townhome in a historic discrict. It’s spacious and elegant throughout – a style you’d expect in an old-world city (for the USA).

See this luxury townhome here.

Beautiful London Townhouse Reno by LLI Design

Breakfast nook bench dining area in townhome kitchen

Here’s another LLI Design townhome. This one has a modern bent to it. I just love that cozy breakfast nook above which accommodates 4 people without taking up much space. Check out the back lighting behind the top of the bench… little details like that make all the difference.

See this entire home here.

Red and White Townhouse

Red and white living room in townhome

This large Boston townhouse is cool if you like red and white (which I do). You can see how the clever owners matched the furniture selection the red and white color scheme on the walls. It’s pretty cool – the entire place is cool.

Click here to see this home

Victorian Townhouse Reno by LLI Design

Victorian townhouse reno by LLI Design

And yet another London townhome by LLI DEsign. This is a simpler design, but no less beautiful than their other work. Check it out:

See this townhouse here.

Emily Blunt’s and John Krasinski’s Brooklyn Townhome

Incredible dining room in Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's townhouse

Source: Trulia

I love this sprawling Brookly townhome which was once owned by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. That dining room is so cool with the white paneled walls, fireplace, sitting area and long dining table. This entire home is just as beautiful.

See this beautiful home here.

Cool Townhome Design by DÉCOR AID

Cool white living room with curved modern sofa and fireplace by DÉCOR AID

DÉCOR AID does amazing work throughout the United States. They do interiors for detached homes, apartments and townhouses. Above is an example of a townhouse renovation they did. You can’t help but love that sleek, cool living room. See more of this at:

See the interior of this townhouse here.

Brooklyn Brownstone by BFDO Architects

Luxury townhouse kitchen by BFDO Architects

This is a beautiful brownstone renovated by BFDO Architects. It’s a spacious townhouse so BFDO had plenty of room to create an awesome urban home in Brooklyn (Crown Heights). We published the entire gallery of the home’s interior. Check it out:

See the entire home here.

Charming Hoboken Townhome Design by DÉCOR AID

Modern interior of a townhome in Hoboken.

An open, light, and clean cohesive look, as well as eye-popping accessories, add charm to this space that’s been redesigned to become an elegant modern interior for a townhome in Tribeca.

See more of this home here.

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