Jane Fonda Lists Her Beverly Hills Home for Just Shy of $13 Million (37 Photos)

Hollywood and environmental icon, Jane Fonda is selling her Beverly Hills mansion for $13 million. 37 photos here (some really great design features).

Having acted in 46 movies, Jane Fonda is a Hollywood icon.  In fact she’s one of the most decorated actresses of all time with a whopping 7 Best Actress Academy Award nominations, winning the category twice for Klute (1971) and Coming Home (1978).

She didn’t stop at acting.  She’s involved in many charities and causes and has helped thousands of people lead healthier lives through exercise.  You can still buy any of her 10 very popular workout videos here.

TheRichest.com estimates her net worth to be approximately $120 million.

Raised the daughter of mega movie star Henry Fonda, Jane could probably have not worked a day in her life, yet, she’s accomplished a great deal and continues working in film, her causes and promoting health and fitness.

At the bottom of this post, we included a video of Jane discussing this home of hers.  She explains how she fell in love with it and then goes on and gives a full video tour.  Being accustomed to the camera, it’s a great video; the house is a beauty in many ways.

My first memory of Jane Fonda is as a personality.  I knew about her just because she was so famous as I was growing up in the 1980’s.  It was weird because I hadn’t seen her in a movie yet was very aware of her being such a big celebrity.  Then I saw the movie “Stanley & Iris” which I loved.  Since then I’ve seen “On Golden Pond”, “Monster in Law” and “Georgia Rule”.  Admittedly I haven’t seen her best work, but I’m sure I will some day because I am a fan.

Not so ostentatious

The impression I get of Jane Fonda is that she’s not terribly materialistic.  While this home is definitely beautiful, it’s not ostentatious.  It’s not all the huge in relation to so many other homes owned by celebrities of her stature and net worth.

This home is 7,100 square feet and is open, includes a beautiful pool, privacy and an elevator.

My favorite aspects of this home are the living room, the landing/hallways, the master bedroom and the pool area.

Yes, this is a large home relative to the average home, but it’s also a casually designed home.  It’s comfortable yet has some very nice contemporary touches such as the entryway and elevator with plenty of wood and glass.

Overall, I’m a fan of this home.  You can see much of it via the 37 photos below.  Then watch the video.

Image Sources: Trulia





































Image Sources: Trulia

Video Tour of Jane Fonda’s House

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