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17 Living Room Design Planning Software Options (Free and Paid)

Even having a rough idea of what your living room with end up being like can help you be ready. Any information can be helpful when you are gathering supplies or looking at design options.

Welcome to our guide to living room planning software!

Room designing software can be tremendously helpful. It can help if you are looking to remodel your living room or simply want help visualizing what your design will look like in practice.

There are many different programs, each with different features that are good at different things. Do you need a program that gives a quality 3D rendering of what your room may look like? Then there is a program for you. Are you looking for a program that will provide a top down blueprint-style view where you can get accurate measurements of your room? There is a program for you as well.

Selecting the right program is a matter of trial and error as well as balancing which features are important to you. Some programs only work online while others require a download to your computer. Some are free and some cost monthly subscriptions. You need to ask yourself what you need, how many features are required, and what you are willing to pay for them.

For more information on living room design go to our definitive living room post!

Here is a list of some programs that can help you with your living room design plans.

1. IKEA Room Planner

The IKEA room planner is a browser-based 3D planning program. You can choose the size of your room and fill it with furniture and other items. You can also play around with the colors and placement of these items.


  1. Easy to use – This program does not require any downloading or any complicated knowledge of programming or design. You simply select the items you want placed in the room and slide them around to your liking.


  1. Limited choices – Because the program is from IKEA, you can only select items sold from IKEA to place into your rooms.
  2. Online only – This program is located on the IKEA site, so you have to access and use it there.

This program features full color and 3D models of all the items available for selection. This gives you a great idea of what your palette will look like when finished.

This program is browser based so it should work on any internet-friendly laptop or computer to access the site.

Cost: Free


Ikea Besta Planner combination customization


Ikea Besta Planner room dimensions


Ikea Besta Planner storage frames


Ikea Besta Planner TV benches


Ikea Besta Planner propping


Ikea Besta Planner place holder


Ikea Besta Planner paint


Ikea Besta Planner build walls

2. The Interactive Room Designer by Armstrong

These kinds of programs can help you with layout and planning. You can see what kinds of sofas can fit into your space and how much room you have to work with.

This interactive web based tool is designed to help you select floors and paint colors using a variety of rooms.


  1. The look – This program does a nice job creating realistic and pleasant looking examples of the options you choose.
  2. Pairing colors – This program is designed to help you match wall and floor colors together and excels in this area.


  1. Floors and walls – This program is great for designing walls and floors, but is limited to that alone. You cannot rearrange furniture or other aspects of the room.

Change the floor and wall colors in countless arrangements. Mix and match paint options with a variety of floor styles and colors. You can turn floors and trade out different colors of paint and floors in a variety of rooms in multiple styles.

This program is browser based so any internet accessible computer used to access the site should work fine.

Cost: Free

These kinds of programs can help you with layout and planning. You can see what kinds of sofas can fit into your space and how much room you have to work with.



Design A Room select a style feature


Design a Room flooring feature


Design a Room paint feature


Design A Room rotate feature

3. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home is a 2D and 3D modeling software program that lets you build rooms and view them in a 3D space.


  1. Open source – This program is an open source program, meaning that users can generate modifications and textures. The program starts with generic furniture choices to fill your rooms; however, the program has an active community of tech savvy users. There are likely plenty of plugins and additions to make this program do anything you want.
  2. Additional information – You can add additional information to your design by utilizing annotations.
  3. Lighting feature – Changing the lighting in the design gives you a better idea of how your room will look under different lighting situations, as well as what the lighting needs in your space will be.
  4. Customizable –  The design space is very customizable in this program.


  1. Downloads and set up – This program requires a download versus others that are accessible through browsers. If you want any of the user-created additions, you will have to know how to download and install modifications to use them.
  2. Computer knowledge – To use this program to its full potential, you may need to be knowledgeable about computers and programs.

In this program, users set up rooms in a top down 2D interface. Afterwards, you can then visit the space in a 3D model. Furniture and other items are searchable under different categories, making things easy to find. Items placed in the rooms can be altered in color, shape, and size. You can add annotations and arrows on the plan so that additional information is available. You can also experiment with various lighting sources to experience what your room will look like under different setups.

OS/Device:  Windows, Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.11, Linux and Solaris

Cost: Free



Sweet Home 3D furniture


Sweet Home 3D wall


Sweet Home 3D room


Sweet Home 3D polyline


Sweet Home 3D dimension


Sweet Home 3D text


Sweet Home 3D zoom in and out


Sweet Home 3D Online Demo Video

4. Interior Paint Calculator

Even having a rough idea of what your living room with end up being like can help you be ready. Any information can be helpful when you are gathering supplies or looking at design options.

This tool is used to calculate the number of gallons of paint required to sufficiently cover a room. When utilizing this tool to its full potential, users will get a pretty accurate estimate of how much paint will be needed.


  1. Save money and time – With this program you will not find yourself left with a copious amount of extra paint, or, conversely, with too little paint by having to match colors and go out to get more.


  1. Single use tool – While this site is useful, it is only useful for one task. You will need a number of other tools for other areas.


This program calculates the paint needed in a room while taking into consideration doors and windows to get the most accurate estimate.


This program runs in a browser so any internet accessible device should be able to access the site and utilize the program.

Cost: Free

Even having a rough idea of what your living room with end up being like can help you be ready. Any information can be helpful when you are gathering supplies or looking at design options.


Screenshot of interior paint calculator

5. DreamPlan Software

This program is used to edit home design in both 2D and 3D modes.


  1. 2D and 3D – This program lets you switch between 3D and 2D modes, where you can edit your design in both. This helps you obtain the best idea of what your room will look like with your design.
  2. Not just for interiors – This program lets you design not only your living room, but allows you to arrange landscapes and gardens as well.
  3. Downloadable content – If the base program does not have enough features for your liking there is plenty of downloadable content to add to your options.


  1. Download – Unlike some programs that can run in a browser, you have to download and install this program. For people who do not like to download and install programs this can be a disadvantage.
  2. Simple graphics – The look of the program is simplistic and gives only a basic idea of what things will look like.
  3. Requires coordination – This program requires the user to possess some skills to use it. There is no grid snap feature or easy placement tools.


This program has an easy to understand interface. You can also design specific rooms and gardens so that you can create a blueprint for your entire home and landscaping. There are also downloadable additions to this program that can add more features and content. You can also build multiple story homes with this program.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Works on Mac Intel OS X 10.4.4 or above. Recommended: OpenGL driver version 2.0 or above 64 MB Video Card with Pixel Shader 2.0 support. Android version runs on 2.3.3 or higher.

Cost: Free


DreamPlan Home Design Software walls


DreamPlan Home Design Software rooms


DreamPlan Home Design Software windows


DreamPlan Home Design Software doors


DreamPlan Home Design Software furniture


DreamPlan Home Design Software landscaping


DreamPlan Home Design Software 3D


DreamPlan Home Design Demo Video

6. Planner 5D

This program helps build your living room design with a top down 2D interface. You can then switch to a 3D view to see your work.


  1. In browser – This program runs in a browser. This is helpful for those who do not want to download and install a program.
  2. 2D and 3D – This program has 2D and 3D interfaces. The program flows between these modes easily and quickly.


  1. Online – You need to be online to use this program.
  2. No printing option – There is no direct selection to print on this program. You have to take snapshots or screen captures to work around this issue if you want to print your design.
  3. Saves – You can save your progress but only to a format compatible with this program. You cannot export your work to another program.

This program has both 2D and 3D views. It has a wide variety of options and styles to choose from. The grid snap feature makes it an easy-to-use program.

Use the tool online in your browser. This program is mobile device friendly.

Cost: Free



Planner 5D Demo Video

7. Room Styler

This program allows you to build rooms and designs in a topdown 2D interface. You can also take 3D snapshots.


  1. Color selection – The color section of this program is comprehensive and allows for a great deal of customization.
  2. Real products – The products used in this program are real-life products. The program can even link you to these products so that you can purchase them.
  3. Connects to social media – This program is able to connect to your Facebook account so you can share your design.


  1. 3D snapshots – The 3D pictures from this program do not add much to the overall function of the program.

This program has real items that can be found for purchase. You can save and share your designs online through your social media accounts.

This program is browser based, so you can access it with an internet-friendly computer.

Cost: Free


My Deco 3D Room Planner software build room layout feature


My Deco 3D Room Planner software furnish feature


My Deco 3D Room Planner software decorate feature


My Deco 3D Room Planner software manage lights feature


My Deco 3D Room Planner software 3D photo feature


Watch the RoomStyler Demo Video

8. Autodesk HomeStyler

This program provides users with an easy drag and drop system to build living room designs.


  1. Social media linked – This program links to many different social media accounts, so sharing your designs is easy.
  2. Easy to print – This program allows you to print your designs easily.
  3. Professional design –  This program looks and feels professional.
  4. Very user friendly – This program is easy for anyone to pick up and use with little to no training.


  1. Online availability – You need to be online to access many of the features and catalog options.

This program has both 2D and 3D views. This program can export your designs to formats that can be shared and printed.

This is a web based program. So any device that can connect to the site via an internet browser should work.

Cost: Free



HomeStyler camera


HomeStyler building


HomeStyler catalog


HomeStyler style


HomeStyler draw wall


HomeStyler draw room


HomeStyler measure


HomeStyler screenshot


HomeStyler render

Autodesk HomeStyler Tutorial Video

9. HomeByMe

While many of the products differ in function, each one can give you information on your future living room design. Some specialize in color and matching textures. These are great features for interior design.

This program is a downloadable program in which you build in 2D.


  1. Offline use – While your designs are saved online, the program itself is downloaded so you can use this program even when you are without internet access.
  2. Import and export – You can render and save designs as common formats. You can also import designs that have been saved as common formats.
  3. Social media – This program links to social media. With the touch of a button you can share your designs with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
  4. Active community – There are forums and a community of people who use this program. The community shares designs and is there to help beginners get the most out of the software.


  1. Download – To run this program you will have to download it to your device.

This program has 2D and 3D modeling and can print your designs and share them easily. The 3D modeling looks nice and is comprehensive.

Cost: Free

While many of the products differ in function, each one can give you information on your future living room design. Some specialize in color and matching textures. These are great features for interior design.



HomeByMe software build feature


HomebyMe software furnish feature


HomeByMe software decorate feature

HomeByMe software decorate feature


HomeByMe software 2D example


HomeByMe software 3D example

HomeByMe Demo Video

10. PlanningWiz

We believe that the living room is the soul of every home; that it represents the best the style and the ideas of the owners.

Depending on your space, either you have a small living room, or a wide one, either your prefer a classic living room to welcome your guests, a modern one or one that is cozy so you can watch movies with your family, it needs the same amount of careful planning.

Before you start buying furniture, decoration items, flooring and paint for the walls, we suggest to start planning it online.

PlanningWiz 3D room planner can support you in the process of decorating your living room because it has an extensive catalogue of items dedicated to the living room area. From classic oak pieces to modern armchair items, you can find the furniture and decoration pieces to match your style.

You can be your own interior designer and sketch online the layout of your living room. In this way, you’ll have an overview on how it will look like and you’ll buy furniture that fits your space.

You can also use our Predefined Plans for inspiration if you don’t know where to start. We have several examples of layouts created by us, as just living rooms or incorporated into a whole house or apartment.

With PlanningWiz, which is very intuitive and easy to use, you can feel like an accomplished interior designer, work on your living room design, visualize it in 3D and smoothen the process of re/decorations.

In the end, you will feel proud when you’ll sit on your brand new sofa watching your favorite shows or laying in your armchair with a book in your hand.


PlanningWiz Living Room 1

PlanningWiz Living Room 2

PlanningWiz Living Room 3

PlanningWiz Living Room 4

11. Home Design Software

This program provides realistic 3D modeling of homes.


  1. Quality 3D – The 3D modeling of this program looks great and gives an amazing idea of the look of the room.
  2. Day or night – You can change lighting options and switch between day and night. This lets you see your design in a whole new light.
  3. Quick and easy to use – The program is easy to use and simple to understand.


  1. More than one product – This program has different packages and each does something different. If you are just looking to arrange interior design options you will be well off. But if you desire more features, you may be spending more.

This program has fully customizable options with fantastic 3D modeling capabilities.

This program can be installed on both Mac and PC.

Cost: $49



Chief Architect Home Designer software draw feature


Chief Architect Home Designer software 3D full overview feature


Chief Architect Home Designer software 3D dollhouse overview feature


Watch the Home Design Software Video

12. Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher lets users draw out room designs in a 2D ttop-downinterface.


  1. Online – The entire program is online so there is nothing to download to your computer.
  2. Easy to use – This program is intuitive and beginner-friendly. The drag and drop interface is simple to use.
  3. Video tutorials – There are a number of videos to help you navigate the program and instruct you on how to use the features included.


  1. No offline option – Because the program is online you cannot use it during times without internet access.
  2. Paywall – While the base program is free, the majority of features are blocked behind a paywall.

This program has many features such as 3D views, importing, and sharing. Although some of these features are behind a paywall so you will have to pay to unlock those functionalities.

Used in browser and mobile device friendly.

Free for the base program. Features are unlocked through upgrade costs.



RoomSketcher software walls feature


RoomSketcher software windows feature


RoomSketcher software furniture feature


RoomSketcher software materials feature


RoomSketcher softare 3D snapshot feature


RoomSketcher Demo Video

13. Roomle

This program allows you to load in sketches and can suggest floor plans from the sketches you load in.


  1. No ads – This program is free AND has no ads attached. It is truly rare for a program to be quality, free, and not laden with ads.
  2. Upload sketches – You can upload sketches and the program will give a suggestion to a layout.


  1. No option to share – This program is missing an option to share to social media accounts.
  2. Online – You have to be online to use this program.

This program can load sketches and suggest floor plans based on those sketches. While you cannot directly share designs over social media, you can save in simple formats that can be shared.

Cost: Free


Roomle 2D


Roomle text


Roomle measure


Roomle catalog


Roomle 3D


Watch the Roomle Tutorial Video

14. SmartDraw

This program is ideal for blueprint layouts and design.


  1. Symbol and template library – This software has a vast library of symbols that can be used to represent nearly anything you would want in your space. There are also numerous templates that can get you started fast.
  2. Support – There is an active and experienced support staff at the ready who are eager and willing to help with any question you may have.
  3. Saving your work – Save your work in a variety of places in a variety of formats.
  4. Other functionality – This program can be used for more than blueprints. If you have this program and are finished using it for design it may still have use to you.


  1. No 3D option – This program is used mostly for blueprint layout and does not have 3D image rendering capabilities.

This program starts you out with amazing templates rather than giving you a blank screen and letting you loose. It can be helpful to have some sort of structure to work from. It also helps with alignments and arrangements. These formatting tools let you make professional designs without having to be a professional yourself. The free support that SmartDraw provides is expansive and personal. They are available to answer any question quickly and accurately.

This program can run on Windows or Mac computers.

Free 7-day or 5 use trial. $12.99/month

Some of the programs have detailed lighting features that can show you what your space will look like in diffrent lights and at diffrent times of the day. This is an amazing feature. Lighting can be something that is easy to overlook.

Some of the programs have detailed lighting features that can show you what your space will look like in different lights and at different times of the day. This is an amazing feature. Lighting can be something that is easy to overlook.



SmartDraw Interior Design Software flowcharts feature


SmartDraw Interior Design Software floor plans


SmartDraw Interior Design Software CAD & drafting


SmartDraw Interior Design Software engineering diagrams


SmartDraw Interior Design Software landscape design feature


Watch the SmartDraw Interior Design Software Video

15. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is a simple program that has a decent variety of features.


  1. Mobile friendly – This program is designed for iPhones and iPads so it is simple to use on mobile devices.
  2. Collaboration – Other users can access your files that you share with them. They can then edit and save them again, letting you collaborate on designs with others.
  3. Offline – This program can be used offline. If you are away from your connection you can still load up your design and make alterations.


  1. Apple devices only – While this program is great for iPhone and iPad users, you are out of luck if you are on a PC or an android device.


In this application you can easily draw and design a room in 2D with a drag and drop functionality. When you save your work you can save your designs directly to a Dropbox folder. The file can then be accessed and altered by more than one device so you can collaborate on designs. If you decide to buy the full version rather than use the free version, you can then visit your spaces in 3D.

Apple devices


Free for basic, or $6.99 for the full version.


Home Design 3D wall


Home Design 3D rooms


Home Design 3D doors


Home Design 3D paint


Home Design 3D decorate


Home Design 3D


Watch the Home Design 3D Tutorial Video

16. Floor Plan Creator

Floor plan creator is a mobile based program for creating floor plans and blueprints. This program is great for making measurements and arranging rooms virtually before actually building.


  1. Color and intuitive interface – This program is simple to use and has a clear and easy to understand interface.
  2. Auto backup – Plans are backed up automatically to the Cloud, so don’t worry about losing your work as long as you have an internet connection.
  3. Collaborate – You can share your files with friends and collaborate on designs.
  4. Mobile friendly – This program is great for use with mobile devices.


  1. In app purchases – The app is free, but there are some functionality options that are behind pay walls. If you find yourself liking the program you may end up hitting a wall and having to pay for continued use.
  2. No 3D – This program is only for layout purposes. If you are looking to take a 3D virtual tour of your space this program may not be for you.
  3. Android only – This program is made for Android devices so iPhone and iPad users are out of luck.

This program contains lots of symbols and features that can be placed into rooms. You can even arrange electrical layouts in your walls. You can also share your design with friends, allowing everyone to work on the same design.

Android devices

Free, but there are in-app additional features ranging $0.99 – $5.99.



Floor Plan Creator draw


Floor Plan Creator walls


Floor Plan Creator rooms


Floor Plan Creator paint


Floor Plan Creator measurements


Floor Plan Creator furnish


Watch the Floor Plan Creator Demo Video

17. 3Dream

3Dream is a program that lets the user explore and place items in real time 3D.


  1. Real time 3D – The 3D graphics in this program are very good and detailed. You can hover around your virtual house and place items in 3D in real time.
  2. Video tutorials – There are a number of video tutorials that can help you navigate the features of this program if you get lost or need assistance.


  1. Hiccups’ – Some users of this program have experienced slowdown and hiccups in the program. Most of these issues tend occur when items are being rotated in the 3D environment.
  2. Online only – You will need to have internet access to use this program.

This program has high quality 3D models and rendering. With real time 3D navigation and placement you can change your design on the fly while exploring the space. The snapshots that are taken in the program can be exported to many common formats and shared easily.

This program is used in browser so it can be accessed from any device that internet accessible.

Basic program is free.



3Dream wall


3Dream catalog


3Dream style


3Dream furnish


3Dream 3D


Watch the Floor Plan Creator Demo Video