Online Painting Cost Calculator (Interiors)

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Use our customizable online painting calculator to find out how much paint, primer and estimated total cost of your interior room painting project. This is super cool, useful and very easy to use (fast)

Painting a room or a wall is exciting. It’s not terribly expensive, you can do it yourself and the resulting improvement can be dramatic. I love big improvements for little cost and/or effort.

How much will your interior painting project cost you? We created an online painting cost calculator for interior rooms to give you a general idea (we don’t guarantee that it’s perfect). Check it out below.

Online Paint Cost Calculator (Customizable)

Below is our customizable calculator that helps you get an idea as to how much paint and primer you need an then tallying the APPROXIMATE cost you will need to spend on paint. Please see our disclaimer and assumptions below.

How much does it cost to hire professional painters?

Their rates will vary tremendously. They normally charge by the hour. Given the many variables involved such as intricacy of the work, travel time, paint quality, region, etc. we do not include the cost of hiring professional painters in our online paint cost calculator.

Disclaimer: Our calculator ESTIMATES at best. We do not represent or guarantee that your cost will be exactly as calculated because the calculator is based on assumptions which can vary (see assumptions below). Moreover, the calculations are not professional quotes for services. We do not sell nor broker painting services. Our tool is just that… a free online tool to give you a rough idea as to how much you may end up having to spend for your painting project.


There are many assumptions that go into our calculator above. For transparency purposes, those assumptions are listed out in detail below (so you know how the calculations are made):

# of primer/paint gallons needed:

Smooth surface: 1 gallon = 400 sq. ft.
Textured surface: 1 gallon = 250 sq. ft.

Cost of primer:  $18 USD per gallon (obviously this assumption can vary depending on quality and brand).

Cost of paint:

The cost per gallon can vary tremendously. We researched the general paint cost ranges, which are as follows. Yes, you can get cheaper than the stipulated basic and you can spend more than the stipulated best.

  • Basic:  $30 USD/gallon
  • Premium: $50 USD/gallon
  • Best: $85 USD/ gallon

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