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10 Best Interior Design Apps in iOS and Google Play Stores

Interior design using neutral and soft colors

Even professionals use interior design programs and apps in order to get a better sense of how their vision for a space will work. Whether you’re starting with an idea in mind or you’re working with a blank slate, interior design apps can make it much easier for you to get a gorgeous finished room. 

1. Planner5D App

A close up photo of a planner 5d app ready to be downloaded.

Price: free with paid upgrade features

iOS | Google Play (Android) 

The Planner5D app is also very good. Thousands of users rate it very highly. This is one of the best interior design apps for either consumers or professionals. Anyone looking to decorate or design their home for the first time, interior designers who were asked to remodel a home or create a new look, people who enjoy playing around with different design ideas can all use this app. There is no elitist terminology or features that only professionals can understand. It’s very user-friendly and fun to use.

Their logo is to create your dream home and they have an easy-to-use 2D and 3D Home Design tool in the app. You could also join a community of over 34 million amateur designers. The simple drag-and-drop format makes the app fun as well as educational.

2. Houzz App

A close up photo of a mobile phone with a houzz app.

Price: free

iOS | Google Play (Android)

Houzz is considered the number one app for improving and assigning your home. This app is made for homeowners but interior designers can certainly benefit from having this app on their devices. There are more than 16 million high-quality photos of homes that you can use as models. They show interior and exterior areas of the home and you can move things around in the way that you want.

This app is certainly a good addition to any interior designer’s repertoire. One of the best features of the Houzz app is that it allows you to share your favorite images with family friends and design professionals.

3. Design Home App

A home design app homepage isolated in a white and blue background.

Price: free with premium in-app purchases

iOS | Google Play (Android) 

Why not make home design fun? Design Home does just that by allowing you to live the life of an interior decorator. You can work on your design skills and have design challenges that give you 3D spaces to work in.

You’ll have access to very nice high-end furniture and top brands. You can create a connection to a creative community while learning about diverse decor styles.

Design Home is a simulation game by Crowdstar Incorporated. Interior design is surprisingly fun with this app.

4. Homestyler App

A close up photo of a homestyler app homepage.

Price: free

iOS | Google Play (Android) 

The Homestyler app (better known as Easyhome Homestyler) lets you visualize the entire interior design process and share your ideas with others. You can snap a photo of your space and your mobile device will be transported into a virtual fitting room.

Here you will see furniture products from real brands and get ideas and inspiration from interior designers and others. Add decor items or move things around as you like. You’ll have access to many of the tips and trends that designers and counter and learn what makes a home look appealing.

5. Ikea Room Planner App

A close up photo of a man holding a mobile phone with an IKEA planner app.

Price: free

iOS | Google Play (Android) 

You can launch your dream room on this interior design app that lets you choose from a variety of kitchen and dining room furniture and fit them to the exact measurements of your real home.

You can rearrange different styles until you like the result and see it in 3D. Then, you can print with all the measurements to scale, just like an architect. This app gives interior decorators a look at the design process and even gives them a hint as to how to do a floor plan.

6. Home Design 3D App

A home designer 3d app homepage.


iOS | Google Play (Android) 

Here is a home design app that allows you to do a number of things that real interior designers do. Built for the amateur or professional, you can try different ideas within the program.

Some of the standout features include the ability to draw floor plans in either 2D or 3D. This includes adjustable wall height and thickness. You can furnish and decorate your room both indoors and outdoors with over 1500 pieces of furniture and hundreds of textures. Finally, you can visualize and visit your creation in real 3D and walk through a tour of the results of your labors.

Once you’re finished, you’ll even be able to import blueprints and save them to Dropbox or Google Drive. This app inspires the imagination of an interior designer or an everyday person who just wants to see their home in a different light.

One special feature of this app is that it gives you beautiful projects that are made by other users. It is user-friendly and gives you regular updates and quick results. 

7. CAD Design 3D App

A man on his computer working with a CAD design app.


iOS | Google Play (Android) 

3D CAD design is perhaps the most popular auto-rendering smart automation software available for interior designers, graphic designers, automotive industry designers and engineers. It is used in everything from creating and manufacturing automobiles to designing homes to producing models and sound stages for blockbuster movies.

The program is known for its ability to show design and technical documentation and it’s used by a wide variety of professionals. The app has good reviews on both platforms. CAD is at the heart of product design and manufacturing, as well as architecture and engineering. It upholds the standards of the interior design industry.

You can sign up for the free 3D CAD software for students and educators. The cost for the full version of CAD is $1,575 per year so this is an expensive program, but for those who were serious about the design industry as a designer or engineer, it will be worth the money.

8. Floor Plan Creator App

A woman demonstrating her floor design idea using a floor design app.

Freemium/Free trial

iOS | Google Play (Android) 

The Floor Plan Creator app is available on both platforms. It allows you to take your fingers and move furniture around, as well as draw out the size of the walls and perimeters. You can go to 3D tour mode to see your entire project and you can have multiple floors with rooms of any shape.

It will automatically calculate the room and wall area, so you don’t have to do the math. You can synchronize your work to the cloud to automatically back up what’s finished. For this, you have a three-day free trial, then you must subscribe. However, the app itself is free. 

9. Terry Fabrics Window Planner

A close up photo of a woman holding a mobile phone with a Terry fabric window planner.

Only available on iOS

Home furnishings retailer Terrys Fabrics have created the Terrys Fabrics Window Planner app that incorporated innovative imaging technology to showcase over 2,000 product and material variations of blinds to their customers.

The free-of-charge app works by simply directing the customer to take a photograph of their chosen window before adding the measurements of the window. The app will then virtually showcase the thousands of variations of blinds that are available on-site, and how they will look within the interiors of the customers’ homes. 

This technology allows the customer to see for themselves how the products will look within their current home style, without having to wait for samples to arrive. The retailer believes that virtual reality is the future of online interior shopping, as it allows customers to try before they buy.

10. DecorMatters

A close up photo of a mobile phone with a DecorMatters app ready to be downloaded.

iOS | DecorMatters Website

Love decorating and designing? This creative community of over four million users is powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology as a home design game and shopping tool for house flipping or freelance projects. This is a relaxing space to unleash design creativity.

Find the latest home decor trends and DIY tips from interior designers and bloggers, browse for inspiration and try other users’ designs on your own template or room. This app allows you to build an impressive design portfolio and become an influencer in the community.

The DecorMatters app also has a gaming aspect to it, where users can sponsor their own design challenges for the community to participate in. Through these challenges, users can win badges and coins, increase their expert level and make it on the leaderboard by unleashing creativity with their designs, influencing the community, and participating in unique events.

Decor Matters provides millions of home furniture, decorations, lighting, and art from some of the largest furniture brands, including Wayfair, Overstock, World Market, Pier 1, West Elm, Article and more.

Users can filter through a wide selection of products based on room, style and brand, and through the AR tool, try out items in the home before making a purchase and buying it straight from the app.

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