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25 Diverse Kids’ Bedroom Layouts (Floor Plans)

Does your child's room need a bit of organization? Let's take a look at 25 different layouts you can choose from to get the most use out of your kids' bedrooms plus get some fun ideas.

Gender-neutral kids' bedroom.

If you have a child or children, you understand the challenge of having enough room for them to live comfortably and having enough storage to not have their toys and such laying all around. How you utilize the space that you have in your home is important. Let’s take a look at 25 different ways that you can organize your kids’ bedrooms.

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Single Bed in Sight of Door

Kids' Bedroom: Single Bed in Sight of Door

Beginning with our first layout, the first mentionable aspect is the fact that when the child is laying in the single bed, he or she has full sight of who is coming in and out of the door. This is a good design because whether you are sitting or standing, your back should never be to the entrance. The side table is where it should be, right next to the bed. Toy storage is placed conveniently next to the play area. The play area is the first thing you see when you enter the room and is kept separate from the sleeping quarters. The closet is appropriately-placed at the foot of the bed, with enough space existing between the two.

Sunlit Bedroom Space with Double Bed

Kids' Bedroom: Sunlit Bedroom Space with Double Bed

When entering the space, there is nothing blocking the entrance of the sliding door closet area or the left entrance of the bed itself. There is an oval carpet play area near the windows, which is great because this gives plenty of natural light for playtime. The side table and lamp are nestled in the far corner of the room. The head of the bed is up against a solid wall, and not a window, which is perfect.

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Jack & Jill Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

Kids' Bedroom: Jack & Jill Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

When you walk straight through the door, the first thing you come to is a square, carpeted play area. This area is intended for a communal area, for both children to share. To the right of the play area, a pocket door opens up into an attached bathroom, which features double sinks, a shower to the right, and toilet to the left.

Turn right out of the bathroom, and you come to an electric keyboard, which is placed in front of a set of windows. The separation between the two sides of the room happens midway, due to a set of double closets, one for each side of the room. This set of closets make each bed not visible to the other. Each side of the room has a single bed, placed in the upper corner, hugging the walls.

Bunk Bed Layout 1

Kids' Bedroom: Bunk Bed Layout 1

Walk into the door and the communal play area is to the left, with toy storage nearby. A set of bunk beds is just behind the play area. There is a workstation to the right of the bunk beds, for the kids to do their homework. There are 2 separate closets. One is to the right of the workstation, offset a little further back than the other, and one runs parallel to the workstation. This bunk bed layout is ideal for saving precious floor space.

Play Area-Focused

Kids' Bedroom: Play Area-Focused

Upon entering this room, there is one thing you will notice. There is a large play area in the center of the bedroom. This play area exists between two single beds. One single bed is inside the upper right-hand corner, and the other single bed is inside the upper left-hand corner of the room. Next to the head of each of the beds is a side table with a lamp on it. Opposite the foot of each bed is a corresponding closet for each child. This makes for a fair layout, so that each child has exactly what the other one has, and they can meet in the middle to play with one another.

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TV Lovers Layout

Kids' Bedroom: TV Lovers Layout

Perhaps the most noticeable item in this layout is the flat-screen TV that you encounter to the right when you walk into the bedroom. It is positioned on a TV stand that is on the opposite wall of the double bed. On both sides of the bed, there is a side table and lamp, which is a nice location to place drinks, phones and the like. Adjacent to the bed is the carpeted play area, complete with toy storage. The close is at the far end of the room, away from all of the toys and such. This layout is ideal for someone who wants their child’s bedroom to double as a living room of sorts.

Student’s Study Lair

Kids' Bedroom: Student’s Study Lair

This layout is perfect for the serious student. When you enter the room, there are two separate workstations with desk chairs, ready to go. Positioned next to each workstation, is a single bed. To the foot of each bed is a closet. This room is equipped with just the basics that are needed, much like a dorm room. Thankfully, there are windows at each end, so that space does not feel too cramped.

Bunk Bed Layout 2

Kids' Bedroom: Bunk Bed Layout 2

Walk through the door and find a large play area over to the right. Past that, you will find a workstation in the corner. Opposite the play area, you will find a set of double-decker bunk beds. There is a long, rectangular closet at the foot of the beds. The most appealing aspect of this layout is its large play area.

The Loft

Kids' Bedroom: The Loft

The most mentionable aspect of this layout is that it has a loft bed. When you have a loft bed in a space, it frees up all of your floor space to do with whatever you wish to do with it. In this case, it gives plenty of room for a large, oval carpeted play area, as well as a workstation below the loft area. There is a closet to the right, and stairs leading up to the loft to the left. All of the windows in the front of the space are sure to brighten up this otherwise dark space.

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Shared Workstation

Kids' Bedroom: Shared Workstation

Upon opening up the door, it takes you straight to a shared workstation. There is no room for a play area in this small space. There is an XL twin bed on each side of the workstation, up against the wall. At the foot of each bed, there is a small closet. This layout is ideal for situations where there is only a small amount of space to work with.

Older Child Configuration

Kids' Bedroom: Older Child Configuration

In this layout, there is a double bed, located in the upper, left corner of the room, facing the door. Opposite the bed is a workstation, which is handy for storing a computer, and doing homework. There is a large, carpeted play area in front of the workstation. There is a lounge chair to the right of the door, and a closet to the left of the door. As this layout provides room to play, lounge, do homework and sleep, it is quite functional.

Storage Lover

Kids' Bedroom: Storage Lover

Upon entering this space, the first element you approach is a workstation. On the other side of this workstation, is a set of double closets. This is notable because the room is designed for only one child. This allows extra space for children who have a lot of clothes or other things to store. To the right side of the door is yet more storage, for the child’s toys. A large, carpeted rectangular play area is just beyond that. Lastly, a single bed rests in the upper left-hand corner of the bedroom, beside the window.

Room with a View

Kids' Bedroom: Room with a View

The most noticeable feature about this space is that it has an attached balcony, to the left of the room entrance. To the right of the entrance is a workstation. This very simple layout features a double bed, nestled in the upper-right hand corner, with the foot of it facing a generously-sized closet. A side table and lamp rest next to the right head of the bed.

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Mirror Image

Kids' Bedroom: Mirror Image

This large bedroom is separated into two spaces; one for lounging and sleeping and one for studying and playing. Upon entering the door, to the right, you come to a uniquely-shaped play area rug. Up against the wall is a large, rectangular toy storage chest. On the opposite wall of the toy storage is a workstation, appropriately-centered in front of a window.

The entrance to the second half of the bedroom is to the left of the main entrance. The main object that takes up space in this side of the room is a large bed, that mirrors the shape of the play rug. This shape is almost a circle, but its many edges remind you of the shape of a stop sign. This bed is the focal point of the room. In the lower, right-hand corner of the room is a long, rectangular closet. At the foot of the bed, there is a TV stand that holds a flat TV, which is a nice bonus.

Cozy Quarters

Kids' Bedroom: Cozy Quarters

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this layout is that there is not an excess of floor space available. There is a small play area in front of the door, however, with a workstation on the opposite side. Two closets rest at the front of the room, which is nice for extra storage. The head of a single bed is placed just a few feet away from the workstation. A flat-screen TV is placed on a TV stand on the wall next to the foot of the bed. Even though this layout is a bit cozy, space has an attached patio, which is quite lovely.

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Music Lover’s Delight

Kids' Bedroom: Music Lover’s Delight

Rather unusually, when you first enter this space, a single bed is immediately inside the door to the right. Instead of the bed having a side table, there is an electric keyboard placed right next to it, underneath a window. On the far-right side of the room is an oversized closet, which is great for extra storage space. In front of the door is a carpeted, square play area. Past that, is a workstation, which is perfect for doing homework. This layout is functional because it has a nice amount of floor space to walk or dance around.

Lucky Child Suite

Kids' Bedroom: Lucky Child Suite

This layout is more than just a bedroom, it is a full suite, complete with its own bathroom, walk-in closet, and balcony. Walk through the door and you are greeted with plenty of floor space, before you reach the double bed, in the left corner, next to the balcony entrance. A side table and lamp are strategically placed next to the right side of the headboard. The only other piece of furniture that exists in this room is a TV stand with a flat TV on it, positioned on the wall opposite the foot of the bed. To the right of the door entrance is a large, walk-in closet. Just past the closet is the entrance to the lavatory, which has everything that a child would need.

Back to the Basics

Kids' Bedroom: Back to the Basics

This layout has all of the basic necessities. It has a single bed opposite the entrance, a workstation at the foot of the bed for homework, and an average-sized closet. Most importantly, it has its own bathroom for privacy. This layout is ideal for preteens who are coming into their own and need space to do their homework but aren’t really in need of a play area anymore.

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Tea for Two

Kids' Bedroom: Tea for Two

This room is about equality. There are two single beds, located in the upper right and upper left-hand corners of the bedroom, in a mirror image of one another. Centered between the head of the two beds is a piece of furniture that is doubling as toy storage and as a night table that can hold a lamp and a laptop. There is a shared play area that is located near a set of windows, near the center of the room. At the far end of the room, there is a workstation for doing homework. One closet exists next to the workstation, which in this case may end up being stuffed a little full, with two children in the room.

Big Kid Special

Kids' Bedroom: Big Kid Special

Upon entering this room, there is a full bathroom to the right, with a closet directly placed in front of it. To the left of the door, you will immediately find a side table and lamp, which is next to a full XL size bed. There are another side table and lamp on the other side of the head of the bed. You will find a TV stand that is holding a flat TV on the wall that is opposite the foot of the bed. This layout is ideal for older students, who are in need of a bit more privacy in their life.

Grandiose Spaces

Kids' Bedroom: Grandiose Spaces

This layout has plenty of open space, that is for certain. Specifically, there is a balcony that is nothing short of grandiose. Opposite the balcony is a very large closet that is almost as big as the balcony is. Exiting the closet, you will find the furniture. There is an XL twin-sized bed, with a side table and lamp on each side of the bed. There is a play area at the foot of the bed, and toy storage just past that. This room is perfect for a child who has a lot of toys and clothes to store and who needs extra space to play and spend time with his or her friends.

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Quiet Nooks

Kids' Bedroom: Quiet Nooks

When you first enter this room, you come upon a workstation, that is basically in its own separate little nook, with its own door that closes for privacy. Enter the bedroom space and you find a closet on one side, and a full bathroom on the other side. The XL twin-sized bed has a side table and lamp on each side of the bed for convenience. Opposite the bed is a flat-screen TV on its stand. A long, narrow balcony runs along the length of the bedroom area, which is another particularly nice space to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The Necessities

Kids' Bedroom: The Necessities

This layout is also good for an older child, who doesn’t particularly need a play space. As you walk through the door, there is a closet in front of you, and a workstation to your left. Next to the workstation is an XL twin bed, with a small table and lamp nestled in the opposite corner. This bedroom layout has its own full bathroom, which is always appreciated.

Spacious Bedroom with En Suite

Kids' Bedroom: Spacious Bedroom with En Suite

There are two aspects that are most noticeable about this layout. The first is that it has a nice amount of open floor space, which makes it feel large. The second is that it has a generously-sized en suite bathroom. As you enter the room, there is a nice-sized closet to your right and a large workstation directly ahead of you. On the opposite side of the room, you find an XL twin bed with a side table and lamp on both sides, which is good to ensure that space stays well-lit.

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My Space

Kids' Bedroom: My Space

Although there is no attached bathroom, this layout has everything that is needed for one child to live comfortably within. When you enter the room, there is plenty of floor space to keep things feeling comfortable. The workstation for doing homework is straight ahead, a closet to the right, and the twin-sized bed is to the left. Side tables with a lamp accent both sides of the head of the bed. On the opposite wall of the bed, you find a flat-screen TV on a stand, with potted plants on either side of it, which adds a nice touch to the space.