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17 Types of Lego Storage Options (How to Store Lego)

Shot from above of a young boy playing with different sets of Lego kept in storage bins.

Lego is one of those toys that almost all parents want their kids to play with. In no time, it can be surprising just how many Lego bricks and pieces are lying around the house so it’s valid to worry about accidentally stepping on and tripping over a block of Lego.

Even if you don’t have kids but are an adult fan of Lego, you know that proper storage for these pieces is necessary because you don’t have time to waste looking for that piece you need. To organize your collection, sort them out by color, shapes or by trying any of our Lego storage solutions below.

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Lego Storage Options


Lego bag

Source: Etsy

Bags that transform into play mats are some of the best ways to store Legos as they offer not only an easy way to store the pieces when you are playing but also a fast way to clean them up. These bags have a very long drawstring that allows the whole bag to open up and fold out flat into a circle on the floor. By keeping a little tension in the drawstring, it’s possible to form a sort of border around the edge of the bag, which works to help keep the Legos on the mat, and not all over the floor.

When it is time to clean up after playing, simply pulling the drawstrings tight and slowly closing up the mat will create a bag, with all of the Legos on the inside after play. This bag is then easily moved and stored, and since it is soft, it can fit into smaller spaces without taking up a lot of room the way that a bulky box tends to.

Display Case

Lego display bag

Source: Wayfair

If there are special Legos that you want to have out on display, such as figures, then you’ll want a dedicated way to store them up and on the wall. This not only ensures that when it comes time to play with these figures you’ll know exactly where they are, but it also protects them and keeps them from being broken.

Special figures that have been bought individually need to be kept safe and sometimes apart from the rest of the Lego collection so that they are easy to find and you can save yourself concern over them being stepped on and broken. Display cases usually come with a door or doors that are very easy to open and close, making it simple for even small children to store their favorite figures up on the wall. While you can leave a display case on a desk or dresser, if you want to make sure that the contents are as safe as possible then you will want to attach the case firmly to the wall.

Play Table

Lego play table

Source: Houzz

A great play table does much more than simply provide storage for Legos – it also provides a place where kids can play with their Legos. This means that the toys will not be strewn all over the floor, at risk of being broken or lost. Lego play tables are generally fairly low to the ground since they do cater to children. Some Lego tables have drawers that slide into position under the table. These drawers can be pulled out whenever the child wants to play with the Legos inside, while others have hanging bags.

These bags hang underneath the table, with their openings attached to a hole in the middle of the table. This hole allows users to reach inside and pull out the Legos that they want to use while also making it very easy to quickly brush unwanted Legos inside when it is time to clean up. When choosing a Lego table it’s important to think about what kind of storage you want, as they both have their pros and cons.

Display Shelf

Lego display shelf

Source: Etsy

Unlike a display case, where the Legos are behind a door and therefore protected from falling or being knocked off, a display shelf that is made specifically for Legos makes it easy to display individual pieces on the shelf but keeps them very easily accessible. Many of these shelves have a strip of Lego bricks across it, which makes it very easy to attach figures to the shelf without worrying that they will pop off if the shelf is accidentally knocked. Not only will your figures be easily accessible, but this shelf makes it very easy to change out the ones that you are playing with a very little hassle. Look for a display shelf that is painted or stained in a color that will match the rest of the room, as they are usually made of wood and appear higher-quality than plastic cases or boxes do.


Lego storage bucket

Source: Wayfair

Buckets are a great option for storing Legos, as children of all ages love that they are sturdy and strong enough to be packed full of Legos and then taken all over the home. Look for a bucket that has a number of different compartments, as this will allow the user to separate the Legos that they are using and sort them according to different attributes. While some buckets that aren’t designed specifically to hold Legos can still be used for this job, if you want to make sure that the bucket you buy can stand up to the weight of the Legos and be toted around the home, then you will want to opt for one specifically designed for this task.

These buckets have very heavy-duty handles and are made from sturdy fabric that can withstand more abuse than the common cotton bucket would be able to. Additionally, strong stitching will keep the bucket in one piece. When it comes time to wash the bucket you can usually just toss it in the washing machine with a load of laundry, which makes it very simple to keep the bucket in great condition and you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty or staying stained.

Storage Chest

Lego drawer storage

Source: Hayneedle

Storage chests have long been a great way to store any kind of toys that children have, and Legos are no exception. While you can buy chests specifically designed for Legos, if you want something that is a little more neutral and will be able to do double-duty when your children want to store other items, then look for a storage chest that is not specifically designed for this toy. This will ensure that no matter how old your child gets, or what kind of toy they are interested in, they will have a place to store them.

When looking for a storage chest for Legos you will want to make sure that the one you choose is large enough to house the collection. One of the main benefits of storing Legos in a storage chest is that you can often keep the Legos inside buckets or baskets, which makes it incredibly simple for a child to lift out the Legos that they want to play with. The frustrating thing about using a storage chest is that it is so heavy that it can’t be moved with the child, making them come back and forth each time they want to get out more Legos or need to clean up their play space.


Lego tray storage

Source: Etsy

Perfect for storing smaller amounts of Legos or kits that are being worked on, a brick tray has a rim that will keep the Legos from falling off and can easily be lifted and moved out of the way when it’s time to stop playing. Make sure that you buy a tray that has a Lego base plate on the top so that the user can build directly on the tray. While this is not great for long-term storage or for storing a very large number of Legos, it’s perfect for keeping a specific project separate from the rest of the collection and ensuring that the builder can access their Lego project at any time.


Lego tote bags

Source: Wayfair

Totes make it incredibly easy to keep Legos organized, bring them with you when you want to play, and clean up when playtime is over. A really great tote does more than simply offer storage – it can actually be used to help organize the Legos at the same time. Instead of buying a tote that has only one compartment, which certainly can be used but will make organizing Legos more difficult, opt for one that comes with separate removable compartments. These can be taken out and played with individually, or the Legos can be combined in different ways.

Heavy-duty zippers will keep these compartments from being damaged, even when they are stuffed with a lot of Legos, and a clear top on the compartments makes it very easy to see what is stored inside without getting everything out. Some totes are one piece, while others will open via Velcro or zippers and fold flat to make a playmat. When you opt for a tote that transforms into a playmat then you will provide the user with a specific area that they can play in and make it easy for them to clean up and store their Legos when they are finished.

Organizer Cubes

Lego organizer cubes

Source: Wayfair

Stackable cubes with clear tops make it easy to see what Legos you have stored in each cube and to keep them up and off of the floor when they are not in use. One of the benefits of using organizer cubes over other types of Lego storage is that they are made of strong fabric or canvas that will fold flat when the cubes are not full of the toys, making it very simple to store them out of the way when they are not being used.

Additionally, these heavy-duty cubes are tough enough to handle being packed full of Legos without the zipper or the fabric ripping or being damaged, so you never have to worry about the person using them breaking them by trying to cram too many Legos inside. Bright colors speak to the fun and color scheme of Legos, making them exciting to use and encouraging even the youngest children to store their Legos in them when they are not in use. While they can be stacked, they also easily fit on a bookshelf or under the bed, making it easy to retrieve Legos at playtime but keeping them out of the way the rest of the time.

Toy Box

Lego compartment storage

Source: Home Depot

Available in all sorts of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, toy boxes are a great way to store Legos when they are not being used. One of the most fun ways to provide storage and to encourage your children to use it is to supply them with boxes that are actually shaped like real Legos. These boxes have a lid that lifts easily off of the base of the box, making it simple to store all Legos when they are not in use, and just like the real toy, they will stack together.

With enough boxes, you will be able to not only store all of the Legos in the home in a central area but also to create a fun design out of differently colored and shaped Lego toy boxes. One of the reasons that children love these toy boxes is that they can be bought in all different colors, so it’s easy for a child to have one that is their favorite. This makes it simple to keep them in line with the décor and appearance of the child’s room and ensure that they are more willing to clean up when the play is over and to help store their Legos.

Compartment Storage

Compartment lego storage

Source: Houzz

While some people only think of using compartment storage in a garage or a workshop, these systems are a great way to store Legos as they offer plenty of different drawers for the child to separate the collection and make it fun and easy to look for a particular piece. If you have been having problems with storage and are fighting a battle because your child struggles with finding smaller or more specific parts, then compartment storage may be a great choice for you.

While they do not offer bulk storage the way that boxes and totes do, they make it incredibly easy to store smaller or more special pieces away from the rest of the Legos. Instead of dumping out a whole bucket to look for small connections or wheels, when there is available compartment storage, it’s much easier to find the necessary piece and keep all of the others stored safely.

Sorting System

Lego tray storage

Source: Houzz

For many people, being able to sort Legos by color is a great way to keep them separated and to know exactly what pieces are available and where they are. A rolling sorting storing system is a great way to do this and makes it very easy for people of all ages to quickly sort and store Legos according to their colors so that there isn’t any difficulty finding the right piece when the time comes to build. These sorting systems come in all shapes and sizes, but the key is to find one that has multiple different colored storage sections to make it as easy as possible for the user to store their Legos when they are not using them. The easier that the storage is, the more likely that a person will use it, which is one of the reasons that this option is so popular.

Travel Box

Lego travel box

Source: Etsy

Without storage for a road trip, bringing Legos in the car or to a hotel room can be a nightmare, which is why you have to plan ahead. Travel storage boxes are small enough to pack in a backpack but large enough to hold a number of Legos so that the child or user can easily play when they are on a trip. Look for a storage box with a sliding or locking lid that will tightly close to keep the Legos from accidentally tipping out when the box is in transit.

You will also want to make sure that the lid of the box has a Lego base plate, as this will provide a solid surface where the Legos can be attached. Instead of worrying about them being dumped all over the back of the car or airplane when there is a base plate for the user to snap pieces onto, it makes it very easy to build without worry. When it’s time to get out of the car or move to the next location on your itinerary, it’s easy to store all of the Legos inside the travel box and toss it in a bag to take with you to your next destination.



Personalized lego storage

Source: Etsy

If you are going to give Lego storage as a gift or want to make sure that your children know not to play with their sibling’s Legos, then opting for personalized storage is a great idea. As a gift, this shows your recipient that you went the extra mile and really thought about them when coming up with a gift choice, and when used at home it can stop a lot of bickering and fight among children. Personalization is generally available on all types of Lego storage and makes it even more fun for children to clean up as they love having something that is their own to use.


Portable lego storage

Source: Wayfair

While very large Lego collections may need to be stored in heavy trunks and left in a central location like a bedroom, if you are able to store your Lego collection in portable storage it makes it much easier to use and play with them. Children often want to be where their parents are, and providing them with a storage option that they can bring with them throughout the home will make it much easier for them to clean up when they are done playing.

Instead of having to carry all of the Legos back to their bedroom or the living room to put in storage, they can easily put their Legos away in their portable storage and then it can be moved out of the way or placed on a shelf. When looking for portable storage you will want to consider buying something with handles, especially if the child is younger, as this will make it a lot easier for them to lift and carry their Legos by themselves. Older children will be able to handle portable storage without handles as long as it is not too heavy or bulky.


Wheeled lego storage

Source: Wayfair

Storage that has wheels is incredibly easy to move around the home or a room, making play and cleanup simple. Instead of a child having to drag their portable storage with them when you go one step further and buy storage that has wheels, it makes it very simple and fast for them to push or pull their Legos to the area where they want to play. This means that parents will have to spend less time hauling Legos from one location to the other and gives children a lot more autonomy when it comes to picking up their toys. The problem with wheeled storage is that if it becomes top-heavy that it may easily tip over when being moved, especially if jerked or pushed quickly. Because of this concern, it’s important to store plenty of Legos in the bottom of the storage so that it will be better balanced and there won’t be as big of a concern over it tipping over.


Compartment lego storage

Source: Houzz

Sorting Legos can be a long process, and once they are separated it’s nice to keep them that way so that it’s easy to find the exact piece that you need. Using storage that has compartments is the best way to do this. While smaller collections can easily fit into smaller storage if you have a lot of Legos that you need to corral then look for storage with individual bucket compartments. While these are significantly larger and will take up more room in your home, the peace of mind that you have over your Legos being neatly stored will be worth it.

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