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How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom (25 Rules with 17 Layout Diagram Examples)

Bedroom interior design with feng shui.

For over 3,000 years, Feng Shui has always been an important part of the Chinese culture. It is the practice of harmonizing the different natural elements and harnessing energy from our surroundings. This energy is known to the Chinese as Chi and is said to bring people total health and abundance.

Over the years, the teachings of Feng Shui have not only spread throughout Asia but also outside of the continent. It has been quickly adopted by the Western world, especially in interior designing. The big question is, “What exactly is Feng Shui and why is it so important when you design your bedroom?” If it’s so important, how do you get a Feng Shui bedroom anyway? We’ll be finding all of these out here.

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What Is Feng Shui and Why Use It in Interior Design?

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water” if you translate it into English. However, from a Chinese point of view, Feng Shui means flowing energy from the Heavens (wind) and flowing energy from the earth (water). Combine that energy in synergy, and you’ll have abundance.

In order to know why Feng Shui is used in interior design, it’s important to go back to the core foundation of Feng Shui—Chi. Chi is the life energy that you can draw from anything, living and nonliving, on earth. Everything carries Chi whether it’s a tree, a lake, or a person. In order for any being to be healthy, it must have a good flow of internal Chi. Of course, this also means that our surroundings must be healthy as well. If your surroundings aren’t able to maximize the flow of Chi, then they may not be healthy places to stay in.

Placement is the key in keeping a good flow of Chi. So when it comes to interior designing, the way you position things in your room greatly affects the flow of Chi. If you place your bed, for example, in a place where the Chi flow is blocked, you will manifest negative energy, which may make you more prone to illnesses or bad luck. This is why many people opt to “Feng Shui” their houses before they move any furniture into rooms including bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms of the home.

5 Layout Examples of Good and Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

1. Diagram illustrating good and bad Feng Shui bedroom layout

Diagram illustrating good and bad Feng Shui bedroom layout

2. Layout diagram of good and bad bedroom Feng Shui

Layout diagram of good and bad bedroom Feng Shui

3. Optimal Feng Shui bed location and orientation in bedroom (diagram)

Layout diagram for optimal Feng Shui bed location and orientation in bedroom (diagram)

4. Layout for bedroom door location for optimal bedroom Feng Shui

Layout diagram of bedroom door location for optimal bedroom Feng Shui

5. Diagram of good and bad bedroom en suite door location

Layout diagram of good and bad bedroom en suite door location

20 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules to Follow (with Pictures)

1. Bedroom door location

Primary bedroom with white walls and yellow accent along with scattered recessed lights.

In the above room, you’ll see that the bed is up against the wall but not across the entrance. Make sure that the entrance can be seen though. The best position of the entrance should be somewhere on the side position of the bed where it can be seen. This is known as the command position.

2. Solid headboards

Contemporary bedroom with white walls and gray accent along with stylish center tables on both side with lamps.

When you go to sleep after a long day at work, your head subconsciously looks for a good back support. Thus, in feng shui, the best headboards are those made from solid parawood or the upholstered ones.

3. No electronics

White bedroom with hardwood flooring and cream curtains along with a stylish wall decor.

If you look at this room, you’ll notice that there are no electronics at all. Computers, TVs, radios, and other electronics emit magnetic and electric fields. These can disturb your sleep and affect your immunity system.

4. No clutter

Modern bedroom with pure white theme and floor to ceiling glass windows.

Clutter is distracting. It blocks the flow of qi, thus disturbing sleep and inviting negativity to the person staying in the room. As much as possible, keep the room tidy. It’s also best that you don’t add furniture that you don’t actually need. When it comes to feng shui in the bedroom, less is more.

5. Calming and serene artwork

Modern bedroom with white walls and classy wall decor.

In feng shui, the goal is to create a relaxing and uplifting environment. When adding artwork in the bedroom, make sure that when choosing art for the bedroom, it’s best that you choose options with a happy or serene theme.

6. Rounded furniture

White bedroom with built-in shelving and a small side table.

In feng shui, round and oval furniture is better than those with sharp corners as they don’t cut the chi that is focused on the sleeping person. In choosing a bedside table, it’s best that you pick those with round edges.

7. Symmetry

Large white bedroom with gray bed frame and two side tables on both side with lamps.

Symmetry is essential in feng shui. It brings balance and increases relationship chi. In this room, you’ll notice that there are identical bedside tables and lamps. This is the easiest way to achieve symmetry in the bedroom.

8. Passionate colors can be good

Contemporary bedroom with red walls and bed along with smooth white flooring and pendant lamps.

This room has a dynamic, bold, and bright atmosphere. This is exactly the effect of incorporating fire elements in your bedroom interior. Choose warm colors that will ignite passion, success, and romance such as red, orange, red-yellow, etc.

9. Plenty of natural light

Bedroom with brick walls and vinyl flooring.

Exposure to natural light in the morning can influence serotonin levels, which will affect your mood for the rest of the day. The soft light in the evening is also good in feng shui. Windows with covering that can easily be opened, such as that in this bedroom, are advisable.

10. Candles (scented)

Bedroom with candle light lighting.

Not much can be seen in this bedroom, but we’ve added it to the list to highlight the scented candles. The bedroom is the best place for candles, which are the best representation of the fire element. You can position them according to their colors.

11. Kids bedroom feng shui tips

Kids bedroom with mix blue and cream walls along with carpet flooring and recessed lights.

In a child’s bedroom, it can get a little cluttered. However, you still have to keep it as clean as possible. The most important thing is that you don’t position the bed behind the door. It should be in the commanding position. Also, don’t store any electronics in the bedroom.

12. Dimmable lighting

Bedroom with elegant walls and lighting.

Table lights, overhead lights, and wall lights are good additions to the bedroom. When dimmed, they create a calming energy.

13. Don’t place the bed under ceiling beam or ceiling fan

Bedroom with skylight and chandelier lighting.

This bedroom has a decorative beam. However, you’ll notice that the bed is positioned so it is not directly under the center ceiling beam. In feng shui, it’s not good for one’s relationship and health to be underneath a ceiling fan or structural beam as this cuts the chi and forces a downward pressure towards you as you sleep.

14. Avoid office space in the bedroom, but if necessary, block it off from the sleeping area

Bedroom with dark gray walls and laminated flooring along with a rug and floor lamp.

If you don’t have a big space and you have to use the bedroom as your office, make sure that you use screen panels to block the view of the office when you are going to sleep.

15. Wall art location – opposite bed instead of behind it

Bedroom with living space and a fireplace.

Most paintings in the bedroom are easily positioned above the headboard. However, in this bedroom, it’s positioned exactly opposite the bed. In feng shui, this can improve your life energy as the art piece is the last thing you see before you sleep and the first thing that you will see when you wake up.

16. Avoid storing items underneath the bed

Small bedroom with white walls and cabinet.

It is tempting to put things under the bed, especially if you are in deep need of a storage area. However, as much as possible, avoid putting things under the bed. Invest in storage cabinets instead.

17. If furniture has sharp corners, don’t point toward the bed

Pure white bedroom with a study desk and cabinet along with a chandelier.

In this bedroom, we want to highlight how the pieces of furniture are positioned. You’ll notice that the table and cabinets have sharp corners or sharp “arrows.” However, none of them points towards the bed. If they do, they will create poison arrows, which can deflect chi.

18. Invest in high-quality bedding and bed

Bedroom with white walls and table lamp along with thin curtains.

When it comes to choosing the bed and the bedding, you shouldn’t skimp on comfort. Feng shui always emphasizes comfort when it comes to the bedroom.

19. The bed should be elevated with legs

Contemporary bedroom with stylish gray walls and smooth white floors along with a sitting area and a rug.

The most ideal bed is one with legs. It should elevate above the floor to let the chi circulate beneath it. This assists in creating a healing nature of rest. However, you must make sure that the bed is not too high that you’re having difficulty reaching it.

20. Use an air purifier in the room

Bedroom with a king size bed and classy air freshener.

An air purifier is a good addition to any bedroom. It helps clean the air and brings freshness and energy to the space.

21. Plants not so good for feng shui

Bedroom with gray walls and classic rug along with a hardwood flooring and thin curtains.

Because feng shui puts much emphasis on the importance of plants, people tend to put one in their bedroom as well. However, this may not be the best idea. The bedroom is about healing and regeneration. This requires a soft, downward energy movement. However, a plant has an active, upward energy movement.

22. Wall mirrors should be avoided

Bedroom with sky blue walls and a floor to ceiling mirror.

This room is a nightmare for feng shui experts. Mirrors are useful in making spaces look larger. However, they attract energy and direct it in the opposite way. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, in particular, makes the subconscious mind think that the room is for activity and not for rest.

23. Avoid water features and views of water (water kills fire which is passion)

Modern bedroom with king size bed and stylish walls. It overlooks the beautiful ocean view.

Water, in feng shui, is said to activate money and wealth. Thus, adding water elements in many parts of the house is good, but not in the bedroom. Water kills fire, which is a symbol of passion. Its presence in the bedroom can easily invite arguments.

24. Cluttered and filled with electronics = BAD feng shui

Small bedroom with colorful walls and features many stuff.

Not only is this room cluttered, but it also has electronics all over the place. Most of the things present in the room disrupt good energy, thus preventing you to have a peaceful sleep.

25. Footboards/benches are not good at end of the bed

Bedroom with elegant bed and chandelier with carpet flooring.

Footboards are not good in feng shui. They block progress in life and should be avoided as much as possible. However, if you can’t avoid having your bed face the door, the footboard is acceptable. This will serve as a block between your feet and the door.

More Bedroom Feng Shui Layouts

Feng shui primary bedroom with walk-in closet, sofa and en suite.

Feng Shui primary bedroom in rectangle layout with two sitting chairs, walk-in-closet and primary bathroom.Primary bedroom in feng shui layout with futon, reading area, small walk-in-closet and bathroom.Small feng shui primary bedroom layout with TV, balcony and en suite.Large feng shui primary bedroom with sectional sofa, balcony and en suite.Spacious and minimalist feng shui primary bedroom with balcony and closet system.Feng shui primary bedroom floor plan with end tables, small closet, en suite and small sectional sofa.Minimalist primary bedroom feng shui blueprint with small sofa and en suite



Do you want to turn your bedroom into a Feng Shui bedroom? Then follow the tips given above. Many interior designers have always used the fundamental concepts of Feng Shui when they design rooms—and with good reason. The flow of energy inside a bedroom is crucial for the health and stability of the ones who stay in it. This is why it’s very important to take into consideration both the type of furniture you’ll get for your bedroom and more importantly, the placement of the furniture. If you follow some of these best practices and things to avoid, you’ll be able to make a good Feng Shui bedroom where you’ll really feel the smooth flow of natural energy around you.