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41 of the Best Online Toy Stores (Mega List)

A collage of different types of toys.

I love buying toys online for my kids. Why? Because it’s easy, convenient, and saves me a lot of time searching for the perfect toy.

Online toy shopping is great for when I need a little inspiration, but it’s even easier when I know exactly what I want to buy, such as outdoor toys or stuffed animals.

While it’s not exactly the same as experiencing the magic of a toy store, online shopping allows me to browse such categories as if I was walking the isles at a physical shop.

I remember as a kid – the closest thing we had to a regular toy store was the Sears catalog. My siblings and I looked forward to it coming in the mail every year. We’d all clamor for it and spend hours combing through the toys. These days, kids can spend hours browsing toys online – lucky them!

The toy market is big business. Danish company LEGO is the leading toy company to date with its peak revenue at $5.49 billion USD. Another American company, Mattel, follows closely with $5.46 billion USD in revenue. Mattel is the company behind Barbie, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, and UNO to name a few. Third is Namko Bandai, the Japanese video game development company and publisher known for Tekken, Dragonball, Naruto and Pac-Man.

The fact that you’ve probably heard of some (if not all) of these brands speaks volumes about how big the toy industry actually is. But what about if you’re shopping for more unusual, limited edition, or even bespoke toys?

In that case, you should probably search outside the box – and check out our ultimate list of online toy sellers. You’re sure to find something unique.

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Our List of Online Toy Stores

1. Fat Brain Toys

=> Shop Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys

I love this online toy store. You can find fun toys that you can’t get elsewhere which is why we’re listing it at the top of our online toy store list. I love finding unique, fun toys for my kids – and Fat Brain Toys delivers big time.

While it touts “educational toys” they really are fun… the type of toys I loved as a kid and that my kids love playing with now. If you need toy ideas for a kid, whether your kids or other kids, check them out.

2. Disney Store

=> Shop Disney Store Toys

Disney Store

Disney needs no introduction, but you’ll be amazed by the variety of toys on offer at their online store. Disney offers toys you can’t buy elsewhere. If your kids are into toys based off Disney movies (and there’s a ton of them), then the Disney Store is for you.

Here you’re sure to find a vast collection of Disney -inspired toys featuring all legendary action figures. They also have unbeatable deals on the prices of the toys.

3. LEGO Store Online

=> Shop LEGO

LEGO wall

I love LEGO. My kids love it too which is great. We’ve been building sets for years. I never have a problem spending money on LEGO.

LEGO is great for kids in a huge age range. We got started when they were 3… they’re still building several years later.

The iconic LEGO is an obvious inclusion in the top online toys in the country. Buy shopping for toys directly on their site, you are guaranteed to access their latest offerings before they hit the shelves. The company also regularly has sales on its online store where toys are sold at slashed prices.

4. Amazon Toys

=> Shop Amazon Toys

Amazon is perhaps the most obvious inclusion in the list of online stores. As the world’s largest online store, it comes as no surprise that Amazon is the largest online source of toys globally. This online shop is packed with millions of quality toys, from a variety of different brands, and at multiple different price points.

Their toy offering is so vast that it can actually be overwhelming to the consumer, and therefore Amazon has numerous filters that customers can use to zero-in on their ideal selection. You can also check their best-selling toys, browse their sale pages, and check out new releases, which are updated daily, to have exclusive access to brand-new toys.

Amazon is also the ultimate website for brainstorming toy lists for the annual Santa letter. I sit down in early December with each son and we pour through Amazon looking for ideas (assuming they don’t already know what they want… 5-year-olds don’t have a clue). This year I put together lists and letters plus bought everything in one evening. Go Amazon.


=> Shop CLIXO Toys


CLIXO is a cross of LEGO and crafting. You connect various shapes together to create 3D toys of all kinds. The potential is really impressive. The pieces connect via powerful magnets (and we know how much kids love anything magnetic.

If your kids like crafting and building this is a toy worth checking out for them.

6. Walmart Toys

=> Shop Walmart Toys

Another company that needs no introduction is Walmart, America’s renowned retail store. The company’s online store allows people who are unable to access their physical stores to buy different types of toys.

I’ve bought some great things at Walmart, notably a trampoline. They’ve definitely stepped up their online shopping experience over the years. Delivery is fast. The website is very user-friendly. And let’s face it, Walmart has a great toy selection in stores and online.

I also love the fact that it’s easy to return items locally at their stores. That’s a huge plus.

7. KiwiCo

I included KiwiCo in our list of online craft stores but it’s one of those cool sites that offer craft kits, educational projects and what both of those amounts to as toys for kids.  Craft kits are kind of the ultimate toy for kids.

8. Toy Universe

Toy Universe is the self-proclaimed online world of toys, having a huge selection of different toys on its easy-to-browse website, making your shopping experience enjoyable and simple. This store has made inroads into the United States despite being based in Australia. Toy Universe beats its competition by offering its “buy now, pay later” offer for its customers who use OxiPay, AfterPay, and ZipPay payment options.

9. Stage Toys

Toys take center stage at Stage Toys, another prime online store focused on toys. Some of the toys available at Stage Toys include fun pebbles, cute dolls, and action figures.

10. Mattel Shop

Mattel Shop has many toy options for its customers, all of which are from respected brands – which makes them a perfect choice when shopping for a birthday gift, something for Christmas, or the perfect gift for any other special occasion.

If you sign up on the online shop you can become a ‘VIP parent’ – able to access free shipping offers, 20% discounts on your first orders, and birthday rewards on your kids’ birthdays.

11. Big Bad Toy Store

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy action figures, then the Big Bad Toy Store should be your number one choice. This store is packed with all the famous action figures inspired by Marvel and DC Comics superheroes. Action figures are one of the best kids toys to spark creativity and encourage imaginative thinking through play. Plus, they’re pretty darned cool! All the more reason to give this toy store a look.

12. Learning Resources

Only a few online toy stores in the world can boast of having experience in toy production that spans over three decades. Learning Resources, an online store based in the United Kingdom is one such store. Customers are guaranteed toys proven to be safe for kids, and Learning Resources offers to ship to over 80 countries around the globe.

13. Hasbro Toy Shop

Hasbro Toy Shop has thousands of toys available at its online store. These toys are up-to-date and modern and come at different prices to suit the needs of everyone. The store also offers price discounts for special cases such as in bulk purchases.

14. John Deere Store

John Deere Store is perhaps best known for its heavy machinery. However, the company is also a dominant player in the toy business. There are dozens of different types of toys on offer on John Deere’s toy segment. Another notable service offered by the company is free shipping for any order worth $50 and above.

15. Toy Wiz

Toy Wiz is a toy company based in New York that has been in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years. The excellent customer service with this online store is unrivaled, making it a darling for its many online customers. The company has a global reach as it not only ships throughout the United States but also to over 40 countries around the world.

16. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has many toys that customers can choose from; from cute Disney-themed dolls to extreme monster toy trucks. The filters on the website are easy to use and help customers to get the exact toy they are looking for.

17. Fish Pond

Fish Pond is another online store with a strong toy offering. According to its website, Fish Pond also provides “free shipping anywhere in the world”, which is an added bonus for anyone browsing for this season’s hottest toy – no matter where they are in the world.

Plus, shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer variety of toys available on the site. The online store has hundreds of thousands of unique toys to choose from (over 0.3 million at the time of writing, to be precise). From puzzle toys to dolls, Fish Pond have a great selection of toys for your little ones and makes it easy for you to keep playtime interesting!

18. The Toy Shop

The Toy Shop is another online store based in the United Kingdom, whose parent company is The Entertainer; the largest independent retailer in the United Kingdom. You can request to have the latest toys and hottest deals on the website sent to you via email, by signing up with them. An interesting feature on the website is their “present finder” which helps users to come up with the perfect present for a special occasion.

19. McFarlane Toys Store

McFarlane Toys Store is an online whose founder is the renowned comic creator, Todd McFarlane after whom the store is also named after. It, therefore, goes without saying that many of the store’s toys are based on McFarlane comics. While the toys in this store transcend different ages, they are some of the few that are embraced by teens and young adults.

20. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price offers free shipping on orders exceeding $50 in value. However, this offer excludes shipments heading to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Alaska. Signing up makes you a VIP parent eligible for a variety of special offers. The website also has informative articles that can help parents in choosing the right toy for their kids.

21. Primary Mind Toys

At Primary Mind Toys, customers are provided with free shipping after buying orders over $49. The online store helps clients choose the best birthday gifts for their kids. The website also provides customers with a list of the best-selling toys, so as not to be left out of upcoming trends.

22. Target

Target is known for its affordable prices, something that is also seen in its toys. The company’s online store has the latest toys, as well as more vintage style toys, all at unbelievable prices. From Nerf guns to glitter craft sets, Target has something for all ages and genders. As an added bonus – when buying at Target, customers get free shipping for orders above $35.

23. Imagine Toys

Imagine Toys is a toy company based in Michigan which is gaining prominence in the online toy store industry. Toys offered in the online store are not only a source of fun for kids, but also help in their psychological and educational development. What if you’re not pleased with the product you receive? Worry not. The company offers a 100% guarantee to take back such a product.

24. US Toy

US Toy is another famous online store focused on selling toys. Buying toys worth over $30 through US Toy will see you get free shipping for the purchased items. Unlike many other stores, US Toy has an additional classification for its toys; the party theme where customers can easily pick out their preferred toys for a particular event.

25. Kiddlestix Toy Store

Kiddlestix Toy Store is another leading online store for toys. The company’s brick-and-mortar store is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma but it also allows its customers to shop online via its website which is filled with all types of toys. The website allows customers to sort the toys by age, price, gender, and toy brand.

26. Timbuk Toys

Timbuk Toys is a renowned toy store in Denver that also boasts of having an efficient online store. Hundreds of different toys are on offer at Timbuk Toys, all coming at pocket-friendly prices. If you are around Denver, be sure to visit one of their four stores around the city.

27. Rogue Toys

While other toy stores struggle with coming up with the latest toys, one store is focused on vintage toys. Rogue Toys has a wide variety of old school-themed toys, most of which are inspired by iconic comic book heroes, heroines, and villains.

28. The Sensory Shop

Unlike other online toy stores, the Sensory Shop is focused on toys targeted at child development. According to the store’s website, all the toys sold at The Sensory Shop have been tested by therapeutic, education, and medical professionals.

29. Macy’s

Macy’s is another amazing online store where all sorts of toys are available at affordable prices. The online store offers shipping to 100 countries around the globe, allowing customers from foreign markets to obtain their awesome toys.

30. Tantrum

What I love about Tantrum is its user-friendly interface which is so easy to use that even kids can use it to shop. There is a great variety of toys to choose from, and the prices are all pocket-friendly.

31. Kidding Around Toys

Kidding Around Toys has been mentioned as the best toy store in New York City and New Jersey by the New York Magazine and the New Jersey Monthly Magazine respectively. The online store’s website is simple and easy to use, with its homepage having the top toys on offer known as “staff picks”.

32. OP Taylor

OP Taylor is one of the dominant online toy stores in the South, with the store being labeled as among the world’s top toy stores by USA Today. The store’s brick-and-mortar facility is situated in downtown Brevard. It is inside this store covering over 6,000 square feet where the production of the toys is done.

33. Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby has a wide range of toys on its interface which I felt is very user-friendly. You can easily navigate through the website. This online store has what it calls “price match promise” whereby customers are offered prices similar to those in other stores, so long as the customer can show proof of having a better price in another store.

34. Miracle Mile Toy Hall

Domiciled in Los Angeles, Miracle Mile Toy Hall has grown to become a force to reckon with in online toy sales. As a testament to its growing reputation, LA Weekly recently voted Miracle Mile Toy Hall as the city’s best Toys R Us Alternative. The toy store has a wide variety of toys to choose from, making it ideal for one-stop shopping for kids of all ages.

35. Toy Town

One thing that stands out about Toy Town is how they treat their clients like family, with the toy store frequently hosting fun parties each year. The toy store is packed with toys for customers of all ages. The toy store also prides itself on having more than two decades of experience and was once featured on the front page of Business Monday.

36. Zulily

Zulily sums up our list of online toy stores. This online store is driven by the motto “something special every day” making it an obvious choice when looking for special toys. The website has a cool feel to it, allowing you to take your time to pick out the best toys for your kids. Keep visiting their site to be on the lookout for their amazing sales where prices are slashed by as much as 70%.


Wicked Uncle is the newest online toy store on our list although set up 12 years ago in the UK by an uncle who needed to find fun, unique gifts for his nephews and nieces. Last year they delivered over 100,000 fun toys in the US alone – with flat rate $6.95 shipping wherever you are and however much you need!

They are what’s called a “curated” site – which means all toys have been selected carefully for each age, are good value, and all kid-tested for fun by the children of the company’s staff. Plus REAL gift wrapping and even handwritten birthday cards are available, and they have become known in the UK- and now the USA – for excellent customer service.

38. Playmobil

While you can buy the popular Playmobil toy sets on Amazon, Walmart, and other sites, this company has its own shopping site as well. My kids prefer LEGO, but I know kids who are wild about Playmobil so it can be a great toy gift for many kids.

39. Toys R Us

As a brick-and-mortar toy store, Toys R Us has not had an easy go of it the last few years, largely due to the growth in online shopping. Heavy hitters like Amazon and Walmart online have made it difficult for Toys R Us to compete; while it was the go-to store 20 years ago, it has become less and less relevant in today’s digital age.

In fact, things got so bad that Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and was going to shutter everything including online sales. However, a private equity firm swooped in and bought the company. The Toys R Us website is alive and well with all kinds of children’s toys available – from action figures to educational toys. I hope this iconic toy company survives.

40. Hamleys

There are tons of fun toys available at Hamleys, one of the world’s largest (and oldest) toy retailers. Customers browsing the website can choose from big brand names such as star wars toys, or shop for traditional wooden toys to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Plus, if there are ever any issues, customers can also return ordered toys that they feel fall short of their expectations, using the website’s easy online returns portal. What’s more, Hamleys also make gifting even easier, with the option to purchase coupons and which come either as paper gift vouchers or e-vouchers.

41. Crayola Online

Pack of Crayola Crayons

What kid doesn’t love Crayola products? Mine sure do. We have a massive basket of crayons. Another massive basket of pencil crayons. A tub of felts. Stacks of color paper and coloring books. Heck, we could open a Crayola store.

The Crayola store online has a lot of options and kits you can order for your kids (or you if you’re into coloring books which is a thing now for adults). It’s a fun online shop. After all, every kid ends up with something from Crayola.

Toy Stores Online Chart

Online toy store popularity chart

What to consider when buying toys online

I’ve bought a ton of toys online over the years for my kids, nieces, and nephews. While it’s definitely not rocket science, here are a few things to consider.

Shipping delays: Usually, when you buy toys, you intend to give them as gifts. This means you need them by a certain date, such as for Christmas or a specific date like a birthday. Consequently, you definitely want to check the deliver-by date. When I shop on Amazon, I often filter listings by “Prime” so that anything I choose will be shipped quickly.

New vs. Used: This pertains mostly to Amazon. Watch out for “refurbished” or “used” versions unless that’s what you want. I get annoyed that Amazon lists these, as I’ve made the mistake of buying used but expecting new.

Check for any required ‘extras’: I always check the description of toys online carefully – to see if there are any extras required, such as batteries, accessories, or other compatible toys and gear. There’s nothing worse than opening up a toy on Christmas morning (or any other special occasion) to find that it won’t work without batteries – and none have been provided!

Don’t let your kids open delivered packages: Our kids love ripping open deliveries! We order all kinds of stuff online for our house, so it’s not a big deal. But come birthdays and Christmas, we have to intercept them so the surprise isn’t ruined.

Happy toy shopping!

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