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How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch?

A collage of daybed.

To make a daybed look like a couch, invest in high-quality slipcovers and throw pillows that will work to blend in with the decor in the room that you want the daybed to go in.  The keys to getting a couch to look like a daybed are picking fabrics that do not appear to be bedding.

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Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows above the stools and a blanket.

To change the appearance of your normal looking day bed to looking like a nice relaxing couch that your friends and family would find appealing is something that just takes a few changes.

What’s important to remember when changing the appearance of your day bed is the difference in the way the décor on the bed looks. For example, there is a noticeable difference between bed pillows and so-called “throw” or couch pillows.

Bed pillows are larger and usually chunkier because they are meant to keep your head elevated when sleeping on them. Throw pillows are smaller and are typically used only as decoration to lighten the mood of your room.  Of course, it’s not as if the throw pillows aren’t comfortable either.

This means when looking for the right kind of pillow, remember to look for something that is meant as a throw pillow and not overly fluffy or stuffed. The reason you want thinner pillows is because they create more room on the day bed.  That means it can seat other people.

All throw pillows come in different shapes and sizes. To ensure that you pick the right kind of square pillows and not big rectangle pillows, only pick smaller square and cylinder-like pillows. You may also select up to two larger square pillows.


The color of the pillows is also important. Make sure most of the pillows you pick are a matching color corresponding not only to the couch but the color of the walls as well. Keep in mind that this rule applies not just to the pillows, but blankets or cushion covers as well.


The quickest way to make a day bed seem like a bed is to pile it with blankets and sheets.  For this reason, try to avoid using blankets. If you really want to have blanket on the day bed, limit yourself to just one, and make sure it matches the room’s color scheme.

Try to avoid comforters or thin sheets because these make the day bed look more as a bed for sleeping on than a couch for lounging on. Instead, try to use throw blankets or look for a knitted blanket.

There are lots of different types of blankets and it’s important that you find one that can match the couch and give the room a welcoming feeling. One of the ways you can do this is by finding a blanket that has a solid color or simple pattern.

Other examples are knitted blankets and knotted blankets that are heavy. Consider using a weighted blanket that will stay in place as people move around on the couch.


A room with a picture frame and a blue sofa.

Another important factor, if possible, is to replace the mattress with individual, smaller cushions. These cushions would preferably match the frame and be a plain color. The reason for this is to bring a simple and open feel to the room to really make it feel welcoming.

If replacing the main mattress is not an option, then consider putting a plain colored sheet over the mattress. Make sure it has no wrinkles and that the corners are tucked in snug. 

Final Touches

Now that you have all the right items to put on your day bed transformation, you now only need to learn how to position the pillows and blanket to either leave lots of room on the couch or a minimal amount.  

Choosing which style will depend on if you intend for it to be used for decoration or daily use. No matter what you choose to go with it, make sure the appropriate sheet or cushions are in place.

For example,  let’s look at a day bed being used as decoration, or a day bed that won’t really be used too often by guests as a couch. There are lots of looks to doing this. First, start off by putting one cylinder pillow on the edge.

Next to create a triangle appeal, which is the latest trend for modern times, start by putting the smaller pillows next to the cylinder pillows and the bigger pillow in the middle. Make sure the smaller pillows on the outside are facing in and the middle pillow facing out. That is one way to set it up if you do not intend to use a blanket.

If you want to have lots of room on the bed, then only use three to four pillows and make sure that only one of them is bigger than the others. Take these pillows and arrange them into the corner of the bed.

If you desire all the pillows facing out, then start by putting bigger pillows in the back and smaller pillows in the front. But be sure not to completely cover the back pillows. If you do want a blanket on the couch, you have several options for decoration. 

Three ways of doing this are either spreading it all the way out on part of the couch if used as decoration or fold it roughly and place on the edge of the couch as well. Taking the blanket and draping it over the corner of the couch is an option as well.

Just make sure it doesn’t cover the pillows or take the blanket and tuck it into the couch like a bed. One additional thing to add to the bed is a small, flat wood platter or table with a cute plant or other wanted items on top of it.

All these great ways of positioning it are wanted for a couch appearance rather than a bed look.

The Room

A white room with a bed and pillows.

The last thing to be careful of while decorating is to consider the surroundings. Having a nightstand or bookshelf beside the daybed will make it look more like a bed. Instead, try to aim for a coffee table or a lamp.

If you’re not sure what to use, surround it with things found in your living room. Put a big plant near the day bed. Placing a rug under it can also be very helpful. Finding the right rug is important for the bed to feel like a couch.

A rug that may contrast the couch or one with a different pattern is fine. The rug is one of the objects in the room that can be more outspoken because it gives the floor more color.

If it is possible, have an ottoman that is level with the bed. Placing a picture on the wall next to the day bed or a strategically positioned  mirror are also recommended.

Outdoor Daybeds

An outdoor daybed in the garden.

Outdoor daybeds are a hot new trend, but it is important to ensure that the materials used to decorate it are appropriate for all types of weather.  Start by replacing the pillows to outside pillows that can be cleaned easily and are preferably weather protected.

Don’t use any type of blankets or other bedding. Make sure the mattress or the cushions are the same as the pillows, and ensure that they are meant for outdoor use.

Also check to see if the bed has protected wood or something safe from various weather conditions like humidity, rain, or snow. This is important to know for the possibility of it getting ruined is a mess and something to definitely avoid.