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The 3 Most Popular Dining Room Designs (By Style, Wall Color & Floor-Type)

While you definitely want your own design stamp on your dining room, sometimes it helps to see what’s popular today to get you moving with your own inspiration.

This post is a numbers post, breaking down three key dining room design attributes: style, wall color and floor type.

The first section is a series of charts illustrating the percentage of dining rooms that incorporate the respective design elements.

The second section provides a table setting out more dining room design statistics… combining various features to provide percentages for various combinations of the more popular attributes.

What’s the point of doing this?

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I’m a bit of a numbers guy so I think statistics are interesting, not only in design but many aspects of life.

I also think that while it’s super helpful to get design inspiration from photographs and galleries, it can also help to look at the data to see what people are really doing. You can look at hundreds or thousands of photos, but still not get a real sense of what are the predominant design elements. That said, you don’t necessarily want to choose your design elements based on statistics either. This type of analysis is just part of the process of putting your dining room design together.

Overview: Most Popular Dining Room Design

  • The most popular dining room style is contemporary style.
  • The most popular wall color for dining rooms is white.
  • The most popular floor is medium hardwood.

The above chart illustrates the following:

  • 33.7% of all dining rooms in our dining room styles data set (307,145 dining rooms) are in a contemporary style. Contemporary is the most popular style.
  • 33.6% of all dining rooms in our dining room wall color data set (100,865) are white. White is the most popular wall color.
  • 33.8% of all dining rooms in our dining room floor-type data set (97,086) are medium hardwood. Medium hardwood is the most popular floor.

I find it very interesting that the most common feature for each feature set is almost exactly the same percentage of dining rooms. It suggests an interior design zeitgeist in that a set percentage of people seek to incorporate the most popular elements in their dining room design.

More statistics:

  • 1% of dining rooms are contemporary with white walls AND have medium hardwood floor.  This is not very precise because of different totals for each attribute data set; however, even if off by a few percentage points, it does illustrate that when filtering designs to include all 3 of the most popular features, it results in a very small percentage of overall dining room designs.
  • 12% of contemporary dining rooms have white walls.
  • 6.5% of contemporary dining rooms have medium hardwood floors.

Let’s break down the figures by the 3 dining room attributes we include in our analysis: styles, wall color and floor-type.

Stats Broken Down by Dining Room Feature

As you can see from the chart below, 3 styles stand out big time. They are contemporary, transitional and modern.

Dining Room Styles Chart (%)

By far, contemporary, transitional and modern styles are the most popular dining room styles.

The data for the above chart is from 307,145 dining room designs.

Dining Room Color Chart (%)

White walls is the most popular wall color for dining rooms followed closely by beige. Gray rounds out spot number 3.

This data was taken from 100,865 dining room designs.

Dining Room Floor Type Chart (%)

The most popular flooring for dining rooms is medium hardwood, followed by dark hardwood and rounding out third place is light hardwood. Hardwood is clearly the most popular floor material for dining rooms. It’s not even close.

These statistics were taken from a data set of 97,086 dining rooms.

Taking it further… more dining room design stats (Table)

Below is a table that provides more statistics about dining room design with respect to style, wall color and floor.

Popular dining room styles

Chart Graphic

The graphic below puts it altogether.

Hover your mouse over it and the Pinterest “Save” button will appear.

Most popular dining room designs and style (data-driven)

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