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25 of the Best Beige Paint Color Options for Finished Basements

Beige is one of the most versatile colors you can choose for your finished basement. It can be a pale beige paired with bold accents and furniture to make a statement, or it can be a warm, cozy deep beige perfect for a man cave, home theater, game room or bar.

A gorgeous basement with beige walls matching with the large L-shaped beige sectional sofa in the middle of the carpeted flooring.

If you have a basement, you have a bonus room in your home that can be used in a variety of different ways. Instead of using your basement as a storage place for seasonal clothes and holiday decorations, you can actually add a space that can be enjoyed by family and friends. If you finish your basement and paint it a bright, neutral color, like beige, you can transform your basement into one of the most desirable rooms in your home.

When you choose beige or tan, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. The beige spectrum starts as a pale, barely-there beige, to a deep, nearly chocolate beige. It is one of the most versatile colors you can choose because just about every other color will go with beige. It is also great to lighten or darken up a room by using beige as an accent wall.

Finishing your basement will also add value to your home when you decide to put it on the market.

Here are a few ideas on how to transform your basement:

  • Home Gym: If you’re a gym rat but have a hard time getting motivated to hit the gym, turn your basement or part of your basement into a home gym and get the entire family motivated.
  • Children’s Playroom: Give the kids a place to call their own by turning your basement into a magical playland. This will also help them keep their rooms clean. Don’t forget to add plenty of storage for toys.
  • Home Theater: If you have the budget, you could transform your basement into a home theater complete with overstuffed chairs, top-of-the-line audio/visual equipment and popcorn machine. It’s a great way for the family to gather together to watch the latest movies together.
  • Game Room: If you enjoy playing pool, air hockey, darts or even beer pong, you can turn your basement into a natural gathering space.
  • Sports Bar: By adding a bar and decorating it with sports memorabilia you can create your own sports bar. Add an oversized TV or a couple of TV’s so you can cheer on your favorite team(s).
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Choosing the right color is important. Since many basements don’t have windows or small windows, be sure to paint and decorate your basement a light color. Beige and tan tones are perfect basement colors, they are neutral, but are bright. You can choose accent colors or stick with a beige palette for the rug, furniture, and other decorative touches.

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The Color Beige, What Does it Mean?

The color beige originated in France and was originally created to describe the color of natural lambs’ wool.

Beige is a color that goes with everything and comes in a verity of different tones. Light beige tones can be a shade off from white, like pale ivory and pearl. Darker beige tones can be nearly brown. Beige is considered to be dependable, calming and relaxing. It also stands for conventional thinking and suggests a warm, relaxing environment, and often used in spas and spa-like settings.

Beige is a popular color for home décor, because of its neutrality and ability to blend in with just about any other color. If you can’t figure out what color you want to paint a room, go with beige, it goes with anything so you can accent the room in any color or pattern you like.

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Choosing the Right Color Beige for Your Finished Basement

Beige is an incredibly versatile color, it can go into just about every room in your home, including your basement. There are numerous different tones from “barely-there” off white to a deep warm “almost brown.”

Some of the top paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Behr and Benjamin Moore have a wide range of different beige tones to choose from, so if you’re thinking there’s very little variety with beige, you’re wrong!

If you’re going to be painting your finished basement beige, first figure out what the purpose of the room will be. If you are turning the basement into a playroom, a light beige with bold accent colors is a great choice. If you’re looking to turn your basement into a game room, bar or home theater, a darker, warmer tone may be a great choice as long as there are enough light sources.

Benjamin Moore

According to Benjamin Moore, grey, beige, white and other neutral tones are top sellers when it comes to interior paint. Here are some of the top beige toned paint from Benjamin Moore:


Gardenia by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This color is one of Benjamin Moore’s new color collection, the Affinity palette, which was created to stand alone or combined with a variety of other colors in the collection. It Is a light beige with grey tones and is neutral so it will work well with a variety of colors. (LRV 86.48)

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This beige hue is light, delicate and is reminiscent of a dew shrouded morning. This tone goes well with violet/lilac tones, so it may be a great color to add as an accent wall. This is a bright, very neutral tone. (LRV 77.71)

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First Crush

First Crush by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

First Crush is a timeless color that would be appropriate in just about any room. It is perfect for a basement that doesn’t have a lot of natural light. It has a soft blush tone that would be pretty on the walls of a playroom. (LRV:74.26)


Frappe by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

As part of the Affinity collection, Frappe is a muted tone, not too light and not too dark. It is a tad dull, so it would be best in rooms that get natural light. It would also make a great accent wall with either a lighter or darker beige tone. (LRV 71.17)

Sand Pebble

Sand Pebble by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This color is difficult to describe. It has a hint of brown, a rosy undertone and even a very faint lilac tone. This is a very versatile color that will match many other subtle tones making it a great choice for accent walls.  (LRV: 41.61)

Bar Harbor Beige

Bar Harbor Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This color is part of the Classic Color Collection and is considered to be an elegant and timeless color on your walls. The color combines a light brown and grey together so there is a full-color palette that could be used with Bar Harbor Beige. (LRV 51.89)

Just Beige

Just Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is a true, medium beige color that would be a great color choice for a basement sports bar. Since the color is neutral, it will go well with any sports memorabilia that you may decorate the walls with. Its medium tone will match just about any other color you want to put with it. A green pool table felt would give the room ad added pop of color. (LRV 42.86)

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Santa Fe Tan

Santa Fe Tan by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Bold and rich, this is one of the darker beige tones. It will invoke images of the natural adobe homes found in the southwest area of the country. This color pairs well with light beige, off white and grey. Its rich hues make it a great choice for a home office or basement with a bar or game room. (LRV: 7.86)

Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Coffee Beans by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Warning, this color may increase coffee consumption. This is a bold deep tan, nearly brown. Its earthiness makes it a good choice for a basement with windows or light sources. It would be great for a home bar or man cave. (LRV: 7.86)


Yuma Sand

Yuma Sand by Behr

Source: Behr

Yuma Sand is a bright beige with hints of grey. It is uplifting and would be a great color for a basement home gym. Its bright tone may help you get ready for the summer swim season. (HDC-NT-18)


Celebration by Behr

Source: Behr

This bright tone is perfect for a playroom. It’s bright and energizing and cheerful, with orange undertones. It is perfect for the little ones. The brightness could be toned down a bit by using it on an accent wall. (MQ413A)

Honey Beige

Honey Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

This color is aptly named. It is reminiscent of sweet, natural honey with gold tones. It would be a great color for your home sports bar. It would look gorgeous against a bac drop of a deep wood bar and leather seats. It is a classic color that will run the test of time. (390D-4)

Garlic Clove

Garlic Clove by Behr

Source: Behr

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This beige tone has very soft pink undertones. It is pale and very subtle. This cheery color will lighten up a basement room, even those that may not have access to natural light. It would go well as an accent wall with a bolder pink or even an orange tone for a bold look. Great for a little girl’s playroom. (390C-2)

Natural Twine

Natural Twine by Behr

Source: Behr

A combination of a tan and pink tone, Natural Twine is a versatile color that would be great for just about any room in the home it will go great with either a light ivory tone or a deeper beige and even brown. (S310-3)

Arizona Tan

Arizona Tan by Behr

Source: Behr

Arizona Tan is a warm beige color. It would be a great color for the top of a chair rail. When paired with a darker color below, it is the perfect color for a home office, study or basement home theater. (320D-4)

Sunset Beige

Sunset Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Almost a rosy beige, Sunset Beige is a happy color. As many beige/tan tones are, it’s a versatile tone and neutral, going with just about any color it is paired with. (260F-4)

Bristol Beige

Bristol Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

This is such an interesting color, it is not grey, it’s not brown, but a combination of both. It is so unique that it will go with dark grey, brown and even black if you’re bold enough to pair it with any of those darker colors. It’s perfect for a home theater in a basement with very little natural light. One coat of Bristol Beige and you’ll be ready for a home movie screening. Don’t forget the popcorn. (HDC-AC-14)

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Inheritance by Behr

Source: Behr

You will feel rich basking in your man cave with Inheritance on your walls. It is warm, welcoming and neutral and the perfect backdrop for a lazy boy and oversized TV. 

Sherwin Williams

Steamed Milk

Steamed Milk by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Not quite white but the most subtle tone of beige. It can work on just about any room because it will go with anything. Add some colorful accents for a kids’ playroom or add some darker tones for a more masculine look. (SW 7554)

Nomadic Desert

Nomadic Desert by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This is a true beige with undertones of brown and tan. It is the perfect color for your man cave and game room. It is bold and versatile and will go with just about everything. You can add some bold tones like rust, gold, and pinkish-orange for a great southwestern flair.(SW 6107)

Utterly Beige

Utterly Beige by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

With Utterly Beige, you can pick up the grey undertones by decorating your room with grey-tones rugs, drapes, and furniture. You can brighten up the room with pure white accents for a classy, sophisticated look. (SW 6080)

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Fallen leaves will make you think of autumn. It’s warm and comforting and perfect for a cozy basement theater or game room. When paired with a rich brown, you will have the recipe for a room that is comfortable and a great gathering place for friends. (SW 9114)

Mesa Tan

Mesa Tan by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This is a bold beige, with hints of gold and brown. It makes a statement but works well with other colors from the same palette. For accent walls, you can go deeper or lighter depending on how you plan on using the basement room.

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Simplify Beige

Simplify Beige by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Simplify Beige is a medium toned beige. It is neutral but depending on how you plan on using your basement room, you may want to add some bolder colors to give it a blast of excitement. Don’t be afraid to add some bright lime green or bold blue. (SW 6085)


Nuthatch by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

I’m not sure what the name means, but it is a great color. As the darkest of the Sherwin William paint colors, it packs a punch. You can lighten up the room with a light ivory accent wall or can keep the warm tone by adding dark oversized furniture, making this color perfect