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20 Kitchens with Columns (Photo Ideas)

A collage of kitchens with columns.

One of the many challenges an interior designer needs to face would get around auxiliary supports. Sometimes, columns and bars are set in such awkward spots that it makes it somewhat hard to work around it, making blockages in traffic, or a tremendous unaesthetic impediment.

Depending upon the height of the columns, it can likewise add visual stature to the room to cause it to seem bigger than it is. Here are a few hints for picking the correct island and the correct kinds of columns for your island.

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The traditional kitchen enclosed in a curved bar that is fixed with a wooden column. It features stainless steel appliances and characteristic wood cabinetry lit up by recessed ceiling lights.

The kitchen has bright and white shaker cabinets and drawers complemented by the hardwood flooring and the wood countertop of the kitchen island. You can see here that there is a thick wooden pillar at the corner that connects the counter with the ceiling.

This view of the kitchen showcases the lovely breakfast bar with brown marble countertops, black leather stools, and a couple of columns on either side that is covered in rope for a unique look.

This view of the charming and rustic kitchen shows the elegant chandelier that brightens the peninsula beside the large column that is shaped like a tree trunk.

This is the spacious U-shaped kitchen that has a large wooden kitchen island in the middle connected to the beige ceiling with a thick wooden column supporting the vent hood.

This is the charming kitchen dominated by the wooden elements of the ceiling, hardwood flooring, and the built-in wooden curved counted with a wooden column.

This is the spacious kitchen that has a dark brown kitchen island that blends perfectly with the dark hardwood flooring. This is connected to the beige ceiling with a large beige column that also supports the stainless steel vent of the cooking area.

This is a bright spacious kitchen with green accents to its tray ceiling and surrounding cabinetry that are complemented by the white arches and columns.

This gorgeous kitchen has black flooring tiles and a white contrasting ceiling. These are complemented by the brown cabinetry and the beige pair of columns on the far side.

This beautiful kitchen has bright white cabinetry that matches the large white kitchen island. This stands out against the hardwood flooring and it is connected to the white ceiling by a couple of white columns with arches.

This modern kitchen has modern dark gray cabinetry to match those of the small kitchen island with a gray marble waterfall countertop. This is then contrasted by the large white column that connects it to the tall white ceiling.

This is a lush and luxurious kitchen with a large kitchen island in the middle. It has a white countertop that matches well with the surrounding white cabinetry as well as with the pair of large thick white columns at the far end flanking the entryway.

This view of the kitchen shows the tall wooden cathedral ceiling with exposed beams. This ceiling is connected to the Kitchen peninsula via a thick wooden column and a large white wall.

This view of the kitchen showcases its beautiful kitchen peninsula that is connected to the wooden ceiling with exposed beams via a few wooden columns at strategic parts of the kitchen peninsula.

This is a small and simple kitchen with a large white column on the side to match the walls contrasted by the deep brown wooden cabinetry.

This is a lovely kitchen with a peninsula on the side connected to the white exposed beams of the wooden ceiling with a stainless steel column at the edge. On the other end of this peninsula is another white column connected to the white beams of the ceiling and the white countertop of the peninsula.

This is the lovely kitchen with a pair of large wooden columns on either side of the white waterfall kitchen island that has white modern stools. These are paired with modern wood cabinetry with a white backsplash for the cooking area.

This view of the galley-style kitchen shows the large kitchen island with a breakfast bar attached to the black beams of the arched ceiling through a black column right in the middle. These elements are complemented by the lovely dark hardwood flooring.

This view of the kitchen showcases the L-shaped peninsula with a wooden breakfast bar paired with white stools to match the white walls. This peninsula is attached to a thick white column that connects the floor to the white ceiling.

This is a spacious Industrial-style kitchen with a tall arched ceiling complemented by the exposed beams. The large kitchen islands are complemented by the thick red brick arches and columns of the entryway.

This kitchen has modern dark gray cabinetry to go well with the modern appliances. These are complemented by the exposed wooden beams of the tall ceiling that connects with the kitchen island through thick wooden columns.

This view of the kitchen showcases the dark countertop of the breakfast bar. This is complemented by the lovely beige arches and columns that blend well with the beige ceiling.

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