Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Buy Southwest Style Malibu Pad with Amazing Views (34 Photos)

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky met and wed in 2010.  They met through talent agent William Ward.  In Spring 2016 they dropped $3.45 million on this Malibu pad.

My first Chris Hemsworth movie was the first Thor movie.  For a comic action movie, I liked it quite a bit.  Since then (2011), Chris has been killing it in Hollywood with a major suite of movies under his belt, many of them big hits including another Thor movie and the Avengers movies.

Since I’ve never watched the Fast and Furious franchise, I hadn’t seen any movies starring Elsa Pataky, but I definitely know of that mega successful movie franchise.  She made her first appearance in Fast Five (the 5th installment).  Since then she’s been in quite a few movies including the the subsequent Fast and Furious movies plus others.

These big budget, big profit movies result in big paychecks for the stars.

In fact, estimates Chris Hemsworth’s net worth at $71 million, which is an astonishing amount given his breakthrough movie, Thor, came out only 6 short years ago.

The same site estimates Elsa Pataky’s net worth at $5 million.

Their new house

This post features Chris and Elsa’s new Malibu pad, perched nicely on a long sloping hill.  The property is beautifully landscaped and from the home itself are some amazing views.

While this house isn’t a monster home, it’s very nice.  My favorite parts of this home include the kitchen/dining area, views and family room.

Image source: Trulia



This is my favorite photo of the bunch.  I love how there are wide stairs leading form the foyer into the great room.  It’s a fabulous entry into the main living area of the home.

Another very cool part of this house is the massive sliding doors that pretty much turn the patio into an extension of the home plus offer amazing views from many rooms in the house.


I like the booth and the fact it’s pretty big.  A lot of booth seats are too small.  Chris no doubt needs a large dining area given he’s a big guy.



I love this shot of the kitchen island.  Great wine fridge built-in.  Overall, awesome kitchen.  Really fits the house.




This is a media room done right.  It’s comfy, casual and the screen is awesome, but it can also be a regular family room.  That’s the type of media room I want because it’s a room you’d actually use.

I’m not sure that desk fits this home office (I don’t think this is Chris and Elsa’s furniture since they purchased the home and at the time these photos were taken, they probably did not have possession.

Superb master bedroom. The sitting area makes it great.  Actually the vaulted wood ceiling is pretty sweet too.












Any patio with a fire pit like that is great.  I love how the fire pit is flanked by a massive patio sectional.






You don’t see how gorgeous the gardens and landscaping is with the aerial shots, but here you get a great sense of how nice these grounds are.

Image source: Trulia


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