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Kelly Clarkson’s Home in Tennessee that She’s Selling for $8.75 Million (26 Photos)

Check out this palatial mansion owned by Kelly Clarkson, of American Idol fame. This is one massive, 20,000 sq. ft. palace with all the toys in Tennessee (26 photos).

A gorgeous view of Kelly Clarkson's Tennessee Lake Mansion showcasing the beautiful fountain in the center of the courtyard.

I missed the first season of American Idol when Kelly Clarkson won. I heard all about it, but wasn’t an Idol fan… yet.

Ironically, I didn’t start watching AI until the final season. I loved it, but was a bit late to the party.

As you can see from this mega mansion in Tennessee, Kelly’s American Idol win did wonders for her career. Actually, I’m a big fan of her music so it’s very likely she would have found success even if she hadn’t won Idol.

To date, Kelly has sold approximately 25 million albums and 36 million singles.

Kelly is the second most successful American Idol alumnus when judged by net worth with a sizable fortune estimated at $28 million (Carrie Underwood’s fortune is estimated at $70 million) [source: Business Insider].

About her house she’s selling…

Purchased in 2013 for only $2.8 million, Kelly stands to add a little over $5 million to her $28 million fortune if she gets her asking price.

It’s no surprise that this house boasts 20,000 square feet. The foyer alone is bigger than many apartments. From there the house sprawls throughout two levels which includes a spectacular living room, 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a massive kitchen, game room, monster primary bedroom, formal dining room, family room and a nice set of outdoor toys including pool, boathouse and a real beach (i.e. sand) volleyball court.

What I like about this mansion

My favorite 2 rooms in this mansion are the living room and kitchen.

The living room is huge, airy and spacious with really tall ceilings. While I’m not big on animal heads, I do love the size and all the natural light.

As for the kitchen, it’s big, but not too big with a distressed cabinet look. It’s too big to be considered cozy, but  you can definitely host a great party or dine there for casual meals.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the elegant country style game room and bar. Take a look at that… looks like the furniture and bar is right out of some 19th fancy hotel and saloon.

Oh yeah, I like the curb appeal from the front. It has a true southern design on a grand scale.

Image source: Trulia

Image source: Trulia