750 Best Castles in the World to Visit

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De Haar Castle near Utrecht, Netherlands

De Haar Castle near Utrecht, Netherlands

Welcome to our main castles page where we feature the 300 best castles to visit in the world.  Below you can scroll through our many dedicated articles showcasing many castles in a variety of countries including Germany, England, France, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Poland and Russia.  Structure types include castles, chateaus, palaces and manor houses – all with historical significance.

I’ve been a castle fan for years, since childhood.  I love history.  Every castle has many stories to tell.  They were often seats of power, but also served as government houses, vacation homes for the rich and monarchs and proved to be pivotal locations for significant historical events.

Our selections are based on popularity, personal preference, visitor data, design and historical importance.  When we set out to create this epic castle series, we had no idea there were so many incredible structures throughout Europe.  Enjoy our galleries and articles.  Check back as we continually add new countries to our collection.

Fairytale castle garden entrance fantasy park landscape

9 Types of Castles Built Throughout History

I love castles. Here we list out 9 types of castles built throughout history with photo examples and blueprint designs so you can see the layouts and interior rooms built within the walls.
Greatest historic mansions in the USA

73 Fabulous Historic Homes & Mansions in the USA

Amazing collection of 73 famous historic mansions in the USA. Examples from every part of the USA including the East Coast, Southeast, the South, Southwest, Westcoast and the Midwest.
Newport Rhode Island Mansions along Cliff Walk

13 of the Best Newport, Rhode Island Mansions

Check these incredible gilded age mansions in Newport, Rhode Island where robber barons vacationed in total luxury during the Summer. These are the famous Cliff Walk mansions including The Breakers, The Elms, Marble House and many more.
Collection of incredible Spanish castles and palaces

37 of the Best Spanish Castles and Palaces (Photos)

One of the most famous palaces in the world is in Spain. It's simply known as Alhambra. But that's not the only spectacular palace or castle in this magnificent country. There are many others. We feature dozens of our favorites.
Egeskov Slot Castle

14 of the Best Danish Castles, Palaces and Manor Houses (Photos)

While Denmark doesn't have as many castles as other European countries, it has a handful of some splendid examples including castles, palaces and manor houses worth visiting if in Denmark. Check them out here.
Peles Castle

13 of the Best Castles in Romania (Photos)

Romania has a rich history and along with that comes a good number of impressive castles, palaces and manor homes. We feature 13 of the best ones here including the infamous Bran Castle.
Miramare Castle

44 Best Italian Castles, Villas and Palaces (Photos)

Millions of people flock to these stunning villas, castles and palaces in Italy every year. You will be amazed at this architecture, whether a city palace in Venice or a country villa or an ocean cliffside palace, these homes and structures are marvelous.
Himeji castle

15 of the Best Castles in Japan (Photos)

If you go to Japan, you need to check out at least one castle. My favorite is Himeji castle which is truly stunning. These are nothing like European castles. These are unique and truly spectacular structures.
Aarburg castle

29 Best Castles in Switzerland (Photos)

Switzerland put more into developing its banking system and subsequent neutrality than into castles. Nevertheless, Switzerland has a handful of great castles. Check them out here.
Pena National Palace

15 of the Best Castles in Portugal (Photos)

Portugal has so much history which includes amazing historical architecture in the form of castles and palaces. Check these amazing examples out - must-visit buildings when you're there.
Mysore Palace

25 Best Palaces in India (plus Castles and Forts – Photos)

When it comes to Indian architecture, spectacular is an understatement. These palaces and forts are truly incredible structures built over many centuries. We hand-picked 25 of the very best.

Castle Hohenzollern

16 Jaw-Dropping Mountain Top Castles (Photos)

You have to see these architectural marvels. There are castles, and then there are mountain-top castles which are unto a class of their own due to the extreme difficulty in building them. Imagine all the hauling of materials and then working in very difficult conditions to build a massive structure. It boggles the mind.
Kreuzenstein Castle

37 Best Austrian Castles, Palaces and Manor Houses (Photos)

Take a tour of the best Austrian castles here with these incredible photos of these spectacular architectural structures in Austria. From medieval castles to luxurious palaces and villas.
Trolle-Ljungby Castle

41 Best Swedish Castles, Palaces and Manor Homes (Photos)

Fabulous collection of castles, palaces and manor houses in Sweden. The variety in design, size and colors in impressive. I love the Swedish manor house designs... very stylish and elegant.
Schlossberger Castle

25 Best Hungarian Castles, Palaces and Manor Houses (Photos)

Beautiful collection of castles in Hungary. Includes castles, palaces, manor houses and historic mansions. Discover some of the greatest Hungarian architectural masterpieces here (photos).

Marnix Castle

41 Best Belgian Castles and Chateaus (Photos)

You won't want to miss out on this awesome collection of castles in Belgium which also includes famous chateaus, palaces and manor houses - all with loads of historical significance.
castle Zleby

49 Best Czech Republic Castles, Chateaus and Palaces

This collection of Czech Republic castle, chateau and palace photos will blow your mind. Some are world famous with a fair tale design. Enjoy this epic gallery of some of the finest in Europe.
Moszna Castle

60 Best Polish Castles, Palaces and Manor Houses (Photos)

Here they are... the 60 best castles, palaces and manor houses in Poland. Some are very, very old. Others are not that old. They are all very cool in their own way. We include the famed von Below family estate which is a great looking palace.
Glamis Castle

50 Best Scottish Castles and Manor Houses (Photos)

Here they are... the 50 best castles in Scotland. This collection is mind-blowing. Photos for each. For the truly spectacular, multiple photos. You'll love these castle structures - ruins and structures still in use today.
Ashford Castle

33 Best Irish Castles and Manor Houses (Photos A to Z)

There are some old castles in Ireland as well as newer (still old) that are truly spectacular. Check out our collection of the best Irish castles and manor houses. Each tells a story.

Castle de Haar

33 Best Castles in the Netherlands

While dutch castles are the first to come to mind, you'd be surprised at some of these spectacular castles, especially those surrounded by water and moats. See 33 incredible dutch castles and manor houses here.
Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich Kolomenskoye in Moscow

70 Magnificent Russian Palaces and Mansions (Photos)

70 magnificent and famous Russian palaces and mansions in pictures. Excellent photo gallery of some of finest Russian palace and estate architecture.
Stolzenfels Castle

50 Best Castles in Germany (Photos)

While Germany is very well known for Neuschwanstein Castle, there are many other incredible castles and palaces there. Of course we include Germany's most famous castle in our list, but we list out 49 additional stunning castle structures.
Somerletyon Hall

73 Best Castles and Manor Houses in England (Photos)

Incredible collection of the best and most famous English castles, palaces and manor houses in England. These are truly spectacular homes with a great deal of history to them.
Chateau Pichon

44 Most Beautiful French Chateaus (Photos)

Awesome article and gallery showcasing 44 of the most beautiful and popular French chateaus, palaces and castles. These are mind-blowing residential structures that mesmerize millions of palace-goers every year.