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25 of the Best Beige Paint Options for Bedrooms

Photo collage of different beige options for bedrooms.

It’s time to choose a paint color for your primary bedroom. Maybe you just moved to a new home, or maybe you’re looking for a change or a fresh start. You walk into the hardware store and face an exciting or daunting moment, depending on your personality or mood that day.

Hundreds of paint colors stare back at you, and now you’re unsure if that brilliant idea you had all week makes sense anymore. Allow us to assist you. The colors we choose for our most private space are an important decision, and in picking these shades you have full creative control of the atmosphere and mood you wake up to every day. I want to invite you to consider a shade you might not have in the past due to reputation or past experience: beige.

Beige has evolved significantly over the years. It once was a staple in homes due to how valuable it could make it in reselling and being that “clean slate” for buyers, but today, beige is less of a slate and more of a canvas — the tones can be soft and warm or deep and rich, with undertones of grays, browns, reds, yellows, or greens.

Beige can be the foundation for a beautifully put together primary bedroom. Below is a list of the 25 best beige paint options to create this most precious space.

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Blush Beige (170E-2)

Blush Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Let’s start with a wild one right off the bat. This beige is way more pink than what you’d normally think of as a classic beige, but it proves the point that beige is so versatile these days. Blush Beige is classic but romantic, and pairs nicely with browns and grays.

“Blush” is an accurate word — it’s not too pink or too feminine; it just feels like your neutral beige is blushing.

Nutty Beige (PWL-86)

Nutty Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

I am a big fan of the brown beiges. It feels as if it takes classic to a new level, and paired with deeper wood furniture it really can shine.

Nutty Beige reminds me of a latte — it’s warm and inviting. You can’t drink this, but if it makes you feel as warm inside as a latte, I think that’s just as good.

Honey Beige (390D-4)

Honey Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Honey Beige is just gorgeous. When I was 10 years old, I got to repaint my room whatever color I wanted. My favorite color at the time was lime green, so my parents and I compromised and settled on a beautiful gold instead.

This color is like a grown-up, sophisticated version of those walls, and I think if yellows or golds are colors that make you happy and brighten your mood, this is a beautiful choice on a more neutral ground. Looking for paint ideas on your primary bedroom? Check this blog about beige paint options primary bathroom.

Dhurrie Beige (SW 7524)

Dhurrie Beige by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

If you came here because you’re a true beige lover, this one might be more in your orbit. You can see in the provided link how beautiful this color can be with the right furniture and accent pairings. It’s truly a classic shade, and one that feels calming, familiar, and classic.

Barely Beige (1066)

Barely Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore says that Barely Beige is one of its most popular shades, and adds just the right amount of color to a space. I can see why it’s a bestseller — I think this beige is what many people today think of when they think “beige.” It could pair with grays and browns nicely, or rusty reds and olive greens.

It’s a solid shade. Planning to paint your kids bedroom with beige color? Check this guide about beige paint options kids bedroom.

Brandon Beige (CC-530)

Brandon Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Described as a “grounding shade of taupe,” Brandon Beige is another unique shade that redefines what beige is today and what it can be, because it remains neutral while definitely having its own earthy personality. The description says it is a good balance between color combinations, and I would agree with that. It’s not too brown or too gray, and it doesn’t hover too closely to another shade. It’s just balanced. 

For dining room, you can check this guide about beige paint options for dining room.

Perfect Greige (SW 6073)

Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

As the name suggests, Perfect Greige is a “perfect” mixture of gray and beige — and it really is a nice mixture. Only you can decide if it’s perfect for your primary bedroom, but if you’re a fan of grays and want to make it less deep or bold and more neutral to allow your accents and furniture to shine, this is your shade.

China Doll (SW 7517)

China Doll by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

If you haven’t noticed, this is the first shade listed that doesn’t actually have “beige” or “greige” in the name. Don’t forget about all the great beige shades out there that don’t boast their namesake, because you’d miss out on beautiful shades like China Doll.

This drifts a bit closer to an ivory, which is reflected in the idea of a China doll since they are made of glazed porcelain. But that just means the shade is brighter than the other beiges listed. If you’re looking for a brighter neutral, this is a great choice.

Looking for paint ideas on your family room? Check this guide “beige paint options family room”.

Shaker Beige (HC-45)

Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Shaker Beige is described as a mid-tone tan, and it is one of my favorites because it is the perfect shade for those who want to bring a beachy or nautical vibe to the bedroom. You can make your primary bedroom feel more like a soothing vacation escape, and accent it with beach art and furniture. I can imagine it popping with some bold blues and greens reminiscent of the sea.

Peach Beige (260A-3)

Peach Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

I’m going to warn you, this Peach Beige is heavy on the peach. It’s not going to be for everyone, but peach lovers will appreciate the sophistication this shade can bring to your room. It’s a unique shade choice for a primary bedroom in particular, but with the right accents it would be a delight. This beige has personality, and needs to be matched with someone who can handle the peach punch.

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Sunset Beige (260F-4)

Sunset Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Sunset Beige brought to mind adobe homes from the Southwest. If that’s a decor choice you are a fan of, particularly if you have roots in that region, this shade would be a lovely way to represent that in your home. It’s warm, full, and comforting, which is exactly what I would want my primary bedroom to embody.

Georgetown Pink Beige (HC-56)

Georgetown Pink Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Part of Benjamin Moore’s Historic Color Collection, Georgetown Pink Beige is meant to evoke the refinement of its namesake. Unlike the first pink-beige hue on the list, this shade is much more subtle while retaining the warmth. As the Historical Collection boasts, this color is indeed timeless.

Baked Cumin (1062)

Baked Cumin by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Described as a deep, toasted beige, this shade has a lot of character. The olive undertones round out what might otherwise be your average brown-beige, but as the name suggests, it has some spice to it. Who would have ever thought a beige could be so spicy? Don’t be intimidated, though, the earthiness of the tone will keep you grounded when you need your primary bedroom to be a refuge.

Pavilion Beige (SW 7512)

Pavilion Beige by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

When you think “pavilion,” you might imagine beautiful parks or charming town squares. Pavilion Beige is a beige-gray shade that embodies that same sense of refinement and class, and would be that impressive structure for your primary bedroom. I enjoy the stony aspect to it, which rounds out what could be your average gray and instead makes it feel sharp, grounded, and warm all at the same time.

Coastal Beige (PPU7-13)

Coastal Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Coastal Beige is reminiscent of silky white-sand beaches. Unlike Shaker Beige, which is deeper and warmer, Coastal Beige is bright and charming. You might end up getting a hammock for your bedroom and ditch the bed. Do they sell indoor palm trees?

Winsome Beige (PWN-73)

Winsome Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Winsome is a sweet, rosy beige. Subtle yet rich, you can play up the rose or the neutral to either amp up the romance and royalty or keep things chic. This shade is an excellent foundation to let your design dreams flourish. It’s endearing and calming, and downright sophisticated.

Soft Beige (2156-60)

Soft Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Soft Beige is an interesting shade, and I’m not sure I’d agree with the name. While it includes the word “soft,” the color is actually part of a collection called Color Preview, which consists of what’s described as “bold, saturated” shades. So for a beige, it is on the more saturated side. Can a color manage to be both saturated yet soft? I think Soft Beige achieves that. It’s soft, earthy, and a little peachy.

Alexandria Beige (HC-77)

Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Another lovely shade from the Historic Collection at Benjamin Moore, Alexandria Beige is a deep olive-gray beige. It may be bold for a bedroom choice, because it feels hard to contain to one room, but it is rich. I’m a fan of elegance in the primary bedroom, because I think everyone deserves to feel like royalty in their own home.

Home Sweet Home (1088)

Home Sweet Home by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore says this shade uses the lightest brown with a yellow-tinted beige. As the name suggests, it is a calm color meant to feel like home, and would pair nicely with rich browns and deep grays. It’s warm, it’s full, and it’s inviting. Rest up!

Moth Wing (SW 9174)

Moth Wing by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Moth Wing is a delicate shade of beige, but not soft — it’s actually pretty bold. It’ll make your lighter linens stand out by providing a stark contrast. In that way, it’s exactly like the moth wing. Imagine cream-colored bedsheets, deep wood furniture, and this beige-gray foundation. Who knew moths could be so inspiring? Move over, butterflies.

Almond Beige (2101-40)

Almond Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

I’m a big fan of anything almond, including almond milk, almond butter, and almonds themselves. This beige shade is no exception. Almonds are a treat, and this paint feels like a real treat. As described, it has a trace of red in the midst of a deep mid-tone brown.

It’s warm and it’s rich, and to make your bedroom extra cozy, Benjamin Moore recommends you use rich, dark wood furniture and creamy white trim to get the full effect. Almond Beige might be my favorite choice for the primary bedroom, because it just wraps you in warmth.

Tuscan Beige (PWN-62)

Tuscan Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

Tuscany brings so many gorgeous things to mind: a sweeping coastline with sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, historical towns and castles, and incredible art. Is it possible for a beige paint to encompass so much in one gallon? No, but this paint certainly carries out some aspects of it well.

I would say the rocky cliffs and classic architecture are reflected well in the shade, so the rest is up to you to create the Tuscan escape of your dreams. This is a shade that is inspired by the rustic nature of the region, and that is a feat in and of itself.

Castle Beige (N230-1)

Castle Beige by Behr

Source: Behr

I’ve mentioned before how some of these beige shades can inspire the atmosphere of royalty in your primary bedroom, so I had to pick a color that confronted this desire directly: Castle Beige. I have traveled in Ireland, Scotland, and England, so I’ve seen a lot of castles. While it’s up to you to make your primary bedroom feel like a true castle, it certainly helps to have a solid base to pull the full look together.

There’s some brown and gray in this shade, but neither overpowers the other. It’s a beautiful shade that will add major elegance. Looking for paint ideas on your next living room? Check this guide about beige paint options for living room.

Ethereal Mood (SW 7639)

Ethereal Mood by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

I came for the name but stayed for the shade. I’m drawn to anything ethereal, so when I saw the name I questioned if the actual color could match what it is trying to evoke. Since it’s on the list, you guessed it — I think it makes the mark.

This interesting, deep mixture of beige-gray has just enough warmth from a dash of olive-green to keep things interesting. It feels like the aged moss in a forest, which I can guess may be where the ethereal aspect originated. There’s something cozy about the idea of being in the middle of a deep, dark, quiet forest, which is why I think this is perfect for the primary bedroom.

Paired with rich wood and bold blues, I think you would have created something really special.

Just Beige (2095-50)

Just Beige by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Truthfully, this is anything but Just Beige. You would imagine something with that name to be the most traditional beige you could think of, right? Well, this shade must have been created by someone who understands how much the color has evolved from its humble beginnings.

I once tried something called a rose latte at a hip brunch spot, and while the taste left much to be desired, the name is what drew me the most. This paint color gives me the feelings that rose latte should have provided: elegance and warmth.

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