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25 of the Best Beige Paint Options for Dining Rooms

A collage of beige dining rooms.

By all accounts, beige seems like it would be an easy color to find. Not only is it a nice warm color, but it has the ability to go with just about every other color you might want to decorate with, or use as an accent.

Many people have this same thought, but then become completely overwhelmed going to the paint store for the first time. There are so many available beige colors to choose from, and every beige has different tones and hues.

Some are beige-green, while others are beige-red. Luckily, we are here to help and have put together a list of the 25 best beige paint options for dining rooms.

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Reserved White (SW7056)

Reserved White by Sherwin-Williams

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Source: Sherwin-Williams

Starting off our list, Reserved White, made by Sherwin Williams is an excellent beige for the dining room, or any other room in the house. This color leans more toward the gray side of the color spectrum.

It is light enough to not become overwhelming, but yet dark enough to not be confused with stark white. The subtleness of this color also makes it perfectly suitable to paint other rooms that may adjoin to the dining room. Reserved White can also look great with a darker gray accent color.

Driftscape Tan (2106-50)

Driftscape Tan by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This beige is a perfect example of a color having undertones and hues from other, brighter colors. Driftscape Tan has a black undertone, which makes this color appear to have more depth than other beiges. The darkness to this color gives it a certain complexity and richness.

This makes it appear to almost have red or brick hues. Driftscape Tan is a perfect color to use in a dining room that is refined and formal. Its richness lends itself to a formal setting, while still being inviting.

Chopsticks (SW7575)

Chopsticks by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Chopsticks is a fun, bright beige that is bursting with energy. Compared to other beiges, this color has an orange hue to it that adds some liveliness and activeness to the color. While still remaining neutral enough to blend together with other accent colors, Chopsticks has a certain fresh personality to it.

This color can work well enough as a stand-alone color in the dining room, or can be carried throughout the entire house. Chopsticks looks best when it is paired with deeper color hues in this same family.

Cappuccino Froth (N210-2)

Cappuccino Froth by Behr

Source: Behr

With red and brown undertones, Cappuccino Froth is a great neutral for any room in the house, but particularly the dining room. Its name alone suggests a certain delicious flavor! This color is soft and soothing, but has an almost nutty quality to it.

This color has a high level of red to the beige and can look great when paired with deep colored woods or other brown colors. Or, accent this color and brighten the tone with a vibrant and cheerful yellow.

Cornice Tan (CW-115)

Cornice Tan by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

One of the traditional colors produced by Benjamin Moore, this color was first inspired by paint colors from 1760. With its ageless elegance, Cornice Tan will make a perfect color for the dining room. Light enough to blend seamlessly through the house, Cornice Tan has deep yellow undertones, adding a certain frivolity to the color.

Playful, yet sophisticated, this color is sure to add a hint of brightness to any room in the house. Confident enough to work as a color on its own, Cornice Tan can also pair well with other distinguished and rich accent colors.

Park Avenue (MQ2-55)

Park Avenue by Behr

Source: Behr

Dipping slightly back into the gray pallet, this Park Avenue beige is a suitable color for any dining room. This color is soft enough to work in any dining room, and pairs perfectly with any accent color.

With its gray and yellow hues, this color works particularly well with yellow accents. Park Avenue is just deep enough to stand out in a home, but not dark enough to be overwhelming in a space as small as the dining room.

Ethereal Mood (SW 7639)

Ethereal Mood by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This is a fun and complex color that will compliment any dining room. Ethereal Mood is a perfectly rich and deep beige. This color has very well-defined green undertones.

Not only will this look great as a bold stand-alone color, but it will pair beautifully with any dark green accent color. Add a certain element of earthiness to your home by including Ethereal Mood as your dining room color of choice.

White Veil (OR-W14)

White Veil by Behr

Source: Behr

Bordering on pure white, White Veil is a very light and subtle beige. This color is perfect for people who still want to keep their dining room light and bright, without choosing stark white as their color. White Veil has only the faintest hints of oranges and reds, making this a bright and youthful beige.

This is a color that is going to need a strong accent color capable of pulling out these subtle hints. Without an accent color, White Veil has the potential to fade into the background, becoming confused for stark white.

Lodge (AF-115)

Lodge by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

As one of the darker beiges on our list, Lodge borders on becoming a light brown color. This is a rich and soothing color that is perfect for any dining room. This color is bold and rich, and can easily dominate a small space.

Before selecting this color beige, make sure your dining room is large enough to handle such a bold color. Common in many dining rooms is to have a chair rail with two colors, one above the rail and one below.

Lodge may be a perfect option for this type of set up, effectively only painting half of the room with this bold and rich color.

Tiki Hut (SW 7509)

Tiki Hut by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

A deeper beige color, Tiki Hut is an excellent choice for any dining room. This color can almost look like a cup of mocha, perfect for the dining room. Bordering on one of the darker colors we offer on this list, Tiki Hut is still subtle enough for even small spaces.

This is a beige that has red undertones, which give it a certain rich, and warm hue. Tiki Hut is bold enough to stand on its own, or can be paired with a lighter beige color. Tiki Hut is a diverse color that can be used in the dining room alone, or can be used throughout a connecting space.

Amazon Breeze (GR-W03)

Amazon Breeze by Behr

Source: Behr

Amazon Breeze is a cool and light beige that is perfect for any room in the home, but particularly the dining room. This is a light beige color that has deep green undertones. This helps to bring about a certain earthiness and freshness to any room.

While this color is light and bright, it might be too light to work as a stand-alone color. To bring out the rich greens hiding within this color, pair with a deeper green accent color in the same family.

Gargoyle (1546)

Gargoyle by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Not only is Gargoyle a fun paint name, but it is a beautifully rich and classic beige color. Inspired from classic paint colors, Benjamin Moore has created this color to be rich and deep. Gargoyle is a particularly complex color that seems to have both gray and brown undertones.

Warm and inviting, this color is perfect for larger dining rooms where it won’t become too overwhelming. Alternatively, this color would work well paired with a lighter color, diving the room in half with a well-placed chair rail.

Creekbed (1006)

Creekbed by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

This is a beautiful and feminine beige, containing some slight red hues, which almost give this color a pink or purple tone. This color is bold enough to highlight any dining room without becoming too overwhelming.

Further, this is a great color to add a bit of personality into a room. With its soft touches, this is a great way to soften a space and evoke enticing and illuminating conversation within the dining room.

Unpredictable Hue (MQ2-58)

Unpredictable Hue

Source: Behr

Although technically a member of the brown family, Unpredictable Hue seems to live up to its namesake. This color almost appears to include both brown and gray hues in this light beige color. This is the perfect color for a dining room that will appear to change colors as the lighting in the room changes.

This means that it can easily pair with any accent color, as well as with any dining room furniture or decorations. Unpredictable Hue is bold enough to work on its own, or can be paired with a lighter, or darker accent color. This is a perfect color that has endless options.

Eiffel For You (MQ2-37)

Eiffel For You by Behr

Source: Behr

This color is a good neutral beige that will work well in the dining room. Light enough to not overwhelm a space, Eiffel For You has elements of yellow mixed into it, making this a light and fun beige.

This color, with its yellow undertones, can pair well with bright yellows or oranges. This is a great option to carry throughout an entire space in the home, due to its lightness and cheerfulness.

Jogging Path (SW7638)

Jogging Path by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Jogging Path is a perfectly neutral and true beige. This is what most people think of when they consider selecting a beige color. This color is a great neutral color that will pair well with any accent. It is rich enough to not be confused for white, yet light enough to fill an entire space easily.

This color works well with a wide range of accent colors including richer hues of this particular shade, as well as complimentary blues and greens on the other end of the color spectrum.

Bed of Ferns (1511)

Bed of Ferns by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Bed of Ferns, true to its name, brings a different version of beige to our list. This is a beautiful green beige that is subtle, yet bold. The color is soft and soothing enough to bring just a slight element of green into the dining room.

This color can be used as the accent, pairing well with a lighter version of the color in the same hue. Or, alternatively, use this color with a bold green to really embrace the subtle undertones of this color.

Clay (HDC-NT-04A)

Clay by Behr

Source: Behr

A true beige color, clay has a red undertone that is barely noticeable. Because of this, Clay can be paired with blues as accents and will end up looking stunning in any dining room.

Clay is a bold enough color to be very visible on the walls of your dining room, yet still soft and soothing enough to be used throughout the entire house. Clay has the ability to transform any room based on the accents and decorations used with this color choice.

Threshold Taupe (SW7501)

Threshold Taupe by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

With its darker brown undertones, Threshold Taupe is a great bold beige to add to any dining room. This color has orange and red undertones which give this color a bit of personality.

Reds are often associated with liveliness and life, which is just the perfect color to add to a dining room. Spark exciting conversation with this subtlety red taupe color. This color can stand alone on its own, or be used with a complimentary accent color.

Garden Stone (CSP-1000)

Garden Stone by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

One of the brighter beiges on our list, Garden Stone has a very prominent yellow hue to it. This color is bright and bold, and brings a certain cheerful atmosphere. Include this color in any dining room you are trying to brighten up.

Bold enough to stand alone on its own, this color may not do well with an accent color, due to its vibrant nature. Select this shade of beige if you are trying to bring some light and possible humor to a room.

Dove (HDC-MD-21)

Dove by Behr

Source: Behr

Dove is a very light and airy beige to add to your living room. This color just has the smallest amount of color, barely separating it from a white. This is a perfect color to pair with an accent color within your dining room.

Because this color has light undertones of orange and red, this color works well with warmer accents, such as purples, pinks, or deeper red hues. This color might get lost if it is the only color in the dining room, yet it is light enough to use throughout the entire house.

Kaffee (MQ2-49)

Kaffee by Behr

Source: Behr

This color is a bold beige which can look great in any dining room. This color has orange undertones, which helps to bring some life and energy into a room. Although this is a beige, it is a bold color that may quickly overwhelm a small room.

Further, this color might work best as the accent color, possibly paired with a lighter beige. This color could also work well as the bottom color on the classic chair rail design in the dining room.

Finnie Gray (CW-55)

Finnie Gray by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Named after the historic Finnie House, this color has been modeled after traditional, historic colors found in the 18th century. This is a classic beige that has slight green undertones.

This can help make the color feel more earthy, while maintaining its distinguished and formal flare. Pair this color with a green to really bring out these hidden undertones.

Cougar Brown (2106-40)

Cougar Brown by Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Designed by Benjamin Moore, this color beige has strong undertones of red. This can not only make the color appear more vibrant and fiery, but can become a more feminine color if paired correctly with other accent colors.

This is a bold color that is perfect for the dining room, but might become overwhelming if used throughout the house.

China Doll (SW7517)

China Doll by Sherwin-Williams

Source: Sherwin-Williams

China Doll is a very light beige that has strong yellow undertones. This is an airy beige that will be soft and neutral in any dining room. This color is able to stay so light and bright with its key yellow components.

Because of this, China Doll is best used with a bold accent color that has the same warm undertones and brightness. China Doll can be used solely in the dining room, or can be used throughout the house.

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