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What Can You Do With Two Living Rooms?

Different photos of living rooms, collage.

I’ve written about a few celebrity mansions, and the things they do with all those thousands of square feet is a jaw-dropping thing to see. Of course, celebrities often have hundreds of people in that space, so it would make sense to have tons of seating, tables on which to put their drinks, and home theaters for their entertainment. 

Have you ever noticed that most celebrity mansions are on the water? They have all kinds of watercraft and boats for their hundreds of guests’ entertainment. On top of all that, they generally have a pool in the backyard.

I bring this up because celebrities have to have plenty of windows out of which to view this stunning waterscape. There are plenty of windows in the two living rooms.

A living room with large Television.

So now you’ve bought a house with several extra hundreds of square feet. You, too, have two living rooms. The question is what to do with them? You only have furniture for one living room. Well, grab a coffee and kick back, because we’re here to help.

Make It One Huge Living Room

A library of books with red sofa.

You’ve always loved those magazine and Houzz pictures of people with two living rooms stuffed with comfy furniture. Buy what you need to make this your dream living room. You’ll want minimal window treatments so the natural light can highlight your wondrous arrangements. You’ll also want rugs and tables to define the space in each room.

How About A Library?

Has anyone in your family ever wanted a dedicated library or study? Then line those walls with bookcases full of books, slide a magnificent desk in there, place a few comfortable chairs in which to read, and you’ll have a home library of which to be proud. 

It Could Be A Playroom

I once turned my dining room into a playroom for my babies. It was just us, and I didn’t need or have furnishings for a formal dining room, so it worked out perfectly. You could designate space in the “playroom” for reading, space for jumping up and down (kids love that,) space for playing with rolling toys, and the possibilities are endless.

In the second living room, you can keep an eye on the little ones fo safety’s sake.

Your Hobby Room (At Last!)

A person playing an acoustic guitar.

That walk-in closet everyone else calls a bedroom is just too cramped for you to store all your hobby materials, much less to move around. Imagine how amazing it would feel to make your crafts, sew, or make your hobby things in a room the size of a, well, living room!

Need A Music Room?

A father working in a laptop with his kids.

Play your piano, strum your guitar, toot your flute, or combine all of this with a drum set and a sax, and you’ve got yourself some great music. Guests might enjoy a chance to sing or play the instrument with which they’re best versed. Music night at your house could become a thing.

Make A Home Office

You’ve been working on the kitchen table for much too long. Find a great desk and chair to put in your new home office. You’ll need a small table for your printer, a stack of printer paper, along with a box for your file folders and office supplies. Add a jazzy lamp to your desk, and you’re all set.

How About A Home Bar?

A living room with bar counter.

You’ve been networking with a bunch of people for a while now, so giving them a night of business-free hanging out would be great. Set up a bar in your second living room. Add some colored lights, maybe even a small disco ball. Of course, you’ll need a music system, seating, and toss some cool food in the mix, and you’ll have a home bar to which everyone will want to return.

You Could Use A Home Theater

A family enjoying movie in the living room.

Several easy chairs or reclining chairs, small tables for drinks and popcorn bowls, a huge screen TV on the wall, a DVD player, and people watching movies are all that’s necessary for a home theater. If you don’t have enough seating, guests can watch from the main living room. 

Give The Kids A Game Room

Teenagers playing games on the living room

When we were kids, that meant Sorry, Operation, Chutes and Ladders, card games like Hearts, War, and so much more. Today, it’s Xbox, computer games, and virtual games. Instead of the kids jumping up and down and yelling in the family room or living room, give them a dedicated space to enjoy themselves.

You’ll need plenty of posters and even stuffed characters in their games to jazz up the room. They’ll love you for it.

Make It An Extra Primary Suite

A room with luxurious sofa and bottle of wine.

Lots of houses have primary suites on the main floor, complete with a walk-in closet, a primary bathroom (some big enough to float the QEII,) a sitting room, and sometimes a home office. You’ll need an architect to design it, a contractor to build it, and the usual plumbing and electrical contractors.

Extra bedrooms for guests or family is always useful, and one that big is incredible.

Need A Second Kitchen?

A kitchen with granite countertop.

You’d need a second kitchen if you cooked meals for church gatherings, Meals on Wheels-type things, you have your own catering business and such things. You’d be wise to wall off part of your second kitchen for a gigantic pantry. Prep tables, cold storage, and, of course, lots of cabinets would be a good idea for your second kitchen.

Have You Thought About An Artist’s Or Photography Studio?

A living room with artworks and easel.

If the second living room is situated south to southwest, you’ll have some fantastic light all day. Painters have all your canvases, paints, brushes and other tools, stools, and tables on which to mix paints. Photographers have all their light screens, umbrellas, chairs, backgrounds, cameras, and tripods. So get in there and create!

Do You Love The Gym?

A living room with gym equipment.

Why pay for membership at the gym when you have all that space at home? Place some yoga mats, free weights on a holder, stability balls (I just love mine,) kettlebells, a Nordic Track, or a gym-in-one machine like that, and you’ll have a pretty good workout routine.

Why Not An Indoor Pool?

A balcony with indoor pool.

You’ll need an architect and a contractor to make sure the foundation, subflooring, and support beams can hold the weight. They do make small, light indoor pools, so there’s no need to worry about weight. You could put a spa in there, too, for a well-rounded experience.