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The Vallarta House by Ezequiel Farca Architects: Large & Modern

While this massive 32,292 sq. ft. luxury home was built in 2013, it pays homage to the modernism architecture of the 1950’s.

Many of the design features fit into the minimalist trends in today’s architecture.

Add the earthy materials and “green” walls, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind property with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Bay that only Ezequiel Farca Architects could dream up and bring to fruition.

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The Entrance: A Simple Statement

The entry to the Vallarta House looks similar to other modern style homes, but you may find yourself standing outside for a long time, admiring the view.

To the left of the wooden sliding front door, is a section of the house covered with greenery. Similar to vines that cover stone walls, but more like shrubbery, you want to reach out and run your hands across the wall.

A View From Above

While many homes have forgettable rooftops, the view from above the Vallarta House is anything but boring. A patchwork of plants is not only a beautiful sight for planes and parasailers, but helps to keep the house naturally cool in the Puerto Vallarta heat.

The Rooms

Each room in the home, whether it’s a communal sitting area or a private bedroom, offers one the opportunity to have privacy or to enjoy the open space of the seaside view.

There are basic white walls throughout the 32,292 sq ft home and concrete to keep the space cool on hot days. The wooden accents break up the monotony and tie into the “natural” feel of the space.

Most rooms have little to no decor, but with a design so focused on a relaxing atmosphere and a breathtaking view, there’s no need for anything else.

Whether you’re sitting in the smaller sitting room or around the outdoor fireplace, every space is designed for comfort and to enjoy alone or with a group of close friends.

The Lighting

The Vallarta House, with its many floor to ceiling length windows, as well as skylight and open air features, doesn’t need to rely on electrical lighting during the day. Once the sun sets, there are soft lighting features all around the property from the green walled entrance to the sitting area around the pool.

The Perfect Blend of Styles

This unique luxury home is the perfect example of how new construction can blend old ideas like modernism with newer, more eco-friendly designs and making it a style all its own.

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