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10 Types of Triple Bunk Beds (Plus Top 25 Picks)

Triple decker full bunk bed.

If you want the ultimate space-saving bed for your kids or vacation home, a triple bunk bed it is. You can comfortably sleep 3 people in the same foot print as one just by layering up.

Even if you don’t have 3 kids sharing a bedroom, a triple bunk is something to consider especially if your kids like sleepovers.

Few kids complain about sleeping in a bunk bed, although be prepared for a fight over who sleeps on the top level. It’s amazing what kids will argue about, but then when I think back to when I was 8, getting the top bunk was an important issue.

Types of Triple Bunk Beds

The first type that comes to mind when you think of a triple bunk bed is a triple decker… three beds stacked on top of one another. These bunk systems are the opposite of small bunk beds.

While the triple decker is the most common, that’s not the only configuration.

Below we set out the 6 different types of triple bunk configurations.

1. The Triple Decker

The triple decker is the most common type. It’s 3 beds stacked on top of one another.

White triple decker twin bunk bed.

The above example is one that fits under an 8 foot ceiling coming in at 76.5″ in height. Source: Homesquare

2. L-Shape 2 Up, 1 Down

I love the triple l-shape bunk because this way two kids can sleep up top which minimizes having to deal with kids arguing about the top bunk.

Triple l-shape bunk bed with two up top and 1 down.

Learn more here.

3. L-Shape 1 Up, 2 Down

Another arrangement is 1 bed up and 2 beds down. Perhaps a better option for vacation homes where adults may sleep on the bed (it’s not easy climbing up to the third level of a bunk bed… or second level for that matter).

Triple l-shape bunk bed 1 up 2 down

Learn more here.

4. Triple Decker Full

Triple decker full bunk bed.

Learn more here.

The Partial Ladder

The partial ladder is one that extends up to the second level. Getting to the third level requires a little climbing. Generally kids climb all over these things anyway so the ladder is often moot. Check it out.

Triple bunk bed with partial ladder.

Learn more here.

Extended Ladder

The extended ladder type has a ladder that goes to the top. Check it out.

Triple bunk bed with ladder that goes to top level.

Learn more here.


Wood triple decker bunk bed.

Learn more here.


Steel triple bunk bed

Learn more here.

With Storage

Some models come with storage options, usually under the bottom bunk. Here’s an example.

Triple bunk bed with storage.

Learn more here.

The Quadruple (4) Bed bunk Bed

If you need even more beds, you can actually buy a quadruple bunk bed system that has 4 beds. Check it out:

Quadruple bunk bed with 4 beds in l-shape

Learn more here.


Do triple decker bunk beds fit in rooms with an 8 foot ceiling?

Some triple decker bunk beds do fit under 8 foot ceilings, but some are too tight.. The overall height ranges from 76.75″ (6′ 4″) to 92″ (7′ 6″). As you can see the 92″ tall models does not leave enough clearance under an 8 foot ceiling. This is definitely something you want to watch out for when buying such a bunk

What is the head clearance with triple decker bunk beds?

The head clearance varies from model to model but typically it’s 25″ (63.5 cm) to 27.5″ (69.85 cm). It also depends on how thick of mattresses you use.

Can triple bunk beds be split into 2 or 3 separate beds?

Yes, many can be split up into individual beds.

Triple vs. Regular Bunk Bed – What Should You Buy?

Most people buy a regular bunk bed. Based on online research 1,500 searches are performed per month for “triple bunk bed”, whereas 16,000 searches are performed for “bunk bed”. It’s save to assume when people search “bunk” they’re looking for a regular two-bed bunk.


Extra bed(s)  never hurts: If you have two kids sharing a room, having a third spare bed never hurts. Moreover, if you really don’t want to listen to kids fight over the upper bunk, get an l-shaped triple bunk with two beds up top.

Vacation home: Another excellent scenario for a triple is at a vacation home if it’s a place where multiple families stay at the same time with a house full of kids. Two triple twins can easily fit in one bedroom which then accommodates six kids comfortably.

3 kids to a bedroom: Finally, if you live in a home with only one bedroom for the kids and you have 3 kids, you may have no choice but to get a triple. More and more families live in apartments which often only have 2 bedrooms in total.


Less clearance:  There will be less clearance between the upper bunk and the ceiling.

No bells and whistles:  With regular bunk beds, you can get models with stairs, a desk, storage, a slide and other fun features. No such features are available for most triple bunks unless you build it yourself.

Cool Triple and Quadruple Custom Bunk Bed Photo Gallery

Below are photos of custom built triple and quadruple bunk beds. These are amazing.

Custom built triple bunk bed.

Source: Houzz

Towering triple bunk bed system custom built.

Source: Houzz

Loft-style triple decker bunk bed (custom built)

Source: Houzz

White custom built triple bunk bed.

Source: Houzz

Gorgeous custom built triple decker bunk bed.

Source: Houzz

Custom built double bunk bed system.

Source: Houzz

Custom built white quadruple bunk bed system in L-shape.

Source: Houzz

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