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5 Safer Bunk Bed Alternatives

Photo collage of different types of bunk beds.

Faced with the reality of soaring real estate and the challenges of a growing family, parents typically end up with the practical decision of squeezing their young children into a shared bedroom. When every inch of floor space is valuable, you free up space by going vertical, which makes the bunk bed the perfect choice.

While it creates more space and gives each child a sense of privacy, the bunk bed isn’t recommended for children under nine years old. Even the lower bunks pose a safety hazard for children under the age of three.

Space is a well-recognized problem especially for city dwellers so there’s an existing furniture market that offers plenty of space-saving alternatives to the bunk bed minus the safety concerns.

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1. Two Bed Connected to Storage Dresser

One bunk bed alternative idea that has been gaining traction is the idea to use two beds that are connected to a storage dresser. In order for this layout to work properly, the storage dresser will need to be positioned in the corner of a bedroom. The two beds will come out of either side of this dresser. It allows you to avoid using bunk beds while still saving some space due to the storage element of this idea.

Most of the time, people who are looking into bunk beds are doing so because they need to save space. This is usually due to multiple children needing to share one bedroom. This idea could work out nicely, as long as you have enough room for the two beds to be positioned like this. You’ll have a convenient dresser spot to store all of the children’s clothes.

The problem with this layout will be whether or not it is going to be practical enough. It should work fine in most homes, but there will be some that just won’t have the room to be able to pull it off. Measure the bedroom out and see whether or not this idea is going to be practical for you to implement. If it is, then this is going to be safer than bunk beds overall.


This bed layout is going to be safer overall than a traditional bunk bed layout. Some parents worry about using bunk beds due to how high up they are. They don’t want their children to fall down and get hurt. This layout eliminates the need to worry about the height of the bed.


The amount of floor space that you will need to use is higher than that of a traditional bunk bed. You will take up more space and will also have to ensure that there is room for the dresser part. It isn’t going to be practical for everyone. It is a good option, it just isn’t going to be the right option for certain situations.

2. Storage Bed

Storage bed with built-in drawers on the sides.

A storage bed is going to eliminate the need for a dresser in the bedroom. These beds are essentially beds with dressers built right into them. The frame of these beds will contain drawers where you can put clothing and other items. It makes things very convenient when you are trying to use your space as responsibly as you can.

Beds like this don’t need a box spring at all. The mattress will sit inside of a wooden frame that is designed to house the drawers, as well. The amount of storage that you will be getting with one of these beds is actually quite astounding. If this is purchased for a child’s room, then you will surely be able to fit all of their clothing inside of the bed dresser drawers.

If you have two children, then buying two of these beds may be a practical solution. You will be taking up more floor space for the beds than you would be if you just used bunk beds, but you are eliminating the need for a dresser. If you don’t need one or two dressers in the room any longer, then that may make all of the difference. This is the practical solution that many people have been choosing over bunk beds in recent years.


The fact that your storage solution is built right into the bed frame is very nice. You will be able to completely eliminate the need for having a dresser in the bedroom. The beds can store a lot of clothing and other items. It is impressive just how much a dresser bed can store, and it is going to be safer than a bunk bed overall.


The amount of floor space that you are taking up may be greater than if you had simply used bunk beds. It depends on how many dressers you were using before and how large the dressers were. This is still a good solution to look into, but it may not save you enough space if your living situation is very cramped. You will need to take some measurements and see how it will work out.

3. Skewed Bunk Beds with Shelves and Drawers

Skewed bunk bed with shelves and drawers.

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You can also look into bunk bed alternatives that simply have an altered design. A traditional bunk bed will simply have one bed positioned above the other vertically. It is possible to buy bunk beds that feature a skewed design. This means that the top bed will only slightly hang over a section of the bottom bed.

Some people see this skewed design as being safer. Anyone who is concerned about the bunk bed falling through the frame and on top of the bottom bed will feel more at ease with a skewed bunk bed. It can also be very practical in other ways too. This bed being shown here comes with both shelves and drawers built into the frame.

This gives your children a convenient place to store both their books and their clothing items. It is a convenient solution that provides storage to maximize how your space is being used. The design of this bunk bed will take up slightly more floor space than a traditional bunk bed model, but you are getting a lot of convenient storage. This eliminates the need for a bookshelf and can potentially replace a dresser as well.


The bookshelf and drawers that are built into this bed frame are very nice. It allows your children to have a fun place to store many things. If your kids like to read, then they will always have access to their favorite books for some bedtime reading. The bed also looks really nice and will appeal to your children due to how cool it is.


Taking up a bit more floor space may not be worth it in a very cramped house. This is also a bunk bed alternative that is really still just a bunk bed. The same problems that many people have with bunk beds will still be present here. If you have a child who doesn’t like sleeping in an elevated position, then he or she is still not going to like sleeping on the top mattress.

4. Bunk Beds with Stairs

White bunk bed with stairs and built-in storage.

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One of the fears that some people have about bunk beds is that climbing up the ladder to get to the top can be dangerous. For the most part, kids don’t really have a problem using bunk bed ladders. It isn’t that high in the air, and it is a pretty short climb. Even so, some kids can be rather uncoordinated, and this can cause parents to worry.

For children who might be clumsy on a bunk bed ladder, it could be beneficial to consider buying a bunk bed with stairs instead. This will allow your child to climb to the top bunk in a much safer fashion. The stairs are built right into the frame of the bed itself. They are very solid and are wide enough for a child to be able to comfortably step up to the top bunk.

This option may wind up feeling much more natural for your child. These types of bunk beds do have the potential to be slightly bulkier than traditional bunk beds, though. Regardless, the safety of your children is your primary concern. If this option makes you feel safer about the bunk beds, then it is going to be worth pursuing. You can have that extra peace of mind that will allow you to be more relaxed.


The stairs are built right into the bunk bed itself, and it will be a lot easier for your child to climb. Stairs are a lot less dangerous than ladders, and you should be able to avoid some clumsy accidents if you have this bed. Aside from that, this is just a really nice bed. It should be a good bed for your children to enjoy.


This really isn’t that much different from a normal bunk bed. It may be slightly easier to climb for children. Most children are fine with normal bunk beds, though. This may wind up being bulkier than you would like for it to be, so it really depends on how you look at things. It is a nice bed, but it really comes down to whether it is going to be the best option for your children.

5. Hideaway Bed

Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Bed with Storage in White

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A hideaway bed is going to be a very good option for you to consider. These beds can either be built into the wall, or you can purchase models that will press up against the wall vertically when they are not in use. Either way, this is a floor space-saving option that will rival the bunk beds. If you are using this for a child’s room, then it can wind up working out nicely.

Buying two of these hideaway beds may even wind up saving you floor space in comparison to the bunk beds. During the day, these beds will be positioned vertically and will be up out of the way. You won’t have to be concerned about it taking up too much room. It may feel a little impractical to have to make the bed every time you pull it down, but it is a good option nonetheless.


You will save a lot of floor space if you decide to go with this method. Aside from this, everything will look really tidy. Many of these hideaway beds look like a dresser or shelf when they are in their vertical position. They can look stylish while giving you a space-saving solution for sleeping.


You will have to pull this bed down every time your child wants to use it. This is a bit of an inconvenience. You will have to make the bed after it has been positioned vertically, as the sheets and bedding aren’t going to simply stay as it should while it is in its vertical spot. Some people will love this option, and others will find it to be too much of an annoyance.

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