Finding the Best Small Recliners (We Feature 11)

Dog-tired and relaxing on a small recliner.

Find some of the best small recliner that will suit your needs. We've featured 11 of the best ones in the market today and listed the pros and cons of each.

Small recliners are best for small spaces and short people. They’re not as bulky as the standard ones so they won’t eat up your room and their seats are not as deep so they can accommodate people of shorter stature. All these without losing the comforts and essence of a recliner — to rock, swivel, massage, recline and lift.

Some of these recliners are also wall-huggers. Some have smaller footprints while some have a shorter backrest. Look out for these features when choosing a small recliner that will suit your needs.

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A. Manual Recliners

1. Ivy Bronx Russo Manual Recliner

Dark blue club recliner with foam seat fill material and manual push back function.This small recliner (sold as a set of two) comes in dark or muted blue, gray or light gray, orange, or wheat. And with a tufted back and clean lines, its club chair styling adds a casual elegance to a small space.

The width is 27.25 inches by 34.25 inches deep. This gives it one of the smallest footprints among small recliners. The height is 38 inches, but the 19.5 inch back is likely to be a little short for some.

The weight capacity is the standard 250 pounds. This small recliner requires about 20 inches of clearance. But it’s worth those inches.

The Russo Manual Recliner from Ivy Bronx is a well-designed, rather elegant small recliner. As an accent chair in a living room, or to decorate a cozy nook, it could be the perfect touch.


  • One of the smaller of the small recliners
  • Wide choice of colors


  • Not suitable for the tall or heavy person
  • Some assembly required (product weight is 60 pounds)

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2. Red Barrel Studio Ron Manual Recliner

Charcoal standard recliner with microfiber upholstery material and manual lever reclining function.This lavishly stuffed small recliner (sold in sets of two) is the beast of the group. It’s bigger and taller and takes up a little more room, but it can accommodate those who might crush other recliners. And the contemporary style comes in three color choices: charcoal, amber, and claret.

It clocks in at a 350-pound weight capacity, which is unusual even in larger recliners, and the back is 30 inches high. These are the most generous specifications you can find in a small recliner.

The arms are upholstered, and the back is pillowed. You can almost feel your muscles relaxing when you look at it. And it reclines fully; imagine taking a nap on that. Oh man.

The puffiness is actually microfiber plush Dacron upholstery over 1.8 resiliency foam. At 41 inches wide and 39 inches deep, the footprint is larger than many of the other recliners. When fully reclined, it’s 74 inches deep.

The seat itself is 27 inches wide and 23 inches off the ground, and the pillowy arms are 30 inches high. It’s clearly made for the larger person, but someone smaller would probably enjoy all that plush goodness.

The Ron Manual Recliner from Red Barrel Studio is made in the USA and weighs 117 pounds. Some assembly is required. But you’ll be able to take a long, comfortable nap afterward.


  • The weight limit is 350 pounds for heavier people
  • High back for taller people
  • Soft and pillowy


  • Takes up a larger area than the average small recliner
  • Some assembly required (product weight is 117 pounds)

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3. Red Barrel Studio Augustus Manual Rocker Recliner

Indigo blue standard rocker recliner with microfiber upholstery material and foam seat.The Augustus (sold as a set of two) is designed in a contemporary style and looks like it’s made out of big pillows. This small recliner adds a rocking feature to its many attractions. Frankly, rocking on pillows sounds pretty good.

The listed color choices are mushroom and indigo. The upholstery is Dacron microfiber, and the foam padding (and there’s a lot of it) is rated at 1.8 resiliency. And the recliner reclines all the way.

While the width of the chair is 41.5 inches, the seat width is 17 inches. But if you’re a little wider than that, remember that a lot of it is padding. (The chair’s, not yours.)

The height of the chair is 43.5 inches. While the depth is 43 inches when it’s fully reclined the depth is 67 inches. But that’s 67 puffy inches.

The Augustus Manual Rocker Recliner from Red Barrel Studio, made in the USA, is heavily padded, rocks, and reclines fully. Looks like Red Barrel Studio hit a triple.


  • Rocking (enough said)
  • Plush, soft, and pillowed
  • Fully reclines


  • Some assembly required (product weight is 101 pounds)
  • Might be tight in the seat

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4. Giantex Recliner Chair Black Lounger Leather Sofa Seat Home Theater

Lounger leather push-back recliner chair for home theater with heavy-duty steel mechanism and foam seating.This sleek small recliner has a very modern look. With its black leather and spare lines, it would fit a contemporary minimalist living room or a video game setup for your teenager (or husband, wife, grandparents).

While this is a push-back chair, there’s a lever on the side that releases the footrest. The leather is polyurethane, a leather substitute also labeled “eco-friendly leather.” While real leather has its benefits and drawbacks, polyurethane is a lot more durable and resistant to permanent damage from spills, etc.

The Giantex Manual Recliner is 25 3/5 inches wide. When open, its dimensions are 64 2/5 inches in length and 32 inches high; closed, the length is 35 4/5 inches, and the height is 39 ¾ inches. The seat is 19 inches wide.

Sitting in a recliner like this in a home theater, with a good movie and a little popcorn – sounds good! The weight limit on the chair is the standard 250 pounds, but after a few glorious months of movies, popcorn, and soda, that might not be enough.


  • Could fit many environments
  • Polyurethane upholstery, resistant to damage


  • Some assembly required
  • Cushions are not thick and may wear down

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5. FDW Single Recliner Chair Sofa Furniture Modern Leather Chaise Couch

Elegant single recliner chair with easy-pull reclining mechanism and durable metal frame.This coffee brown small recliner may remind you of espresso, but its comfortable padding is more likely to put you to sleep. The sides of the chair are curved and sleek looking, and slender enough to make it easy to reach a side table. This chair would be perfect in front of the TV.

The upholstery is a leather-looking polyurethane, and the mechanism is steel. At 27 3/5 inches, this is one of the narrowest of the small recliners. The height is 40 1/5 inches (with a seat height of 18 inches), while the depth is 34 1/5 inches; a full-sized ottoman is also included.

The Single Recliner Chair by FDW does recline quite a bit, but not to a completely flat position. But it is the perfect position for watching TV with half closed eyes.


  • Comfortable yet narrow
  • Ottoman included


  • Some assembly required (product weight is 57.99 pounds)

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B. Push-back Recliner

1. Barcalounger Meridian II Leather Push-Back Recliner

Contemporary recliner with push-back feature and bonded leather upholstery in stagecoach-cream color.This Stagecoach Cream small recliner is a good-looking color somewhere between – eggshell and a darker eggshell? But it’s an appealing color, and the chair has a good amount of padding, too, somewhere between pillowy and lean. This is a softer version of modern, elegant and well-padded, but you can still reach the side table.

The upholstery is bonded leather, also called blended or reconstituted leather, which is a leather blend mush spread over a fiber or paper cloth and coated with polyurethane. The coating can be dyed and is generally embossed with a pattern to make it look like leather. The quality and durability of bonded leather vary widely.

The chair 33.5 inches wide by 35 inches deep, with a height of 40 inches. The seat is 21 inches wide, 20.5 inches deep, and you’ll be sitting about 20 inches off the floor (give or take the cushioning). The arms are 24 inches high.

The Meridian II Leather Push-Back Recliner from Barcalounger is a well-padded chair that doesn’t flaunt its padding. The color could be a pro or a con, depending on your preference, and if you trust that no grape juice is ever going to get near it. But then again, the polyurethane may take care of that.


  • Polyurethane could be a big pro, given the chair’s light color
  • Nice balance of padding


  • Some assembly required (product weight is 90 pounds)
  • The quality of bonded leather varies

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2. Barcalounger Charleston Recliner, Chocolate

Traditional wingback recliner chair with push-back feature and rich chocolate leather.This chocolate-colored small recliner looks like a chair for a library or smoking room. It’s designed in a traditional wingback style and would be perfect for watching old movies.

The upholstery is top-grain leather (the real thing), and it’s well padded. It looks so “Winston Churchill” that the extended footrest seems a little out of character.

Despite its 43 inch height, the chair has a small footprint, with a width of 37 inches and a depth of 37.8 inches. The seat is 21 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and20 inches from the ground. The weight capacity is the standard 250 pounds.

The Charleston Recliner – Chocolate from Barcalounger is a charmer. You’ll need 21 inches of clearance from the wall, but you might fall asleep to find yourself in Downton Abbey – in the library, of course.


  • Traditional charm
  • Real leather


  • Some assembly required

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3. Darvis Push Back Recliner

Recliner club chair with foot extension and reclining back features and solid fabric upholstery.This club chair small recliner is designed in the transitional style. In keeping with the transitional palette, it only comes in gray or beige linen upholstery.

Transitional furniture is a blend of traditional and contemporary, with a point of view all its own. The colors are muted so that the emphasis is on textures, and the furniture is a combination of straight lines and curves. The look is clean, calm, and simple.

The width is a narrow 27.17 inches, while the depth is 33.46 inches. The chair is 35.83 inches high, but the seat is an unusually low 17.5 inches high. The seat has a 20-inch width and 22.25-inch depth.

The Darvis Push Back Recliner is just right for a transitional environment, but it could fit easily in either a traditional or contemporary setting. It has its own muted elegance.


  • Color choices to fit every room
  • Narrow footprint


  • Some assembly required (product weight is 60 pounds)
  • Fully reclined length is 48 inches

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C. Rocker Recliner

1. Simmons Upholstery Power Rocker Recliner, Mia Latte

Contemporary power rocker recliner with fabric upholstery and foam seating.A contemporary power rocker in a small recliner! And it comes in seven colors: Mia Latte, Elan Linen, Elan Slate, Jojo Chocolate, Jojo Spa, Mia Denim, and Mia Espresso. And there’s more!

A power button on the side of the chair has a USB charging port. You can charge your phone or your tablet while you’re rocking or reclining.

The upholstery is fabric. The mechanism and rocker base are hand-assembled and all steel.

The chair is 38 inches wide by 37 inches deep. It’s 40 inches high. And while the chair weighs 80 pounds, no assembly is necessary, which might prevent a pulled muscle or two.

The Power Rocker Recliner by Simmons Upholstery looks like fun. You may have to scramble for that seat.


  • Power rocker
  • Power button with a USB charging port
  • No assembly required


  • It’s a power rocker, and that means it’s probably using your power.

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2. Viv + Rae Antonio Swivel Reclining Glider

Swivel reclining glider with polyester blend upholstery material and foam seat cushion.This contemporary style small recliner has an almost cubic look. The colors listed are gray or beige, so it should work in a transitional setting as well. It’s not a rocker, but it swivels, reclines, and glides, so what more could you ask for?

The chair reclines manually using a lever between the seat and the arm. It doesn’t recline fully; its limit is about 40 degrees. The upholstery is fabric, and the frame material is wood.

The chair is 34 inches wide and 34.5 inches deep, with a height of 39 inches. The seat itself is 20 inches wide by 21.25 inches deep, and the height is about average at 19 inches. The weight capacity is 225 pounds, which is a little less than normal.

The Antonio Swivel Reclining Glider by Viv + Rae is a fun and comfortable chair that would look good in any room in the house. It’s a cute cube, and you can play with it.


  • Swivels
  • Glides


  • Some assembly required
  • Only reclines 40 degrees

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3. Red Barrel Studio Merion Rocker Recliner

Mocha rocker recliner with 3 position type and synthetic fiber foam seat material.This rocking small recliner comes in an array of colors that should make it easy to choose one that fits your home: tan, wine, blue, mocha, and pewter, in polyester and microfiber. And this chair is not ashamed to show its padding. You wouldn’t think anything this stuffed could rock.

It has a higher than average weight capacity of 300 pounds. And it rocks, but only in the upright position. But unlike many other recliners, you can raise the footrest in the upright position.

The footprint of this powerhouse is 42 inches wide by 43 inches deep, with a height of 43 inches. The seat is 20 inches wide by 23 inches, and 21 inches high. The seat back is a good 26 inches, and when reclined, the chair measures 72 inches (you’ll need a 15-inch clearance).

The Merion Rocker Recliner from Red Barrel Studio has puffy padding, some good-looking colors, and rocking. If this isn’t your dream recliner now, it may be when you start dreaming about it.


  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Six-foot length when reclined
  • No assembly required
  • The footrest can be raised in the upright position


  • Rocking locks when reclined
  • It does not recline fully

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D. Conclusion

Recliners are a major step forward in the development of furniture that adjusts to the person rather than the other way around. The foam padding and being able to adjust body position make recliners not only comfortable, but an important tool to counteract the strains of modern life. And you can add a small recliner to a corner, a bay window, or any little spot where it will fit.

Of course, the measurements are crucial to make sure the recliner will fit in the space and the people who will use it will fit in the recliner. It’s also important to make sure the recliner will adjust to you in the ways that you want – does it recline fully or to your preferred angle? Does it have the bells and whistles that appeal to you?


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