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What is a Cabriole Sofa? (Buying Guide)


This is a vintage quilted cabriole sofa surrounded by candelabras and sconces.

The most challenging part of furniture shopping is finding a new sofa. In an ideal world, a sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that you can use from one stage of your life to the next.

When searching for the perfect sofa that will complement your lifestyle and home, finding the perfect one can seem like an overwhelming task, so choose wisely. 

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Sofa Construction 

This is the Baxton Studio Sorrento 70.6 in Black Faux Leather 4-Seater Cabriole Sofa from Home Depot.

Source: Home Depot

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A sofa’s construction determines its price and its quality. A good sofa will provide you with a comfortable place to sit and will last for a long time. 

The Frame 

As a good foundation is vital to a home’s strength and quality, your sofa’s frame material is equally important. 

The Suspension System

How your sofa bounces and how comfortable it is depends on the suspension. In addition, the suspension system determines how durable your sofa will be. 

The Filling

Adding cushions further enhances your sofa’s comfort. You can choose between several types of filling to achieve your desired level of comfort. 

Sofa Sizes 

When choosing the size of your sofa, consider the overall height (including your sofa’s feet and backrest), overall width, and overall depth. 

Sofa Fabrics

You should choose a fabric that reflects both your style and your lifestyle. Whatever your price range, it is easiest to begin by narrowing down the choices by style. Styles such as traditional, transitional, and modern are the major determinants. 

What is a Cabriole Sofa?

This is the HomeSullivan Radcliffe 91 in. Dark Grey Linen 4-Seater Cabriole Sofa from Home Depot.

Source: Home Depot

Cabriole sofas have the following characteristics: an exposed wooden frame (often carved), continuous arm and back sections, distinctive concave lower legs, and no separate back cushions. Their popularity rose around Louis XV’s time in the 1800s, and they are currently in vogue again. The article will explain more about the cabriole sofa.

Special Features of a Cabriole Sofa

This cabriole sofa features its signature curved legs in a Victorian style. A cabriole sofa was a popular design in Queen Anne, Louis XV, and Chippendale styles during the early 18th century. Featuring curved legs, the cabriole sofa instantly becomes a timeless design that will add a sense of glamour to your living room.

Cabriole sofas are comfortable and stylish, regardless of whether they fit into a modern interior or fitting well into a classic home. Though it is currently available in three-seater versions, the popular cabriole sofa has a two-seater layout. A cabriole sofa has fully upholstered arms and exposed wooden legs.

Cabriole sofa dimensions

Sizes of sofas range from small, medium, and large. A full sofa is 84 in (2.13 m) wide. These smaller versions come in sizes between 60 and 80 inches (1.52-2.03 m). There are several variations on the standard sofa, including modular items and sofas with specific uses, like a daybed or convertible sofa bed.

However, ornamental designs are not always more durable, and they are not appropriate for casual use. An individual’s sofa needs to depend on how they use it and what type of sofa it is. For instance, a deep seat is suitable for tall people, but not so great for those who are shorter.

Arms serve mainly as rest for the user, but they are also one of the key features of a couch. The design of the arms is the basis for naming certain types of seating furniture. Overstuffed sofas typically contain over two layers of muslin.

Cabriole sofa popularity

The arms and back of the Cabriole are among its most distinctive features. There are virtually no differences in height between them, and they both round out towards the center at the front. This makes their retro-style feel easily incorporated into your entire space. A traditional couch may look upscale, but it is not as comfortable as a contemporary sofa. 

Cabriole sofa material

This is the Jennifer Taylor Legacy 81 in Grey Velvet 3-Seater Cabriole Sofa from Home Depot.

Source: Home Depot


Today, there are several types of sofa frames, including wood, steel, plastic, laminated boards, or combinations of these materials.


Pig or horsehair is most often used to make pads, which is primarily derived from hogs or horses. Padding made in mass production uses polyester fiberfill wrap along with foam.


The material used to make sofa cushions ranges from polyurethane foam to polyester fiber, down to cotton, latex, or cotton-wrapped springs.


Many types of fabrics can cover a sofa, including natural, synthetic, and blended fabrics. In terms of natural and synthetic fibers, wool and nylon are the best, while cotton, acetate, rayon, and polyester also offer excellent functional properties.


The spring steel comprises tempered steel. For the interior, you are likely to need at least 10 yards (9.14 m) of muslin and 15 yards of burlap (13.71 m).

Types of Cabriole Sofas

This is the US Pride furniture Flores 80.7 in Blue Velvet 3-Seater Cabriole Sofa from Home Depot.

Source: Home Depot

Cariole sofa comes with varieties as follows.

Cabriole Sofa c. 1800

This is a cabriole chair with cabriole legs. 

Alternative Sofas to Cabriole

The cabriole sofa is not the only option; here are some alternatives with the same beauty and comfort.

The Lawson-Style Couch

In keeping with the “American casual” style, the Lawson sofa is simple yet elegant with no fussy embellishments or ornamentation. Lawson sofas feature loose back cushions and pitched backs, which provide a comfortable sitting angle. Because of their versatility, they have adapted Lawson designs into a sofa bed that converts into a bed. 

Jennifer Taylor Home Serena Lawson Sofa Expresso Legs, Burgundy

Click image for more info

The Bridgewater Sofa

Besides affordability, versatility, and practicality, the reasons this is such a popular choice are its affordability and versatility. A Bridgewater couch is another term for birch-arm furniture or English three-seaters, aside from being padded and having a slightly rolled back. It also features rolled arms and footrests that are set back, as well as a couch with more armrests.

The Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Mid-century modern pieces have smooth lines, minimal design elements, and bold colors. From the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s, it was very popular for its clean, rectangular shapes and pleasing symmetry. Its design is Scandinavian-inspired and adheres to the “less is more” ethos.

OSP Home Furnishings Mill Lane Mid-Century Modern Sofa, Navy Blue Fabric

Click image for more info

There are many types of cabriole sofas, such as slipcovered sofa, rattan sofa, loveseat sofa, modular sofa, English roll arm sofa, reclining sofa, mid-century sofa and sleeper sofa, among others.

Pros and Cons of Having a Cabriole Sofa 


Known for its elegant lines, the cabriole sofa has beautiful curves on all sides. There are classic versions with short legs and beautifully detailed woodwork. For those who desire a formal appearance in their living rooms, a cabriole sofa will be a superb choice. 

With a sleek mid-century modern design, this sofa is elegant. Amid the rigmarole of the mid-century modern era, mid-century modern sofas resemble fine design along with their conical feet and fluid angles. 


They are not affordable.

Where can you use it at home?

Adding this style of sofa to a room full of straight lines and right angles will provide a sense of warmth. It is also especially well suited to smaller rooms because of the exposed wood frame.

Cabriole-style furniture was a favorite of European courtiers during the 18th century, particularly at Louis XV’s court.

Brief historical overview

This is the Benzara 2 Piece Tufted Cabriole Sofa Set from hay Needle.

Source: Hay Needle

An essential characteristic of a cabriole sofa is its curved legs and Victorian flair. The cabriole sofa enjoyed fame in the first half of the 18th century as part of Queen Anne’s, Louis XV’s, and Chippendale’s furniture design. Featuring curved legs, the cabriole sofa instantly becomes a timeless design that will add a sense of glamour to your living room.

When was the cabriole sofa invented?

A cabriole leg is (usually) one of four vertical supports that have two concave curves, with the upper curve flowing outward and the lower curve flowing inward. The curves all adhere to the same plane. Early 18th-century curvilinear styles came from France, England, and Holland, but they originated with ancient Chinese and Greek artists.

Who invented the cabriole sofa?

Lord Phillip Stanhope (1694-1773) of Chesterfield designed a cabriole Sofa. Among other accomplishments, he was a legendary politician, writer, and patron of the arts. He wanted to create something that multiple people could use at the same time without having their clothes wrinkled. Besides being a fashion plate, Chesterfield was an innovator.

How much is a Cabriole Sofa?

There are certain things every sofa should have, even if they appear different to different people, but there are a few non-negotiable things that are universal. You should have a chair that fits your living room, reflects your style, and lasts a few years (if not longer). It should also be affordable. 

It is easier said than done, however. Furniture shopping is not always straightforward—when you look for it, you find it is not easy. The decisions are many: for instance, should you choose a couch or a sectional one?

Is it worth saving a few dollars for a cheap sofa or is it better to splash out on a high-end sofa? Can you find nice couches for less than $500 or sectionals for less than $1,000? Is it true that sofa materials are important too?

Where Do You Buy Cabriole Sofa?

Cabriole sofas are available at different outlets. Besides Pinterest, Facebook, and Amazon, there are Shutterstock, Amazon, Wayfair, and Josh & Main. 

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