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About “Space Designer 3D” Software with 3D Design Examples

3D living room design by Space Designer 3D

You can create your interior design and walk through your 3D home as if you were there with Space Designer 3D

When it comes to interior design, making changes can be frightening.

  • What if I paint this wall in blue but don’t like the outcome?
  • Should I really buy this bright red armchair?

Fear no more. With Space Designer 3D, an online floor-planning app, try your interior design ideas before making final decisions, so you can only be happy with your decor choices.

When you want to change the painting of your wall or buy a new sofa, you don’t immediately think about 3D. That might change soon thanks to Space Designer 3D, a web app that lets you change your interior design and visualize your home in 3D.

The first, and probably most important thing when it comes to visualizing your house in 3D is to properly draw its floor plan. Space Designer 3D offers several tools to draw your floor plan, depending on what you want to create : external or internal walls with different width, curved walls for the curvy parts of your house or outdoor to draw your garden, terrace or patio.

You have two options to draw your floor plan:

  1. start from scratch, or
  2. draw over an existing picture.

You don’t need any technical knowledge, as Space Designer 3D includes the “Smart Walls” technology that automatically snaps walls together and shows paths to make your walls straights.

2D design of home with Space Designer 3D

Plan your layout in 2D and switch to 3D to visit your brand new home

You can type in the dimensions of the desired wall, or drag-and-drop it to make it fit your floor plan. You can show or hide all the dimensions at anytime, which is a useful feature if you want to both show your floor plan to a professional and have fun with interior design without unnecessary dimensions.

When four walls connect, the floor appears and a room is created. You can then change its name, flooring or wall material, and add some furniture. By default, each room shows its area. This area changes if you move the walls, so it is always accurate and representative of the total surface. By clicking on the floor of a room, you can hide it and even add a label to your room, such as “Living Room” or “Bryan’s Bedroom.” This is way more friendly than a basic “Room 1” and “Room 2.”

birchwood floor plan

Add labels to your rooms to indicate their purpose

Once your floor plan is ready, it is time to add openings and furniture to make your 3D home take shape.

To place a door, window or any piece of furniture, drag-and-drop your selection from the catalog on the left side of the application.

The furniture catalog of 1500+ 3D items makes it easy to find the next highlight of your room. You can change the colors and dimensions of each piece of furniture to create the perfect match for your interior design. If you need some inspiration, the blog is filled with tips and tricks about architecture and interior design, such as how to avoid making mistakes when you design a floor plan or tips to design a home office.


3D Rendering of an office break room made with Space Designer 3D

Homeowners and home decoration enthusiasts are not the only ones who can use Space Designer 3D to visualize a property; professionals can use the application to showcase their floor plans and design as well.

Photorealistic renderings are under development, and will allow you in a couple of months to create images that looks like real life, without the expense of a professional photoshoot.

Closet Design with Space Designer 3D

Photorealistic rendering made with Space Designer 3D

If you want to have an immersive view of your 3D home, you can use virtual reality headsets to walk through your Space Designer 3D project. The mobile version of the application, which you can already use on your tablet or smartphone, includes a VR option so you can dive into your project with your Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other compatible virtual reality headset.

Example of mobile design using Space Designer 3D

Screenshot of the mobile version of Space Designer 3D

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic 3D models
  • Easy to use
  • Everything is customizable
  • Many helpful video tutorials and complete help center
  • Direct assistance through chat or phone
  • Compatible with desktop computers, laptop, tablets, smartphones and VR
  • Friendly team and customer service


  • Mostly European/North-American furniture
  • Few kitchen appliances and miscellaneous items
  • No templates for a quick start


When you want to change the painting of your wall or buy a new sofa, you don’t immediately think about 3D. That might change soon thanks to Space Designer 3D, as this web app makes it easy to try and preview interior design ideas in 3D.

Space Designer 3D lets you preview your projects virtually: try out different layouts, pick the best armchair to go with your sofa and choose a paint color that would spark up your interior design. There is no better way to make a choice than to already know its outcome.