The 6 Best Online Free Virtual Paint Color Software Options

Check out these amazing free virtual paint color software options to help choose the right paint colors for your home. All software is free and online.
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This helps for choosing the best paint colors for your home.

Couple painting room

If you’re like me, you have a hard time visualizing how various colors will look in your home.

I can look at all the paint samples I like as well as examples of rooms painted in various colors, but I still have a hard time visualizing how the colors will look in my home.

An easy solution is using one of several free paint color visualizer software options available online.

FYI – there are more than 5 online paint visualizer software options available, but we chose to list the best 5 options.  We test over 12 and the list below includes our favorite 6.  

More importantly, each of the 6 below offers something unique and features we really like.

To our benefit several companies (mostly paint companies) offer free paint color interior design software on their websites to help you select paint colors for your home.

Most of these software options offer a variety of features.  Of course they want you to buy their paint so the colors represent their paint colors.  Therefore, if you have a preferred paint brand, it’s best to use that brand’s paint color tools.

In my opinion, the best paint color matching software offer the following features:

  • It’s online (instead of requiring you to download something);
  • It’s free
  • It offers the option to upload your own images (i.e. upload pictures of the room(s) you wish to paint);
  • It makes it super easy to change the color of any area of the images you upload;
  • It’s easy to order the paint colors you decide on using the software.

We’ve spent hours trying out several paint color matching software platforms to save you time.

Below is our list with brief descriptions of what the software offers.

1. Home Stratosphere’s Paint Visualizer Software

We’re pleased to offer free online paint visualizer software here.  With this software you can upload interior and exterior photos of your home and then apply hundreds of different actual paint colors from the Behr paint collection.  It’s entirely free and all online (nothing to download).  It’s super easy to use.  You can paint walls, ceilings, floors, house exteriors, furniture – anything in the photos.

Free paint visualizer software


Magic WandBrushFreeformEraserMoveZoomLight

Visualizer magic wand

Visualizer freeform

Visualizer eraser

Visualizer move


Visualizer zoom


Visualizer light

2. Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer

I love Benjamin Moore’s paint color software.  They offer sample rooms that you can mix and match colors as well as the ability to upload images of your room(s).  Yes, it’s free (but you do need sign up).

It’s super easy to do.  Once you have your image uploaded (you’ll need an image at least 1,200 px x 1,200 px), you can create up to 5 zones on which you’d like to add colors.

The software offers several ways to apply colors.  There’s a paint brush, magic wand and shape tool.

Benjamin Moore Paint Your Room Software

The colors are then easily inserted into the zones you choose.

Color options with Benjamin Moore's paint color software

This will give you a great idea what different colors will look like in your room.



Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer rooms


Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer styles

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer paint

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer zoom

Click here to use Benjamin Moore’s “Paint Your Room” software.

3.  Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer for Web Software

What I really like about Sherwin-Williams paint selector software is it makes color theme suggestions.  This is very helpful when starting out.  After all, there are millions of color combinations so getting started isn’t easy.

Within the scenes offered by the software, you can add your own colors to preset zones to see how they look together.

Add your own images:

You can also upload your own images.  Within this screen you can select zones with a paint brush, magic wand or zone selector.

Color Collections offered by Sherwin-Williams Visualizer:

The software includes access to a wide array of color collections which shows you beautifully painted rooms and sets out the paint colors provided. You can also check out several expert color theme picks.


ScenesDefinitionColor CollectionColor PicksVideo

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer scenes


Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer definition

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer color collection

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer color theme picks

Sherwin-Williams Colorsnap Visualizer Tutorial Video

To recap, Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap ® Visualizer for the Web offers pretty much everything you could want to help you choose the right paint colors for your room(s).  I particularly like the expert picks option that’s perfect as a starting point.

 Click here for the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer.

4.  Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer

While easy to use, Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer lacks in finesse for choosing paint zones on your uploaded images.

It only offers a paint bucket and broad paint brush for selecting zones.  This results in a lack of precision in choosing your zones.

Check it out (you can see the thick paint strokes… and that’s the most precise tool it offers):

Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer

Moreover, this paint color tool doesn’t offer color themes or starting paint color combinations.

That said, it’s super easy to use, isn’t buggy at all and you don’t need to sign up with your personal details.



Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer fill

Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer brush

Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer eraser

Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer light

Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer share



Click here for the Cloverdale Paint Colour Visualizer

5.  Behr® Paint Colours

Behr® Paint Colours software starts with color schemes instead of rooms.  This is a different take on the above listed paint color software options.

What I like about this paint selector software is it make choose different color themes easy.  From there, you choose a room and can then implement the various color themes into the room colors.

The downside to this software is you cannot upload your own images.  At least I didn’t find anyway to do so.

A huge advantage to this software is how quickly you can test different colors.  It’s very easy to toggle between the color options and the room image.  Once the room image is displayed, it’s one click to see the color implemented on the image.

While you can’t use your own images, this is very handy to get a general idea of what specific colors will look like in various rooms.

In a nutshell, Behr® Paint Colours software is fantastic for choosing paint colors quickly.

Here’s the simple and speedy process:


Choose ColorApply Color



Behr® Paint Colours choose color



Behr® Paint Colours apply color



Click here for the Behr® Paint Colours Software

6.  Rodda Color Visualizer

Rodda Color Visualizer offers the ability to work off of existing images as samples or upload your own images.

The biggest benefit of this color interior design software is the ability to input different types of flooring in images.  This really completes your interior design color analysis.

Like Behr’s® software, the Rodda software is meant to be fast.

When working off of the sample images, instead of having to use zone selector tools, you simple click the preset parts of the room on which you’d like to apply colors.  For example, you can change the walls, ceiling, baseboards, crown moulding, window trim and/or floor.

The sample images cover all main rooms of the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, foyers as well as exteriors.

If you wish to upload your own images, you must create an account.  It’s free, but you know the drill with creating accounts.

Once an account is created, you upload the image and have the option to trace/outline zones or use a fill magic wand (similar to the paint bucket tool).  Here’s a screenshot.

One really great feature with this tool is you can also input different types of flooring.  This is a terrific feature because the floor is a huge component to the interior design of any room.

In a nutshell, while the Rodda software isn’t as easy to use as some of the others set out above, it does offer the ability to input different types of flooring.  This is a huge benefit… and if new floors are part of your renovation or interior design, give this software a try.


ScenesApply Color

Rodda Color Visualizer scenes

Rodda Color Visualizer color 

Click here for the Rodda Color Visualizer Software

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