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8 Best Home Builder Software Programs for Managing Construction Projects

Construction concept

Home builder software is also known as residential construction software. It is a collection of different programs, information and processes which allow construction contractors working on residential projects manage the whole process. From the beginning of the project, which could be the initial home design or the remodeling, to the aspect of accounting for the costs and accounting to project management and completion – everything that can help them get the job done can be managed through home builder software.

Just like with commercial construction software, there are several home builder software options that construction companies can consider. The typical functions that you can expect to see in home builder software can include the likes of inventory control, equipment management, punch list management, purchase orders, contract writing, scheduling, change order tracking, chargebacks and other solutions related to subcontracts as well.

They can also boast accounting functions like accounts payable and receivable. Other than that, the general ledgers, job cost accounting and payroll can also be a part of home builder software as per the norm. Additional functions they can boast include modules that enable them to calculate the cost of the building material and the unit costs for materials like the lumber they might be using on a project. They can even use add-ons to the home builder software to track the expenses of their projects and all the overhead costs.

Plenty of home builder software have been developed over the years. We have put together a list of some of the most highly rated home builder software which can help you decide which one to go for.

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1. BuilderTrend3D Residential Project Model

Buildertrend is homebuilding software for home builders, specialty contractors, general contractors and remodelers. This construction management system brings together project management, project scheduling, service management, financial management and customer management into a single platform for the residential contractor to use. The fact that this is actually cloud-based software enables it to be accessed online through a device like a smartphone, tablet, and even a computer.

The home builder software also incorporates a customer relationship management system built in-house, proposals, and quick bids. It also boasts all the standard project management tools like budgeting, time sheets, and scheduling. Customer management tools like selection management, change order, payment processing and warranty requests are also included in the software. This makes Buildertrend a considerable option for contractors when it comes to their projects.

2. CoConstruct SoftwareConstruction workers

CoConstruct is one of the most complete home building software platforms. Project management, financial management and client management systems all come together in the form of this software for custom remodelers and homebuilders to use.

The Co-construct Software is the only single-entry estimation system. It allows each user to input a piece of information once. That data then flows directly from the estimate, specifications, bids, budgets, change orders and selections to and from Quick Books without the aspect of double entry. That makes it a very efficient finance management system for contractors to use for the projects they are working on.

The aspects of scheduling, client and subcontractor portals, to-do lists, warranty, job log, communication and scheduling available on Co-construct makes the entire process of the project seamless for everyone involved.

Co-construct only charges the builders for the projects currently underway. There is no charge for use with estimates, bidding and prospects. The subscription to this software also comes with a dedicated implementation coach. Contractors can expect their branding to be well matched by the Co-construct software.

3. Procure Construction Software2D plan

Procure is cloud based home builder software. It has been designed to help construction contractors increase their efficiency and accountability on residential projects. It does this by providing them with a platform which enables seamless project documentation and communication. The users of this software can access it through any mobile device or computer that has an internet connection.

From the architects to the engineers and construction management companies, there are a lot of people involved in a construction project. Procure construction software helps all of them collaborate on the project and view all the documents like contracts, RFIs, drawings, schedules and submitting. Anyone involved with the project can edit and share the project data right from the job site while the owners of the facility can keep a check on the progress as it happens. Procure construction software can be bought on a subscription basis by contractors to use as per their requirement.

4. Plan Grid SoftwareRolled Sheets

Plan Grid is home builder software which has been built keeping design teams, owners, specialty contractors, and general contractors in mind. It allows the entire construction team access to documents related to the project including project drawings, shop drawings, progress photos and specifications. As the project continues, all the data is updated and everybody has access to the same updated data since the system is synced.

With all the synced data, there is more that Plan Grid brings to the table. With collaboration tools like issue tracking and field reports, you can track the work assignments, collect and complete the punch lists. Field reports allow you to complete job site reports like inspection forms, checklists and the daily progress reports. The project completion sees a full hyperlink which can be generated and shared with the owners. The app can be operated on Android OS, iOS and Windows devices. This makes it quite accessible.

5. Sage 100 Contractor SoftwareSoftware

Formerly known as Sage Primary Builder, Sage 100 Contractor is a construction management system which was built keeping midsize to small size construction companies in mind. Sage 100 is able to cater to the needs of specialty contractors, general contractors and home builder . It is home builder software which suits the needs of companies that have gone beyond the need for the more generic accounting software. The suite of programs in this software covers the construction cycle in its entirety. This includes everything from accounting, project scheduling, estimates, job costing and service management.

This construction management system comes with an interactive user interface which provides comprehensive visibility of things like company performance, current job expenditures, and pending operations. The multiple reporting templates allow users to generate business reports that they can customize according to their unique requirement. The alert mechanism that this construction management system uses can even send out emails to notify employees of important issues including low bank balance and expiring certificate of insurance.

Because of the fact that it has cloud-based capabilities, Sage 100 Contractor can be accessed on any device which has an internet connection making it a very convenient option to consider.

6. On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid SoftwareTablet

On-Screen Takeoff is home builder software which focuses on the aspect of estimating and the takeoff solutions which contractors and other professionals in the construction industry need. It offers them the tools that they need to manage bids, make estimations of the project and have project visibility. The construction operations across both residential and commercial construction projects can be streamlined by contractors using the On-Screen Takeoff software.

The software also helps in making better estimates and completing bids with higher accuracy. New users will find it quite easy to create new bids because of the in-built bid wizard guides that the software boasts. The application also includes cost databases as per trade, accounting integration and an electronic quote system. Capable of being used with mobile devices, it provides field access to important project data like labor management and the cost of operations.

7. Job Power Construction Accounting Softwaredata

An integrated construction accounting management system, Job Power is a powerful tool for professionals in the construction industry. It is home builder software that provides a lot of useful tools, including the likes of detailed job costing, payroll by job, construction-oriented billing and accounting. All these features are designed to provide convenience to the contractors when it comes to managing the accounting aspect of the construction industry.

You can install the software on a desktop computer or a server. Mac users can gain access to the cloud version of the software with an internet connection. In fact, due to its cloud capabilities, it can be accessed from any device having an internet connection.

Imagine getting a comprehensive overview of all the statistical figures including financial information, receivables, payable and the numerical overviews of the jobs. The billing application on the software also supports AIA Billing, time and material invoicing, retainage tracking, and recurring billings.

The documents created using Job Power are automatically filed in the document management system on basis of the customer, job, vendor or document type. Particularly helpful for construction companies that are mid-range to small sized businesses, this program can provide a good service to a wide array of firms.

8. Jonas Premier SoftwareContractor

Jonas Premier is home builder software which boasts being a complete construction management system solution for the construction industry. This is because it brings all the aspects of accounting, job cost, drawing, project and document management under a single cloud-based platform. home builder, general contractors and land developers seem to stand to gain the most by using the Jonas Premier Software. It consists of several integrated modules like job costing, estimating, billing, time and expense, reporting, accounting and inventory management.

The accounting module of Jonas Premier Software is incredibly powerful. The software is able to comprehensively handle multi-division, inter-company and even multi-company financial transactions. A management dashboard that is completely customizable provides the option of drill-down capabilities. This allows the viewership of detailed business information on demand. The module for job costing and estimating makes it possible for the contractors to track all the costs of the construction project and generate accurate job costing breakdown reports.

Jonas Premier Software also allows the users to properly manage their billing reports and expense report activities along with keeping track of their purchase orders. The employee time and expense management, custom approval workflow management, and centralized document management are some of the additional benefits that come with the Jonas Premier Software.