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The Pink House’s Clever Use of Space and Contrast by Scott Posno Design

The simple look of the Pink House designed by Scott Posno Design belies the beauty of its exterior and interior that makes it a showcase. The 3,000-square-foot house in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood captures the essence of a contemporary design while providing all the necessary comforts for a family home.

Exploring the Outside and Exterior

The front of the house has two large picture windows that are kitty corner from each other. The same use of windows is repeated along the other sides of the house. The main level of the home has dark cedar horizontal siding while the second story has vertical siding. It gives the structure a clean, geometric look.

The Pink House features include:

  • Large open main living space
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Built-in shelves and storage areas
  • Skylight

A Look Inside

Open is the first word you think of when you see the interior of this three-level house. Every room is wide and spacious with plenty of shared space to encourage maximum use. The white walls of the interior provide an attractive contrast with the dark-colored exterior and enhance its sense of warmth.

One of the hallmarks of the design is its clever inclusion of cabinets and shelves for extra storage space. In the dining room, a credenza lines the entire length of the wall, providing a generous amount of storage. Overhead shelves offer additional space. The room is well lit with lots of natural light coming in from the myriad of rectangular windows.

The kitchen is every cook’s dream with a large room that does double duty as a breakfast nook with its centrally located island. Lighting is well-placed over it. The white walls and white oak wood millwork add to the sense of openness and light. The counter and cabinet space are equally generous. The room also has a bookcase and desk.

A wall with a three-sided open fireplace separates the living room from the rest of the main floor. The room also includes a smart placement of shelves and storage space. One of the highlights of this level is the staircase which has open risers and a transparent glass balustrade. It’s a stunning complement to the projecting skylight. It makes gorgeous use of the natural light.

The bedroom is large with an interesting placement of windows on both sides in the corner of the room. Tall ceilings give it a spacious yet inviting feel. It extends even to the powder room with its white fixtures and chrome hardware. It has an unmistakable clean and airy atmosphere about it. It makes use of the same straight lines that are a key feature of the design.

The Pink House designed by Scott Posno Design is an excellent example of a structure that uses light and an open floor plan to create a feeling of spaciousness and flow. While modern in its design, the house makes wise use of both solid and void spaces. Overall, it captures the essence of the openness that makes this family home stand out.

Design by Scott Posno Design