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Pros and Cons of Roller Shutters

A collage of roller shutter.

These days, it is important to think of your home’s overall security. You have to think about your family’s safety, and that means upgrading your home security system. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, 61 to 70 percent of homicides take place in houses in residential areas.

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Advantages of Having Roller Shutters

So, how do you keep your family safe? You will be off to a good start by installing window roller shutters, as this increases your home’s security by a huge percentage. Typically, having rolling shutters on your windows:

1. Amps up your Home’s Security

Roller shutters help prevent burglars and outsiders from peeking into your home and discovering its contents. Lock it properly, and you can rest assured that it won’t be opened from the outside.

These are usually made from tough and durable materials, so it won’t budge easily. Roller shutters can also be used for both doors and windows.

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2. Offers Privacy

Installing roller shutters will prevent prying eyes from peeking through your windows. This is especially useful if you have windows facing the streets.

You also have the option to roll it halfway – if you want to let the sunshine in the morning or all the way through – to give you peace of mind while you are sleeping at night.

cctv in trees3. Protects you from the Sun and Scorching Weather

It can get pretty hot in Australia during the summer, so make sure to have roller shutters installed even before summertime begins.

Aside from protecting your whole family from the harmful rays of the sun, you are also protecting your furniture and carpets from possible wear and tear. Roll them down before you go out in the morning, so you would have a cool place to come home to.

4. Gives you Energy Savings

Roller shutters are as helpful in the winter as they are in the summer. They help keep the warm air inside your house, especially when locked and shut properly. This means using your air conditioning and heating system to a minimum, as air would not be able to escape your home.

You will be surprised at the amount that you will save in the long run, and you will surely feel happy with your energy bill each month.

5. Prevents Unwanted Noise from Coming In

Window roller shutters are especially useful for houses along the side of the road, as they can prevent up to 60 percent of outside noise from coming inside your house. If you want to sleep soundly and peacefully, then you should strongly consider having these installed as soon as possible.

6. Protects your Home from Natural Disasters

As we have mentioned earlier, roller shutters are extremely durable, which makes them a good protection from the rain, huge storms, hailstorms and strong winds. Some shutters are even resistant to fire, which can protect your furniture and important possessions from going up in flames.

huge home7. Increases your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Roller shutters can instantly spruce up your home from both the outside and inside. It looks aesthetically pleasing, so watch and be pleased when visitors come by and commend your decorative choices.

Disadvantages of Roller Shutters

Of course, like any other security product, roller shutters too have some disadvantages. Before you decide to have them installed, it is important that you are aware of this product’s downsides. Here are some of the disadvantages of roller shutters:

1.Requires Special Cleaning

Since roller shutters have horizontal slats, they are more difficult to clean. Sometimes, it would suffice to hose them down with water. However, if you want a deep clean, you would have to find a suitable cleaning material and go through each slat, one by one.

2. Operating Issues

There are two types of roller shutters – manual and automatic. Manual roller shutters can be cumbersome to operate, especially when you are in a hurry. While automatic roller shutters are more convenient to operate, they can be more expensive.

Aside from that, they also need a reliable power source. Since their system is more complicated, automatic roller shutters also require regular maintenance. As you can see, the advantages of roller shutters still outweigh their disadvantages.

It goes without saying that despite their downsides, rolling shutters can still be considered as a valuable investment for your home and for your family.

house with shutter windowsWhat to Consider When Buying Window Roller Shutters

There are some things to consider when buying roller shutters, and we are enumerating most of it here.

  • Location – The first thing that you have to think about is the location of your window shutters. Interior shutters are easily adjustable from inside the house, and are perfect if you want to use them for privacy purposes. With interior shutters, you also have the option to have your windows covered half or full.

Exterior shutters are more for aesthetic purposes. They also help in protecting the windows from the harsh winds and weather outside. So, if that is your main priority, then you should consider getting exterior shutters instead of interior ones.

  • Panel Style – Panel styles are considered and used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Louvered shutters are a series of wood panels that are overlapping on only one frame. They can be used for both interior and exterior shutters, and usually adds a “country” vibe to your house. They come in single and double-height options, too!

Raised panels look like small boxes with rectangular frames, while shakers usually have a flat body. They are similar to raised panels, but are made with a series of indentations without having to stick out.

Plantation shutters allow light to pass through them, so this style can be useful if you want to experience the morning light every day. These are usually installed inside the house, but can also be placed outside.

Board and Batten shutters are usually made up of a series of wooden boards that are linked through a series of battens. This can be personalised depending on your needs, and what you want your shutters to look like. This type of shutters is used to achieve a rustic or classy vibe to your home.

blue window with barsScandinavian shutters are used to protect curve-styled windows. They are usually installed from the outside, and can protect your home and windows from strong winds, hailstorms, and heavy rain.

  • Size – Cafe-style shutters cover half of the windows. This style is inspired by the cafes in Europe, which usually uses this type of window shutter. It looks crisp and clean, and can instantly add a sophisticated look to your home.

Full height shutters are usually installed to cover the whole window. This is especially useful if you want to keep the sun out, or you want ultimate privacy inside your home.

Solid shutters are useful for keeping the harmful rays of the sun and outside noise from coming inside your home. These shutters are made with solid panels, and are usually wooden.

Tier-on-Tier shutters allows you to choose between having your windows open or closed, while still giving full protection for your windows and home.

  • Shape – There are different of window shutter shapes: arched, rectangle, french door cut, trapezoid, and circle. These are the most common, although some shapes such as angle top and octagon can also be made by request.
  • MaterialWood shutters are usually the most popular choice, as this type works for every kind of shutter. It can be painted and sealed to your liking and can be cut in a lot of ways.

Laminated materials are made of thin lumber slats that are joined together to create a strong piece.

Metal shutters are a popular choice for people who like to keep their windows in tiptop shape and to prevent them from the harsh winds and strong rain. This material can easily dent though, so make sure to check every once in a while.

Other materials include PVC and Foam Synthetic.

Other Home Security Options

Window roller shutters are not the only thing that you can use if you want to protect your home from burglars and the harsh weather. You have a lot of other options, including:

Automatic Driveway Gates

This can keep the burglars away as automatic driveway gates cannot easily be opened from the outside. It can also keep your kids and pets safe and secure inside your home.

Convenience is also one of the main advantages of having these gates installed. With just one touch of a button, you can have your gates opened and your car parked in no time.

Security Screens

There is more to a security screen than it seems. Having one installed will keep the insects and burglars at bay. It can easily be locked from the inside, so you can rest assured that no outsider will be able to open it from the outside.

It also keeps the good air in and at the same time, adds value to your home. It is aesthetically pleasing, too, and allows the morning light to come inside your home. Passers-by will also have a difficult time seeing the inside of your home, which is a very good security measure.

wooden windows

Security Doors

Security doors are usually made of steel or wrought iron, which makes it extra difficult for burglars to destroy and break in. They offer a strong and sturdy frame and keep your door from being destroyed by natural forces, too.

Studies show that burglars usually keep away from homes that are secured with security doors. They easily get intimidated and stay away from it, as they think that the whole house is protected.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems protect you and your family from burglars. The alarms instantly sound off whenever someone tries to break into your home. You and the authorities will easily be notified once this happens.

Having an alarm system installed at home can be extremely useful for people who need to protect their valuables inside their home. It also allows you to see and check your home even when you are away, and can easily be installed and connected to your smartphone.

It can even notify you if a gas or fire problem starts to arise, which is an extremely important thing, especially when you live in a bushfire zone or you tend to go away for long periods of time.

Nothing can make you feel more secure than seeing your family in safe hands. Get your window roller shutters today, and you will for sure be thankful that you did!

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