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Lizzie Borden’s Maplecroft Mansion Is On The Market for $849K

Lizzie Borden's mansion is a large 370 square-meter that comes with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a dazzling Queen Anne Victorian interior.

Lizzie Borden, 1890s accused and acquitted ax murderer, has her Massachusetts estate listed in the market for $849K, complete with an interior filled with Victorian designs as the current owner revived the whole house with furniture dating back to Lizzie’s time.

However, don’t get all excited yet if you’re a murder-mystery geek. This isn’t the house where the alleged murder of Lizzie’s father and stepmother took place. The exact house where the axe murder happened is actually a couple of miles away from the Massachusetts mansion itself.

After her father was murdered, Lizzie and her sister, Emma, inherited her father’s fortune. Mr. Borden’s wealth would amount to approximately $10M today. The Borden sister then spent the money they inherited on the Massachusetts mansion back in 1894 and named it Maplecroft.

The Maplecroft mansion served as Lizzie Borden’s resting place as she lived there until she passed away in 1927 because of pneumonia.

120 years after the murder of Andrew Borden and his wife, the Maplecroft mansion at Fall River, Massachusetts, has become an ultimate hot spot for murder-mystery enthusiasts and people who are highly intrigued by the Borden case.

Details about the Listing

The mansion itself is a large 370 square-meter that comes with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a rather ostentatious looking Queen Anne Victorian interior. Every bit of the house is designed with baroque parts, customized millwork, and remarkable mantles.

The kitchen feel very old-fashioned yet quite homey and warm with its tin ceilings. Moreover, the parlor also has these coffered ceilings that makes the room look authentically vintage.

The whole place even comes fully-furnished with all sorts of accessories and furniture that dates back to the 1890s. Living in it will certainly let you feel the Borden’s lavish-lifestyle and their family’s intriguing history.

The current owner spared no expense at renovating the whole estate. Some of the furniture were even made to replicate those that existed when Lizzie Borden herself lived in the Maplecroft mansion.

Lastly, the house comes with a large grand foyer, a spectacular timber staircase, and a large fireplace the hallway that just makes everything in the room look well put-together.

What I Love About This House

  • The house came with exquisite detailing. Starting from the coffered ceilings down to the carefully selected pieces of furniture, entering this home will certainly let you feel like you’ve traveled back in the Victorian period.
  • The house’s large 8 bedroom capacity makes it an ideal choice for large families.
  • The grandeur of its living room and vintage-looking kitchen makes it a great home for hosting guests.
  • The mansion has seven fireplaces, each one in an impressively cozy-feeling room.
  • It has a grand foyer entry.
  • The mansion is filled with remarkable mahogany moldings.

Below is the full photo gallery of Lizzie Borden’s home.

Image source: Trulia.

Image source: Trulia.

Map of Neighborhood

Here’s a map of the neighborhood in Fall River, Massachusetts:

Image source: Google Maps

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