Tropical Home Decor Ideas Style Guide for 2019

All about the Tropical home decor design style for home interiors and architecture. 100's of photos.
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Welcome to the Tropical interior design style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Tropical style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Tropic Home Decor?

Elements of Exterior Tropical Design

  • Tropical home decor living room exampleSunshades
  • Big roof overhangs
  • High ceilings and steep pitched roof design
  • Clay roof tiles
  • Transom panels covered with intricate wood
  • Roof and wall insulation
  • Large window openings
  • Carvings or wood louvers
  • Cavity walls
  • Light shelves
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Shading from large trees

Elements of Interior Tropical Design

  • Open plan layout
  • Safari-themed, jungle or beach vibes
  • Passive cooling
  • High ceilings
  • Light and breezy
  • Ceiling fans
  • Monochromatic and light, reflective color scheme
  • Predominant green nuances
  • Accessories and furniture made of tropical woods or natural materials
  • Fabrics and textiles with palm leaves or animal motif
  • Plenty of indoor plants
  • Figures and statues of animals
  • Wooden flooring with a red carpet

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation every single day, then you’re going to want to check out the modern tropical style. This is where you’re going to find natural materials and you’re going to find a whole lot of bright colors. You can get a more traditional tropical room by sticking with all the natural elements or you can go modern tropical to create that tropical paradise by using some artificial aspects to mimic the natural ones. It’s entirely up to you but either way, you’re going to have a lot of fun with a tropical house design and with the space that you’re filling up. It’s all about the beach house, the palm trees, and other tropical chic… and feeling like you’re surrounded by those crashing waves.

Distinguishing Design Features

The biggest features are commonly the natural materials of wicker, bamboo, teak, and rattan. These are going to be all over the space and they’re going to make up not only the accent pieces but all of the furniture and the floors as well. Woven pieces and anything that looks like it could be handmade can be a key feature in this type of room. You’re going to find there are plenty of ways to weave in your favorite aspects such as woven lamps and rugs or even greenery. There will be a lot of plants and a whole lot of plant themed aspects and possibly even animals and safari style. Texture is a big key to the design of tropical themed rooms and mixes well with the natural fabrics that we’ve already mentioned as being present.


Tropical bedroom decor The main materials are going to be those natural ones we already mentioned including wicker, teak, rattan, and bamboo but also including a whole lot of real plants (or fake ones if you prefer) and natural woods. You may find a lot of woven materials and everything could be in a variety of colors. Because the tropics are so vibrant in color it’s likely you’ll see some vibrant accents but neutral colors of white, ivory, tans, and pale colors are going to be more common in the majority of these rooms. If you want to go with the warmer tropics you’ll find some bright oranges and bold blues and greens to highlight the space, but it’s best to use these as highlights instead of the entire room.


Tropical chestFurniture in a tropical style is made with all of those standard materials. They’re made to look more like beach or outdoor furniture in the wicker and rattan materials but you’ll also find some that are made with wood and some that are covered in fabric like what you would find in most rooms and spaces. You’re definitely going to have overstuffed furniture that’s designed for comfort and wicker styles that are more for versatility. A lot of the furniture that you put in this type of room may even be able to be taken right outside to use on your porch as well (though you won’t have to).

Décor Accessories

Wicker ottomanYou can opt for a whole lot of bright and bold colors and designs to go into your tropical room. This type of room is going to have a lot of patterns on the walls, in the curtains, in the blankets and pillows and possibly even in the furniture coverings. Other rooms may be a little more muted and have more neutral colored walls and furniture with a few little aspects of color or pops of design to help make a statement. You may also seem some more elegant aspects that help give a tropical feel.

If you combine the tropical colors and textures with more formal design styles such as sweeping curtains and tufted furniture you can create a tropical atmosphere that is still elegant and upscale as well. Deciding on one of these designs can help you with the decorative aspects but in a more formal setting, you’ll have the tropical designs on more elegant materials or in smaller forms that will showcase the product more so than the design. You’ll still have a whole lot of texture and a whole lot of plants throughout the space.

Why it Looks Great

Tropical flowerWhat really looks great here is that you feel like you’re heading out on vacation. You don’t have to worry about heading to a tropical paradise because you’re going to feel like you already have one and you’re already right there ready to go. You’ll have some fun colors and a whole lot of live plants and elements that make it feel more like a beach resort than anything else. What’s also great is that you can dress up the style to get elegance and sophistication or you can dress it down so you can feel like you’re relaxing on vacation at the same time.

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