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House in Pāvilosta by Open AD

House in Pāvilosta by Open AD

Architect: Open AD architects
Location: Pavilosta, Latvia
Year: 2019
Team: Zane Tetere – Sulce, Ansis Kempelis
Photo: Alvis Rozenbergs

This house in Pavilosta on the west coast of Latvia is in a location with strict building regulations. When the owners bought the property we concluded that the original structure could no longer be saved. Instead, it served as inspiration for the new home.

Guided by the principles of local building traditions, the house maintains a typical triangular shape, timber cladding, narrow front windows, and a wood shingle roof. The timber cladding is Siberian larch which will take on a light grey hue to match the choppy Baltic sea and northern skies on a cloudy day. Grey has become the color of the modern-day town of Pāvilosta.

No matter the weather, the home is flooded with natural light through the tall, west-facing windows at the back of the house and skylights over the kitchen and living room area. Inside, playful features are also inspired by local ways. The living room lighting, for example, is designed to resemble clotheslines.

The home was built off-site as a custom prefab which made for smooth delivery and little disturbance to residents. This respectful approach allowed protecting the old garden with its orchard. Now, perennials and grasses have been added to complement the apple trees. Between the indoor area and the garden is a terrace split into two zones with the addition of a pergola. Tucked in the back of the garden is a storage shed with an inbuilt nook for firewood.

Underfloor heating and natural, foam-free insulation solutions were a worthwhile investment to ensure this house in Pavilosta is liveable year-round.