60 Yellow Living Room Ideas for 2019

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Do you want to keep the walls of your living room a light color but find white to be a bit boring? Yellow is a bright color that compliments a variety of living room sizes and designs. Even if yellow isn’t one of your favorite colors, you might be inspired by browsing our Yellow Living Room design ideas gallery.
Out of the 552,888 living rooms and 14 colors analyzed, 1.35 percent (or 7,460) have yellow as the dominant color.

Using Yellow as Your Dominant Design Color

If your living room has had white or neutral colored walls for years, it might be time to add a little color to your walls. If you’ve had dark walls for a long time, you might be looking for a color that lightens things up but isn’t as drastic as white; yellow is a great option.

Yellow represents joy, happiness, hope, and mental clarity. Although the color yellow also has negative associations, such as jealousy or warning, yellow has positive associations in interior design.

Using yellow all over your living room can look sophisticated with designs such as the Victorian design or relaxed with designs like Country.

Using Yellow as Accents

If you’re not ready to paint your walls yellow, you can incorporate the bright and cheery hue throughout your living room with accent pieces. Yellow table lamps, a painted coffee table, or a large painting with yellow as a prominent color are great uses of yellow.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with patterns and textures to make the yellow accents more prominent.

Selecting the Right Shade of Yellow

Many people shy away from using yellow in their living room because they never found a shade of yellow that they liked well enough. Shades of yellow can be as pale as butter or as bright as a the yellow on a bumblebee. Play around with and incorporate some of the shades in trim, accent pieces, furniture, upholstery, and drapes.

Making Use of Other Colors

Yellow, all its own, might be a little boring but if you add other colors to your living room, you can make the yellow stand out and look attractive and welcome. Feel free to play around with color but consider colors that are complementary to yellow.

For instance, lemon-yellow looks best with colors like cherry-red, blue, or gray. Pale-yellow pairs well with fuchsia, blue, purple, and brown and golden yellow looks great with azure, red, and brown. If you are using a classic yellow, blue, lilac, black, and gray look best.

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