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Elegant, complex grids are the hallmark of a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a grid of squares or rectangles that are used to create the illusion of intersecting or crisscrossing beams. The panels that a coffered ceiling is comprised of can be in the shape of an octagon, square, or rectangle.

For centuries, coffered ceilings have been used to create an atmosphere of wealth, style, or elegance. Installing a coffered ceiling in your kitchen can transform it from a quaint area to a sophisticated room that can become the major selling point of your home.

Features of Kitchens With Coffered Ceilings

The purpose of a coffered ceiling is to instantly class up the environment, and you can install a coffered ceiling just about anywhere- a living room, dining room, bedroom- but adding a coffered ceiling to a kitchen can add an element of elegance and create space and height that you didn’t think you had before.


If you have a coffered ceiling in your kitchen, there are a few ways to make the furnishings complement the complex pattern above you.

If you have square shaped panels on your ceiling that make up your coffered design, you can add the same effect to the cabinetry and window choices in the room to bring it all together. Countertops with square molding and imprints can also help with pulling this look together.


You can brighten the room and attention to the coffered design on your kitchen ceiling by strategically placing lights in key places in the room. A hanging, pendant light will assist with creating the modern, sophisticated look you were hoping to achieve with a coffered ceiling if it’s placed inside of the rectangles or squares that make up your ceiling pattern.

If your kitchen is a part of your home that affords you a lot of natural light, if your coffered ceilings are painted a light color, the incoming light can also be balanced using the pattern of the beams in your ceiling.

Color Schemes

The elegance and class of a coffered ceiling in your kitchen can be enhanced by the use of certain colors. The coffee color of coffered ceiling made of wood can complement the color of the floors in your kitchen if you have hardwood floors. However, you can opt for more than one style in your ceiling pattern- multi-colored tiles are an excellent complement to kitchen floors with stone tiles.