Industrial Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

Everything you need to know about the Industrial home decor. Hundreds of designs and photos. Epic guide.
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Welcome to the Industrial interior design style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Industrial style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Industrial Home Decor?

Elements of Exterior Industrial Design

  • Industrial kitchen design with brick wall in loft condo.Usually found in cities and lofts,
  • Use of shipping containers,
  • Exposed brick,
  • Exposed pipes and ducts, and
  • Large open windows

Elements of Interior Industrial Design

  • Raw and unfinished look,
  • A mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors,
  • Utilitarian objects,
  • Large sectionals,
  • Antique or light fixtures with metal finishes,
  • Use of vintage and old factory and laboratory pieces,
  • Wood and metal surfaces, and
  • Concrete flooring

Bedroom with industrial style lighting.

If you want something that looks very bold and definitely features a lot of frameworks you will absolutely want to look at. You’ll see less of the raw wood pieces, however, and more of the industrial décor, or industrial chic, that you would expect from warehouses and factories with a modern interior design twist. That means you’re getting more of the pipes and unfinished aspects to help improve your overall look. It’s definitely going to be a unique aspect and it’s quite popular in a variety of different building styles such as clubs and apartments. It’s something that definitely creates a more modern design.

Distinguishing Design Features

Sparsely furnished loft apartment living room.

The most popular features of this type of style are warehouse aspects such as revealed pipes and metal fixtures. In fact, you’ll find a whole lot of metal throughout this design because that’s one of the most common materials you get with factories. You’ll see stainless steel and even burnished metals that may look a little more worn. This can take place in the accent pieces that are on the walls or it will be present in the furniture or even in the materials that are being used throughout the space so you get a lot of warehouse-inspired accents. If you like the rough feel you want to be where this type of style is because that’s going to emphasize everything. Rather than getting the ceiling or wall coverings that are standard in most houses you’ll have a lot of open spaces in this style of a house including beams and poles.


Industrial home decor with table, brick wall, tall ceilings and storage.The materials in an industrial design are generally going to be a little more wood and metal. You’ll find a lot of earth tones and more neutral colors in the materials that you do use, however, you won’t find a whole lot of extra cloth materials around. The majority of furniture and even accessories and everything else will be made of wood or metal to create a rough feel. There will be a lot of exposed pipes, metal accents through the ceiling and even more in the staircases. There will be wooden accents to go along but the main focus is on the metal because this provides the real look and style that you’re going for as an industrial design. You may find a lot of stainless steel through the kitchen or even framing different pieces.


Example of industrial style chair.The furniture in an industrial style home or room is going to be focused on metal aspects over anything else. You won’t find a whole lot of soft surfaces though you may find leather accents or coverings which seem to emphasize the rough appearance of the metal and other surfaces. There may also be a little bit of wood in the pieces that you see. Everything is going to be in more clean and bold colors which could vary from white all the way to black. That means you’re going to have crisp and clean lines because of the industrial feel.

Décor Accessories

Example of industrial style lights.If you really want some decorative pieces you’re going to want a lot of metal aspects but you likely won’t find a lot of extra pieces or accessories because this style is cleaner than others. You’re going to have a lot of empty space instead of clutter but the pieces that are present will likely be made with rough-hewn aspects and metal pieces. This means you’ll have more industrial aspects including industrial style lighting and even commercial style kitchens. You’ll find a lot of open shelving that holds utilitarian pieces.

The accessories that you find here are generally going to be very useful and they are going to use accents that are common to the warehouse industry as well. This is extremely popular and easy to find. You may see metal stools and chairs that feature leather accents or a little bit of cloth. Primarily, you’ll see things that are commonly used. There aren’t knickknacks in this style and most of the items that you have will be darker in color such as gray and black. These colors are common throughout the industrial scene, as well as mesh style accents and rivets.

Why it Looks Great

Classic industrial living room design.So, why is the industrial style a great one? Well, it’s definitely a rustic style and it’s extremely unique, which is definitely going to create a fun style for those who really like the warehouse look. This look is rough, which means it’s a little more difficult to find in homes but you’ll see apartments that have this type of style. You can also create it yourself by using the right accent pieces and exposing some of the pipework and even ductwork in homes and buildings. All of this creates a look that’s definitely more modern and bold though not quite as comfortable as other styles.

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