Farmhouse Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

Your ultimate farmhouse home decor style guide. 100's of farmhouse interior design photos to look at.
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Welcome to the Farmhouse home decor style guide for 2019 where you can see photos of all interiors in the Farmhouse style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Farmhouse Home Decor?

Elements of Exterior Farmhouse Design

  • Farmhouse style kitchen with plenty of white.One or one-and-a-half stories tall,
  • Boxy overall shape,
  • Oversized openings,
  • Loft attic over ground-level space,
  • Thick walls,
  • Few small windows,
  • Simple vertical lines,
  • Gable roof,
  • White wood or board-and-batten siding,
  • Natural or whitewashed wood, and
  • Front porch, often elaborate with decorative columns, railings, and other accents

Elements of Interior Farmhouse Design

  • All white look,
  • Dominant fireplace,
  • Large kitchen and dining place,
  • Open shelves and cabinets,
  • “Company” parlor and “family” sitting room,
  • Cozy fabrics, natural materials and textiles,
  • Vintage, reclaimed or heritage accessories,
  • Vintage, shabby chic furniture with a rustic flair,
  • Tongue-and-groove paneling, shiplap and butt boards,
  • Even ceilings with exposed reclaimed beams,
  • Barn doors,
  • No to glass, and
  • Wide plank floors,

Farmhouse home decor for living room.The modern farmhouse style is based on rustic and cozy ideal and helps to create very simple and a very organic appearance. You’ll find that it’s frugal and it’s definitely a little bit eclectic at the same time. In fact, a little bit of eclectic style is going to be a great idea and a great overall decorative style. The key is that you’re getting a fun style that you can enjoy in a less formal atmosphere. After all, the farmhouse décor style or industrial chic is going to emphasize imperfection as an important aspect. It’s something you’ll definitely want to look at if you’re interested in a laid-back style or old-fashioned pieces because these are all important to the rustic style of the overall farmhouse design.

Distinguishing Design Features

Farmhouse style powder room.Some of the most popular features of a farmhouse style are the exposed structure aspects that go along with the entire ideal. For example, you’re going to see corner joists and exposed beams including exposed support beams that emphasize the wood features. You’re going to see a lot of wood that may be a little rough and will definitely have a whole lot of graining to it because these things benefit the overall design style. Even more important are the imperfect pieces that go along with the style so you can really see that it’s handmade and styled. On the outside, you’ll also see a wraparound porch that serves as an extension of the living space in the home such as an outdoor living room.


Photo depicting farmhouse materials.The colors in a farmhouse are very standard and understated. You’ll find a large amount of white, which is considered clean and crisp and very basic. You’ll also see other shades of beige and cream that go along with the color but accents of dusty gray-blue or even dusty yellow colors. There will be a whole lot of wood because most things are handmade like you would see in craftsman style homes, but without the metal accents. You’ll also see a lot of cotton when it comes to the fabrics and may see patterns that are commonly striped or checkered because it builds on a somewhat Americana or country theme. All of this together creates something a little basic and relaxed with a comfortable feel that you can enjoy.


Photo of farmhouse dining area.Furniture in a farmhouse will generally be handmade as well and crafted with pieces of wood. It may be a little rougher in style rather than featuring a lot of carving or intricate pieces. It will definitely feature oversized or custom aspects that are going to be comfortable to use. You’ll find a range of different furniture as well, including large couches and chairs that you can use for a longer period because they are high quality and long lasting, being made primarily of wood. You’ll also see open shelves and cabinets that showcase whatever you want to put inside them especially in the kitchen.

Décor Accessories

Photo of farmhouse interior design living room.Farmhouse style is characterized by a lot of small pieces and accents that all go together. You may actually see a little bit of clutter when it comes to the accessories that come along with the farmhouse style. That’s because you’ll see a whole lot of knick knacks located throughout the space. In fact, most spaces are going to be filled with smaller items and little decorative aspects. They may be inexpensive or small to help accent the room but they may also be a little larger or a little more expensive, in the way of antique items.

Antiques are going to be placed throughout the space and may be things that have passed down through generations within the family rather than items that are purchased otherwise and then brought into the household. You’ll definitely be able to see the mix of high-quality pieces with smaller, collectible pieces like throw pillows as well. These are popular on couches as well as on chairs and other surfaces so you’re going to have plenty in a variety of different colors and possibly a variety of different patterns as well. That’s how you’re going to get some accents and improvements in the area.

Why it Looks Great

Photo example of farmhouse style dining room.This design style definitely looks great because it’s a little more old-fashioned and it’s focused on a lot of antiques and fun pieces. The colors are a little more basic and refined so you won’t have a lot of bright colors but you’ll have accents in wood and a whole lot of handmade pieces. If something is imperfect it’s going to be even more perfect for the design style. At the end of the line, you’re going to have something in this style that really feels rustic and more relaxed and comfortable for anyone. If you like heading out to the cottage you’re definitely going to like this style.

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