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How to Get the Restoration Hardware Catalog (and Why You Should)

Restoration Hardware store

Restoration Hardware is an American curator of style, taste, and design. They have made really huge strides in the luxury lifestyle market and offer amazing products such as décor, outdoor, bathroom ware, rugs, textiles, light fixtures, function, and much more. Their collections are designed to be timeless pieces that can become an essential part of any home.

The authentic classics and reproductions in the outlet store are created after weeks of inspired work. The materials they use are known for their unparalleled high-quality, which ensures that the furniture will last you a long time. They strive to create a huge variety of new designs each year so that you can update the style of your home accordingly. The world’s best artisans have partnered with Restoration Hardware to showcase the best products.

The passion and vision of restoration hardware can be seen throughout their many galleries across the United States and Canada. They have a website, as well as catalogs that you can use to check out their products. The Restoration Hardware catalogs are based on all kinds of themes and include RH Modern, RH Interiors, RH Lighting, RH Rugs, RH Outdoor, RH Teen, and RH Baby & Child.

The catalogs are based on the different products that the department store sells. They have a full home décor catalog which covers everything that you will need to complete the room. For example, if you take a look at the RH Interior then you will be able to see everything from furniture, textiles, drapery, linens, wall décor, accessories, and rugs. This ensures that you will all the information you may need to design the interior of your home.

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The Restoration Hardware catalog is designed to inspire you so that you can create the perfect home look. The catalog designed to ensure that you can have a classic looking home with the fresh designs. Their old catalogs were known for being extremely detailed and huge. It was designed by Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware’s CEO, as a transformative and revolutionary way to expand their furniture galleries.

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How to Request a Restoration Hardware Catalog Minimal furniture design

There are a few ways that you can request the Restoration Hardware source books. They can be mailed to you directly when you visit the “Request a Source Book” page of the store. You will be able to see all the different catalogs on the website page and you can browse through all the different titles accordingly. You will notice that some source books have a subscribe box next to them. You can get those ones mailed to your home or business.

All you need to do is to check the box on the catalog you want to receive. You can even get more than one source book by check more than one catalogs. This will ensure that you have a large variety of source books to get inspiration from. The free catalogs available for mail order include RH Interiors, RH Beach House, RH Modern, RH Baby & Child, RH Outdoor, and RH Teen.

After checking on the catalogs you want to receive, you can scroll down to fill out the form on the page. You will be required to fill out your first and last name, as well as your full mailing address. The form will also ask you for your email address and phone number but you don’t necessarily need to provide those. However, it will be better for the delivery process if you do leave your phone number at least so that the delivery personnel can contact you in case of any issue.

It is also important to note that when you provide your email address, you can also sign up for some services. You will be able to receive promotional emails regarding sales, discounts, and other exclusive news if you sign up for the service. You will be able to unsubscribe to the emails later on if you want them to stop, so there is no real harm in checking the box for email notifications.

When you are done filling out your details, you will have to press the Request Source Book button. This will send in the request for the catalog you want and you will be able to receive it at your home within one to two weeks.

The company will send you a new catalog each year for your viewing pleasure. If you ever want to stop receiving Restoration Hardware catalogs, you will be able to do it from their “Cancel Catalog Delivery” page.

Restoration Hardware Catalog RestrictionsMailbox

There are a few restrictions for the catalog that you should note as well. You will be able to get the source book if you live in the United States, so you can put any address such as in New York, Chicago, California, or Boston. However, if you live outside of the country, in let’s say China and Belgian cities, you will not be able to get the source book delivered to you.

The Restoration Hardware catalog also delivers to Canadian addresses and APO/FPO. APO/FPO consists of addresses outside of the United States but is essentially the property of the country. They are military installations and the mail is delivered through Military Postal Service and the USPS.

If you have an address that falls into any of the categories above then you will receive the source book. However, if you want to look at home furnishing and don’t live in any such locations then there are still some ways to access the source book. You will be able to view the catalog online by following the instructions given below.

How to View the Restoration Hardware Catalog OnlineOnline Restoration Hardware Catalog

The high-end store also has their catalogs available online. You will be able to access them through the same “Request a Source Book” page on the website.

However, not all of the Restoration Hardware catalogs are available online. There is a “View Source Books Online” link on top of the source books’ thumbnails. When you click on the writing, you will be able to view a few catalogs such as RH Interiors, RH Beach House, RH Modern, RH Baby & Child Nursery, RH Outdoor, RH Baby & Child, RH Lighting, and RH Teen. You can also click here to review the catalogs online. All of these catalogs are available for free.

You will see the different thumbnails and you can open the catalogs by simply clicking on them. Once you have it opened, the catalog will show up on an interactive screen. You can zoom in and out simply

by clicking on the screen. You can scroll through the pages by using the arrow keys or clicking the arrows on the screen.

There are also additional controls on the screen for other functions such as searching for text, printing pages, cropping the images, sharing the catalog on social media sites or email, and even searching through the catalog for a specific page. There is a menu on the left as well which takes you back to other source books or opens the table of contents for the one you currently have open.

Other Catalogs Similar to Restoration Hardware CatalogIKEA furniture

If you are planning on designing a new room in your home or simply renovating the entire thing then it is generally a good idea to get more interior designing and furniture catalogs. There are many retail stores that offer catalogs of their new season line such as West Elm, IKEA, Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Grandin Road, and Crate & Barrel.

Having more variety can be really helpful for homeowners. You will be able to look at different kinds of furniture at different price points. You may not need high-end chandeliers or French windows in every room and would rather want a simple coffee table from Target for your library.

Other Ways to Shop at Restoration HardwareRestoration Hardware menu

In recent years, Restoration Hardware has developed other ways to shop at their store. You don’t need to simply resort to catalogs to check the prices and buy the products. You can simply visit their website and view all their products from there.

The website is divided into categories such as Living, Dining, Bed, Bath, Lighting, Textiles, Rugs, Windows, Hardware, Décor, Art, Outdoor, and Sale. All of these categories are further divided so that you can easily get to the product you want. This helps make your job much easier since you can simply add them to your cart and purchase them with a credit card.

RH Beach House website

There are also options on top of the website to access other websites for RH Modern, RH Beach House, RH Baby & Child, RH Teen, and RH Interior Design. The pages will open to different interactive pictures through which you can check the price and details for each item in the picture. For example, if you click on the RH Beach House pictures, you will be able to look through different rooms of the Beach House and their decoration. Each interior piece can be clicked on and its price and details will be available to you for viewing. You will be able to check the items and cart them when you like.

Why Should You Get a Furniture Catalog?Beach House interior

If you are planning on renovating or revamping your home or even one room, it is always a good idea to look for inspiration. There are many different catalogs you can use to get inspiration from for your next project. Some reasons why a furniture catalog can come in handy are stated below.

Different Home Furnishing TrendsWilliams-Sonoma furniture

The trends in interior designing and furniture decoration are changing constantly. Last year they may have all been about curved sofas, marble, and neutral colors but they can change a lot the next year. These changes occur really fast and if you are planning on revamping your room, it is always a good idea to stick to the latest trend. This will make your whole project truly worth it.

It doesn’t matter if you want a local thrift store product or a Williams-Sonoma center piece, you will find that catalogs can help you a lot. Each home furnishing store releases new catalogs every season. They are full of new inspired designs that establish the new trends of the season. Just getting a good idea of the new releases can help you while you are shopping for your own home.

Interior Designers and Other ProfessionalsClassic furniture

If you are an interior designer or work in property, it is always a good idea to receive home furnishing catalogs. It can be really great to have the latest releases by popular interior designing brands like Restoration Hardware on your fingertips. This can help you when you are planning a new project and need to recommend some new furniture for the clients.

It can also make your job easier if you know where most of the potential furniture can come from. If you have already read up on the catalog then it can be easier to locate the pieces according to the room you are designing. This can increase time costs for you and make you look more professional.

Inspiration for Home RenovationsClassic furniture in a Home Renovation

If you are starting a new project for your home, you want to make sure that you are able to turn the room into a new haven for you and your family. Catalogs can help you narrow down the sort of furniture you want in the room. They also help you visualize how a new piece of furniture will look in the room since all of them come with high-quality pictures.

Different Furniture VarietyAesthetically pleasing blue and white furniture

The Restoration Hardware furniture store has a huge variety of items that you can look at. Each furniture catalog is designed to give you a complete overview of one room/area. For example, the RH Baby & Child Nursery will show you all the different furniture types and price points. This means that you will get to see how the nursery will look from different perspectives and angles. You will also be able to note down the prices of every piece of furniture or décor item used in the picture.

This can actually help you while you are planning your room.

Setting up a BudgetMaking a budget

The catalogs also have a list of prices for each and every product used in the picture. This allows you to have a more detailed view of how much every item will cost you. This can help you create and set a budget for the revamp of the home. It will also give you an idea of what to expect when the bill comes so that you aren’t in shock!

At the end of the day, the benefits outweigh the costs of receiving the catalog. Requesting a catalog is really easy to do and you will be able to receive the catalog at your home for free. With little to no effort, you will be able to browse through the different products with relative ease. It will allow you to have a clearer picture of what you are looking for as well as get a first hand glimpse at the new products by Restoration Hardware.

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