Living Rooms with Pendant Lights (Photo Gallery)

pendant lighting

Pendant lights aren’t a super popular living room ceiling lighting option; chandeliers and flush-mount ceiling lights are a bit more common.  Lamps (table and floor) are also popular for living rooms.

When living rooms have pendant lighting, it’s often complemented with recessed lighting (track lighting in older homes).

Nevertheless, as you will see in our gallery below, some living rooms do have pendant lights.

FYI, in some cases there’s debate whether a particular light is a pendant light or a chandelier.  Chandelier designs have moved into pendant light design territory while island and sputnik style pendants can appear as chandelier.  Accordingly, we understand if you disagree with any particular categorization… sometimes it’s a judgement call.

Photo Gallery

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Are pendant lights a good living room option?

I think they’re great for tall ceilings because pendants can be dropped down quite a bit.

However, on the balance, pendants aren’t ideal because they are suspended and there aren’t large objects that block standing up.  Therefore any living room with standard height ceilings will with suspended pendant lights will create a hazard.  I’m 6′ 3″ and therefore I’d walk right into them.

Benefits of pendant lights for living rooms

Bar or solid object:  If your living room has a bar or some large solid object, illuminating that area with a pendant light works well.

Tall ceilings:  As stated above, because pendants can be dropped down quite a ways, they make for a good option in living rooms with tall ceilings.

Where to buy Pendant Lights for the Dining Room

Here’s a batch of reputable online retailers who sell pendant lights:

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