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We Just Installed a Kohler Toilet and this is My Review

Kohler toilet photos

As luck would have it, 5 months after moving into our new house, which isn’t a new house but it’s our new house, the powder room toilet broke.  We weren’t surprised. It was a piece of junk. Fortunately, the toilets in the other three bathrooms are quality.

The powder room is kind of an important room because it’s the bathroom guests use so we like it to be nice.  The toilet we had was cheap and didn’t fit well with the pedestal sink so it wasn’t a tragedy that it broke.

Having never bought a toilet before, researching and choosing one was new for us.  Because we’re doing up our house with Victorian decor in mind, we wanted something with a touch of ornate style.  We also wanted a “comfort height” toilet which means the seat is a bit higher up than other toilets.

After scouring toilets online, we settled on the Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Two-Piece toilet.   I just hope this toilet lasts a long time.

We really wanted a wall-mounted floating toilet like our master bath has but that would require moving the piping and redoing the floor so we settled for a non-wall mounted model.

We bought our Kohler toilet from Wayfair

We bought ours from Wayfair but you can buy kohler toilets at Kohler, Amazon and Home Depot.

Wayfair isn’t just furniture. They sell toilets and that’s where we found our Kohler toilet.  It’s not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive. It cost us around $500. I love Wayfair’s selection and website but it does take a while to actually receive what you buy. We waited a week or two.  That was more time  with a busted toilet.  We could have gone locally but we the design of the one we found at Wayfair was perfect.  We were willing to wait.

IMPORTANT: The toilet seat is NOT included. That’s a drag. We had to find and buy it separately.

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Kohler toilet connections

Installation was a piece of cake because I have a friend who owns a plumbing company (Waterline Plumbing in North Vancouver… a shout out to him).  I know he’s meticulous with the work he does and trains his crew to be the same.  

There were no issues installing it. The plumber was in and out pretty fast.  A standard install.

Unlike the shipping delay, Waterline was able to do it the day after we called.  They came, they installed, they tested, they cleaned up, they left and we had an operational brand new, comfy-height Kohler toilet in our powder room.  

We are very happy with it.

What we like about the Kohler toilet

Kohler toilet lid up

Kohler toilet lid down

Kohler toilet view top down

Writing a toilet review isn’t like writing an appliance or laptop review. There isn’t exactly a whole lot to say about a toilet but I’ll do my best.  I think the photos I provide throughout this review helps more than anything else.  I’ll do my best.

The flush

The flush is powerful despite it being a water-saving flush.  We’ve now had this toilet for over a month and not once have we had flushing issues.

Height (my favorite feature)

Kohler toilet overview

The seat height is 16.5′ which is awesome (ADA compliant). Regular toilet heights are 14′ to 15′. While ours is one or two inches higher, it makes a huge difference. It’s so much easier to sit down and get up. I don’t understand why all toilets aren’t this height.  My young sons have no problem with it.

The design

It’s slightly ornate but that’s why we bought it.  The top of the water tank has a “crown molding” look to it. The base is a tapered rectangle almost looking like some Greek column.  As you can see, it works well in our powder room and is a good match for our entire house.

Slow-dropping lid

Slow-dropping lid on our Kohler toilet

You can’t slam the lid. It drops slowly down so there’s no big crash when the kids carelessly fling it down.  Just give it a slight tap and slowly it drops down.  I have to admit it’s a nice toilet feature.

Any cons?

Not to come across as all Kohler-fanboy like but there’s nothing I don’t like about this toilet.  For the money it’s amazing.

Kohler Toilet Dimensions

Check out the dimensions.  

Kohler toilet dimensions

Where can you buy Kohler toilets?

We bought ours from Wayfair but you can buy kohler toilets at Kohler, Amazon and Home Depot.

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