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John Swisher’s Mansion in Jacksonville, FL (Listed for $4.9 Million)

e other end of the room is a second, raised seaThis is a look at the front of the house with bright white exterior walls adorned by the colorful shrubs, tall trees and a large fountain surrounded by low hedges. Image courtesy of

The Swisher International Group is best known for its discount cigar products known as Swisher Sweets. But the brand offers a wide range of tobacco products, although the Sweets cigars are by far their best seller worldwide. The company was built by the Swisher brothers, but our interest is in the Jacksonville mansion home of John Swisher.

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It is a 10,000 square foot property and the main structure is built in classic Old Florida style. It is a uniquely Southern-American 18th-century style structure which is a popular style all over that part of the country as well as the entire southern belt of the United States. The home is currently listed for sale at just $4.9 million, a price that could have been much higher were it not for certain economy-crushing factors present at the time of this writing.

The building is replete with classic French doors and features fireplaces that are at least 100 years old. The structure includes four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, terraces, formal gardens, a covered boathouse, and an enclosed pool area.

Inside, we find many areas to be adorned in dark brown wood trim, bright-white plaster walls, and an abundance of brass and copper details. The effect of this color scheme is dazzling, but juxtaposed against the inviting overall design of the interior spaces is thrilling, to say the least.

Our eye was first drawn to a stairwell which curls up along one rounded outer wall. The steps are done in the same color and material scheme mentioned above. But the upper face of each step is rendered in colored stone and black mortar, giving the flight of stairs the feeling of an ancient mechanical structure one might find in a fantasy novel. Tall windows with delicately arched tops line the stair beautifully.

Move a bit deeper into the home and we find a refined, yet humble living space, which is ideal for the architectural theme and for this part of the country. The same stone tile we found on the stairs covers the floor in this room, and the ceiling is built out in robust, red-stained wood beams and slats. At the other end of the room is a second, raised seating area with a crosshatched version of the wood ceiling, giving the whole area the feel of a high-end cabana-themed vacation resort.

Outside, we find a pool and deck that meshes seamlessly with the adjacent marina with white arches and palm trees. Step around the front of the house and you’ll find an appropriately estuary-like pond encircled with stone steps and romantic benches. It would be the ideal location for the start of traditional southern-style courtship.