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How to Store Sweaters Properly (Cashmere, Wool and Cotton – 3 Methods)

Incredible Ways to Store Sweater

Spring is on its way which means our time to say goodbye to ever-so-cozy winters is not that far away. Bidding farewell to winters calls for necessary changes that every individual gets accustomed to quite easily. For instance, people turn off their central heating as the warmer season approaches. Another important thing that people do is store away their stack of winter clothing until the next year.

However, most people are not careful while storing their sweaters and when it is time to take out their stored sweaters, they are all wrinkled up. In this way, some of your most favorite or expensive winter wear is ruined for good.

But fret not because here we have assembled some easy-to-follow ways on how you can store your sweaters properly.

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Things to Do Before Storing Your Sweaters

Different kinds of sweaters

Before you store your sweaters, it is imperative that you wash or dry-clean them. It is likely for your sweaters to have some kind of stain or an ugly spot on them. Therefore, it is advised to first get rid of all the unwanted marks from your sweaters and then place them safely in a closet.

However, keep in mind that every kind of sweater demands a different kind of cleaning. Not all sweaters are meant to be dry-cleaned or washed with water directly. Here we have discussed how you clean different kinds of sweaters before storage.


 Cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are soft and expensive which is why it is important to be extremely vigilant while washing them. Usually, people take cashmere sweaters to a dry cleaner but it is better to wash them right in the vicinity of your home.

It is important that you first find a clean washing space such as your sink or a plastic tub. Next, check the label on the cashmere sweater where it explicitly states the recommended water temperature for cleaning the sweater. Do not try wringing or twisting your sweater.

If the sweater has no label on it, then wash with cold water. Avoid using hot water as it will shrink up your cashmere sweater. Start the washing by filling up the sink or tub with cold water. Then mix in a high-quality detergent or mild shampoo. Soak your cashmere sweater into the detergent-based water. Now, gently knead the sweater for about 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse out the excess soap and water. Place your rinsed sweater onto a towel and roll it up. In this way, the towel will absorb the excess water. Now put it to air-dry on a rack. You can find the most variety of design on cool sweatshirts here


Cotton sweaters come in varying textures. Depending on their design, they can be washed in two different ways. If the garment is thick, simply toss it away into a washing machine. But before you do that, don’t forget to cross-check with the label. Ensure that you choose the “gentle cycle” option and wash the sweater with cold water. Later on, re-shape the garment and air-dry it.

However, if your sweater is made up of a light material, it is better to hand-wash it gently. All you will be required to do is fill a sink or tub with cold water, add in laundry detergent, and mix it with cold water. Then submerge your sweater into the water. Once the stain is out, air-dry your sweater. Hand-washing is essential as it will help increase the life and quality of your sweater.


Folded blue and grey sweater

Wool is a delicate material that can easily shrink away. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wash it time and again. If the label says “hand-wash”, it is best to consider hand washing. Simply soak the garment in a bucket filled with water and soap. Let it soak in for 10 minutes. Take the garment out of the water, press to release excess water and lay out to dry.

You can also clean the wool sweater in a washing machine. Make sure that you choose a “gentle cycle” option and clean the garment with cold water. Never try washing wool sweaters in extreme cycle as the extreme heat can cause shrinkage.

Bear in mind that wools have a tendency to exhibit an unpleasant smell. Hence, make sure that you properly dry the sweater before storing it away. Once you have washed your sweaters, it is time for you to store them in your closet or drawer.

3 Methods for Storing Sweaters

When it comes to storing sweaters, people are faced with two choices: either to fold them or hang them. Some people prefer to hang their sweaters. After all, who has the time to fold them up? And let’s admit it – most people are too lazy to fold their sweaters neatly. The worst case scenario is that some of them don’t even know how to properly fold their sweaters.

If you have been hanging your sweaters instead of folding them, it is about time that you quit doing so. You ask, why? Well, hanging your sweaters in a closet can result in many problems.

  • The gravity would pull thick sweaters towards the ground which would disorient the shoulders of your garment
  • Sweaters are prone to stretch even if they are wool or cashmere
  • Hanging your sweaters may leave what people call “shoulder bumps” on them

But even if you are inclined towards hanging your sweaters than folding them up, there is a certain tactic that you will need to follow.

Colorful sweaters hanging in a closet

1. How to Hang Sweaters

There is a hack to hang sweaters so that they don’t stretch. Here’s the guide on how to hang your sweaters without loosening them up.

  1. Lay out your sweater on a flat surface and fold it in half vertically. Both arms should be pointing in the same direction.
  2. Fold the sweater down the center.
  3. Once folded, run a hand over the sweater to remove all the wrinkles.
  4. You will need to place the hanger over the sweater, ensuring that the hook of the hanger is placed under the armpit.
  5. When you have positioned the hook under the armpit, move the hanger’s hook in the empty space between the torso and sleeves of the sweater. Right now, the hook could either be in an upward direction or downward direction.
  6. Take the folded sleeves and put them over the shoulder of the hanger. While doing it, make sure that the folded sleeves are as near the hook as possible.
  7. If your hanger is with a bottom bar, fold the sleeves over the shoulder of the hanger and then pull it through the bar and tuck it away.
  8. Now take the body of your sweater and place it over the other shoulder of your hanger. Your sweater will end up having a triangular shape with the torso of your sweater over the folded sleeves.
  9. In case of a bar hanger, you can tuck away the torso under the bottom bar to maintain the position.
  10. Now gently hang the sweater in your wardrobe closet. Ensure that once you have hung the sweater, it is in place and not crinkled up.

2. How to Fold Sweaters

 A trendy sweaterThe ideal way to store your sweaters is by folding them up. Here are some steps on how you can neatly fold the sweaters.

  1. Lay out your regular sweater on a flat surface so that the front is facing toward you.
  2. Fold one sleeve inwards with the cuff on the opposite side. Take another sleeve and put it over the top of the first sleeve in the same manner.
  3. Run a hand over the sweater to remove all the wrinkles.
  4. Take the sweater’s hem and fold it toward its neck.
  5. If your sweater is chunky, instead of folding the hem, roll up the hem all the way up to the neck of the sweater.
  6. To ensure that the sweater remains in a roll, put a rubber band or a plastic/cloth string around it.
  7. In case of a light sweater, roll the sweater upward tightly.
  8. Once rolled, bring one end of the sweater toward the other end so that both ends meet each other.
  9. Keep it in place with a rubber band or a plastic/cloth string.

3. Bins, Boxes and Bags

Folded sweaters in a basket

Cotton bins are a perfect option for storing non-delicate garments (such as sweaters) for a long period of time. It is recommended to place the heaviest sweaters of all at the bottom of the box and then place the less heavy ones on top of the heavy ones.

People often store their sweaters in vacuum bags as they consume less space. But the downfall of these storage bags is that they do not allow garments to breathe. Never try over-stuffing your storage bins with garments. Pack them as loose as possible so that they can breathe.

Most people add in mothballs to keep the boxes odor-free. A better alternative that you can consider is placing cedar balls or lavender sachets in the container. This will keep your sweaters smelling pleasant and pest-free.

Once you have placed your sweaters in bins/boxes, you will need to find an appropriate place to keep them. It is ideal to store them in a neat, cool, dry, and dark area. Avoid placing your stored sweaters in areas where there is too much sunlight. Otherwise, the color of your sweater may fade away. Dirty or dusty places will make your sweaters dirty and dusty too. Opting for a damp or hot space will make your sweaters mildewed.

Storing your sweaters properly is crucial for the value of your garments. By folding them properly and placing them in a bin/box or by hanging them appropriately in a closet, the quality of your sweaters will remain intact.