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Gorgeous Florida Barrier Island House by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects create a distinctive yet luxurious two-story home located at the barrier islands of Florida.

The award-winning architects at Hughes Umbanhowar worked with a gorgeous plot of beachfront property to create Hutchinson Island, a spacious, two-story home on a Florida barrier island. Marked by floor-to-ceiling windows to let the sunlight in, it makes the most of the regions “endless summer” climate.

Design and Images by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The house, to be used by a family year-round, was built despite a dune line that blocked the ocean view from the first level. The state of Florida limits first level usage to storage due to flood control guidelines, so the architects took that into consideration when finalizing building plans.

To accommodate these rules and still provide the best living experience for the client, a concrete 14-foot entry level provides two open storages spaces the first floor, with its glass doors, has a deck with loungers and sofas scattered along the entire floor.

A glass-enclosed circular staircase provides access to the living and bedroom levels, which occupy two separate sections at either side of a glass enclosed hallway/entertainment area. One bedroom is built on a base that slides out over the first floor. The other bedroom has a level base. This structure gives the house an appealing and distinctive look, especially from a distance.

The home consists of three interlocked bays with a hallway connecting them. The dining/living area occupies two stories of the house, with bedrooms to either side. The home has been designed to be one room wide to ensure a beach view from all living spaces.

The first-floor living area has plenty of space to entertain. An overstuffed white sofa with gray throw pillows rests on a fluffy white area rug. The circular staircase to the second floor punctuates the middle of the space. The door-length windows are separated by a long stretch of white concrete, with clerestory windows above them. The room by the staircase has an overhang with small circular lights. A panel of lights above the overhang illuminate the living room for nighttime relaxing or entertaining.

The lower level provides storage and a base for the glass-enclosed living/dining spaces. A three-bay garage and parking area make efficient use of this area. A portion of the first-floor living space juts out over the parking lot, shielding cars from rain and sun damage.

The larger-than-average swimming pool runs almost the entire length of the first floor. There’s a small patio area at one end and a sunken entertaining/relaxing area at the other end.

Two circular patches of lawn with ubiquitous palm trees decorate the lower level driveway. A storage area, protected by wood shutters, separates the garage bay from the parking lanes.

The distinctive design of this Hutchinson Island luxury home proves that experienced architects can turn any property, even one with building limitations, into a functional but attractive home. The long connecting hallways are one of the best features of this design. These walkways not only link one wing of the house to another, but they also let the sunshine and fresh air permeate the building while protecting it from inclement weather.

Design and Images by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design and Images by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects