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Is a Blue Sofa a Good Sofa Color? See Examples for Yourself

Blue sofa in the room

Yeah, blue is a great color for a sofa.  Depending on the room, any shade of blue will work including dark, rich, light, turquoise and grey-blue.

One type of blue I’m not wild about is bright blue.  I suppose in a glam-style room it works but for the most part, not for me.

Before I showcase examples, a blue sofa typically does not make for a blue living room; it would be rare to place a blue sofa in a blue-walled living room. For most other living room colors, blue sofas work well.

A. Examples of blue sofas I DON’T care for (let’s get them out of the way first)

Since I mentioned the one type of blue I don’t like (bright), I’ll kick off with that example.

Bright sofa (great style but too bright)

Bright blue sofa

Bright blue sofa and while I like the style a lot, it’s just a tad bright for my taste. It would overwhelm most rooms IMO.

Source: Wayfair

Turquoise Blue Sofa

I’m also not a fan of bright turquoise sofa such as following. I can’t imagine it being a good fit in many rooms.

Turquoise blue sofa in living

While I can’t say this color could never work in a room, it would be rare that an interior design would work well with this color or at the very least there wouldn’t be a better sofa color for it.

Source: Wayfair

B. Examples of Blue Sofas I LIKE

Now to the fun part… blue sofas I like.

Teal sofa works amazingly well

Teal sofa

This teal sofa is a versatile sofa color that would look great in many living room color schemes.

Source: Wayfair

Royal blue is stunning

Sven Sofa - Article

Isn’t that sofa amazing? It made our best affordable sofas list.  It’s the Sven by Article.  Article is definitely one our favorite sofa brands.

Grey-blue is always a winner

Grey-blue chesterfield sofa

I might be a bit biased because I love Chesterfields but the blue-grey color is a great pick for sofas.

Source: Wayfair

Twilight blue – not too bright, not too dark, not too light… just perfect for the right space

Twilight blue sofa

Source: Article Furniture

Let’s compare apples to apples with different blues to look at this analysis a little differently.

Below is the James Sofa by Interior Define. It’s a striking design with not legs and contrasting seams.  Here it is in a variety of blues:

Four blue sofas compared

It’s a tough call but I cast my vote for Royal blue.

You can’t judge a blue sofa by the color given it

For example, navy blue by one sofa manufacturer may look very different color-wise compared to a navy blue by another.  To add more confusion, sometimes the color online doesn’t accurately depict the actual shade of the color.  I believe that’s less likely with higher-end furniture but we’ve ordering stuff expecting a particular color and it’s not that close when it arrives.  Something to keep in mind.