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50 Great Bedroom Dressers Under $200

White dresser with mirror in bedroom

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a decent bedroom dresser.

We work with many of the best online furniture stores and put together this collection of various dressers that cost less than $200 USD (including some good small dresser options).

Browse the options below under various popular categories.

1. All bedroom dressers

Wood dresser for under $200

Source: Hayneedle

Above is a small wood dresser akin to the bachelor style with silver hardware and a row of sock drawers above.

Below we kick off with our main dresser photo gallery (with links to learn more about each item). This showcases a wide variety of options including white, brow (wood), 6-drawer, dresser and changing table combo, horizontal and vertical dressers.

2. White dressers

White 6 drawer dresser under $200

Source: Wayfair

The above example is a modern 6 drawer all-white dresser with silver hardware.

The two most popular dresser colors are white and brown. Here’s a great collection of white dressers of all types including horizontal and vertical types.

3. 6-drawer dressers

6 drawer dark dresser for under $200

Source: Hayneedle

Above is a dark brown six-drawer dresser with silver hardware. There isn’t much adornment; it’s in the simple contemporary style.

While you can get 6-drawer vertical models, we focus this gallery on 6-drawer horizontal dressers in brown, gray, white and black.

4. Brown (wood) options

Wood dresser under $200

Source: Wayfair

The above example is a stylish wood six-drawer dresser for the bedroom.

The following is a great collection in various shades of brown from very light to dark brown. Includes small and large options as well as vertical and horizontal designs.

5. Changing table and dresser combo units

Changing table dresser combo under $200

Source: Hayneedle

Have 2 kids, I can attest to how handy it is to have storage as part of the changing table. The above unit offers both open shelving and drawers.

If you need a dresser and changing table combo in this relatively inexpensive price range, here are some good options in both brown and white colors.

Also check out our popular small furniture page.

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